Let’s Start With Low Hanging Fruit, Shall We?

Hypocrisy, natch.

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Oh, What Nearly a Month Off Can Do for You!

Well, now! It’s been a few weeks, hasn’t it? Instead of giving a blow-by-blow of how things have been crazy insane in my life, I’ll give you the TL/DR version – life happened, I learned how to relax. Oh, and kittens. Lots and LOTS of kittens.

But as for Bill Schmalfeldt? Well, his aneurisms over the whole election  and the newest legal spewings (That boy just don’t like being on the defendant’s side of the table, now do he? Perhaps that distaste should be exploited a whole lot more…) have me… gearing up for some comment.

But first? Caffeine. It is Monday after all. Then on to the postings! See you all soon!

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I Just Can’t Even

The sheer amount of re-writing of his personal history that had to take place for this tweet to be posted is absolutely stunning.


Never change, Bill Schmalfeldt. Never change!

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Misunderstanding the Purpose

Billy Sez was never begun to catalog the things that Bill Schmalfeldt did to me personally.

It is true that yes, I have highlighted his actions towards myself and my family members. After all, the tactics that he used on me to try and get his way are the same that he has been trying to use on various people throughout the recorded history of his time on the Internet. And it probably extends much further back than that because people don’t change that much over time.

Thankfully, Bill Schmalfeldt has been leaving me alone personally. But just because he is leaving me alone, doesn’t mean that he isn’t leaving others alone. See what happened when Dave Alexander over at the Artisnal Craft Blog contacted Bill about what Krendler and his birdies dug up.

Dave asked for a simple confirmation that Bill has a driver’s license and a car. Bill responded thusly:


Oy vey.

In the short little blog entry, Bill tries to marginalize Dave by calling him a “penny-ante small market traffic reporter and special ed teacher.” He also insinuates that he would be happy to entertain thoughts of a liaison because Dave is “kinda cute in the lumberjack hat.”

Marginalize accomplishments/job. Attempt to insult someone’s sexuality/manhood. We’ve seen this so many times from Bill. It’s so trite it’s tiresome.

Bill is perfectly allowed to not answer Dave’s question. But if we apply Bill’s type of logic, then Bill is hiding something. And OF COURSE he had something to hide from at least those whom he has sued/is being sued by – the inconvenient fact that he’s not as housebound and decrepit as he would like everyone to think that he is. Oopsie poopsie.

Bill did come out and admit that yes, he had a car and a driver’s license and that he DROVE TO ILLINOIS for a nice day trip to do some stalky-type things to someone who has a no-contact order against him.

In the great scheme of life, making a daytrip someplace isn’t a big thing. Unless you’ve said that people are literally making you die sooner by forcing you to attend things that you don’t wanna go to.

Because you can’t drive.

Because you can’t go outside your precious life alert button’s range.

Because Parkinson’s disease NEVER GETS BETTER and ONLY GETS WORSE.


The veneer (if there ever was one) surrounding Bill Schmalfeldt that says he is a poor, pitiful disabled/veteran/widowed person who is being hounded to death by his “enemies” has been cracked. Fatally so.

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The Past is Always Prologue

Was perusing old files to make sure everything was in its correct place. Came across some old things Bill Schmalfeldt has said. And thought to myself, “Self? If only Bill Schmalfeldt could look at himself, truly truly look at himself in the mirror, perhaps he might see why we get so aggrieved at the things he does.”


Ah yes! Saying that questioning what he’s done to elicit information out of others – and having that information – is stalking him. What a familiar refrain…

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Il Muto

Bill Schmalfeldt keeps pushing the same button, hoping against hope that what he believes really is the truth. And every time he THINKS that he finds something that will help him prove that, he runs off half cocked, bumping his head into overhanging ledges that he neglects to consider.

This time? Well, I’m certain that you know how this story starts. You see, Paul Krendler…

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That’s STALKING? You Don’t Say!

That was then:


This is now:





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