Worse Use of “SQUIRREL!” Tactic. Ever.

Oh, Lordy, Lordy, does Bill Schmalfeldt ever hate getting called out for his tactics. So usually, he tries to turn the table and paint others as being just as “bad” as he is and that people are hypocrites for pointing out his assininity. As if by trying to distract people will make them forget who is the real jerk.

His latest attempt, however, just really takes the cake.

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The Most Probable Answer

Over at Thinking Man’s Zombie, Krendler is saying that Bill Schmalfeldt was fired from his radio gig.

Now, maybe, just maybe, he wasn’t fired.

I know, I know! Bear with me now please.

Maybe he was….

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What We Have Here, Is…

Failure to communicate. Some people, you just can’t reach.

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In Which B.S. Shows His Ass

By which, I mean that Bill Schmalfeldt tries to show he really ain’t askeert of no one, no way, no how.

Pro tip – iffen you’re the one putting it out there on teh Interwebz, then you can’t be “stalked” when people comment about it. Or when zombies do, for that matter.

Plus, this face just SCREAMS “Come at me bro!” don’t it? Well, maybe not since we know it’s owner has a history of piddling his pants when coppers deliver simple summonses to him.

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Just Who Posts Houses/Addresses?

This is your daily reminder that Bill Schmalfeldt is a liar who tries to blame all his woes on his enemy du jour. Nobody but Bill Schmalfeldt had any clue that he was living in a two-bedroom house just off 4th Street in Clinton, Iowa until *shock! surprise!* Bill Schmalfeldt put it out there into the internet via Twitter. Complete with picture even.

Oh wait. Does that destroy his poor, poor me narrative? Does it show the good judge that Bill Schmalfeldt has more to fear from being doxed by his own over-sharing self than by others?

Why yes. Yes it does.

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The Dumbfuck Playbook

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt feels humiliated because he screws something up/somebody says something he doesn’t like.
  2. Bill Schmalfeldt starts REEEEEEEEEEEE-ing about the indignities he suffers on the blog of the week with epic  TL/DR diatribes.
  3. Bill Schmalfeldt starts tweeting out multi-tweet screeds where he proves how much of a dumbfuck he is and everybody points and laughs at him. Because TL/DR and Dumbfuck.
  4. Goto 1

Today’s best beclowning tweet so far:

Pro-tip: It’s not defamation per se to notice that someone’s very public behavior is in direct opposition to the self-stated level of illness one supposedly has. Based on that, no. Bill Schmalfeldt does not have Parkinson’s disease and has been using it as a prop and sob-story for ass-pats and potential sympathy.

Plus the bar for proving any such claim as defamation in court just got, oh, just that much harder for Bill. But I won’t tell him why. *snort*

Dumbfuck has got to dumbfuck!

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Sometimes The Dumb is Just Too Much

If there is ONE THING Bill Schmalfeldt excels at, it’s stepping on his own crank. Repeatedly. Proving his idiocy over and over and over again.

Take today’s offerings, for example:

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