Rubicon Rising

Oh, so NOW we have reached the level of the Rubicon. I see. Literally shaking RN.

Let me put up a little bit of commentary about this:

  1. Let’s see. Harm. Contacting my ex-husband. Writing untrue/speculatory and defamatory things about myself, my daughter, my grandson, my boyfriend. Copyright infringement/theft. Suing me four separate times in four separate jurisdictions. Because I point and laugh at him.
  2. I don’t contact Bill Schmalfeldt. Unless it’s by accident. I leave him alone. I DO point and laugh at his public statements. In public.
  3. Bill has no clue what it actually takes to “cross the Rubicon”, let alone has probably never set foot near the Rubicon. I used to have as my daily driver a vehicle that crossed the Rubicon for breakfast (yes, all of the trail, no not a Humvee) and Bill wouldn’t know how to handle it. Like, ever. Metaphor FAIL.
  4. Just what, precisely, does Bill Schmalfeldt define as his “Rubicon”? Helpfully, he gave a nice Feltdown last night that might provide some clues. You can read it HERE if you don’t have a Twitter account/don’t want to bother looking up his Twitter stream.
  5. Yes, it is too late to stop. At least for Bill Schmalfeldt. A classic narcissist like him has to keep on trying to appear as if he is WINNING!!! even though the hole he keeps digging for himself keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.
  6. He’ll lose.
  7. I’ll believe the “fight” when I see it.
  8. He won’t like what I’ll do if this latest LOLSuit actually gets served on me.

This week is going to be an excellent opportunity for much laughing and pointage. I will be busy during a lot of it, as I have a business trip to take in the middle of things, but I’m sure we can all manage to keep ourselves amused through it all.

Viva la mockificacion!

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Your Happy Thought for the Day

Charles Manson (yes, that one) has sold more albums than Bill Schmalfeldt.

Books, too.

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Shutuppery Writ Large

All Bill Schmalfeldt wants is for people to stop talking about the nasty things that he says, the nasty things that he does.

And he seems to think that by threatening people, nay, extorting them, is going to get them to stop. He’s been trying to do his usual bluster and bluff on Twitter all day with MJ. It’s not working.

So, he decides to attack the legal advice MJ has gotten.

See, I’ve talked to several lawyers over the last few years. Some are members of team Free Speech. Others are personal friends or acquaintances. Others I have paid for their opinions/advice.

EVERY SINGLE ONE has laughed at Bill Schmalfeldt and his idea that what people say is defamation and that we should shut up.

Just think of that.




Lawyers from Virginia, Alaska, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Missouri and Florida have all given the same response.

They laugh.

Really, that’s all you can do with Bill Schmalfeldt. Laugh.

So we do!

MJ, keep on busting Bill in the chops. Because commenting on the public utterances of, and giving opinions on things done by a notable fool who thrusts himself into the public square is not, and never has been, defamation.

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Bill Schmalfeldt, Casual Racist

The minute Bill Schmalfeldt decided MJ was a real, honest-to-God, dyed-in-the-wool Hispanic, his racist tendencies crept out. (Yes, yes, I know Hispanic is not a race. But Bill doesn’t.)

If Bill Schmalfeldt thinks you’re white, you get called “white” terms. If Bill Schmalfeldt thinks you’re brown, you get called “brown” terms – while he murders the terms as well. If Bill Schmalfeldt thinks you’re black, you get called “black” terms. Just a fat racist, spewing his filth on Twitter. All with a huge helping of white male privilege as the cherry on the top of the sundae.

Why is it that the so-called “progressives” are the ones who aren’t color-blind?

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Don’t Think This Was The Response Bill Thought He’d Get

But then again, Bill Schmalfeldt is a DUMBFUCK who can’t be arsed to learn from history.

Our good friend MJ has this response to being FAILDoxxed by Bill. It can be found in all it’s glory HERE.

Seriously, go read MJ’s post. I love it. Because it completely encapsulates all the blatant stupidity OFD (Our Favorite DUMBFUCK) displays when he’s feeling his oats.

And yeah, it’s a FAILDoxx. Just like all his other FAILDoxxes. “But I know who you are!” Bill will whine and cry.

But you didn’t get us to shut up, now did you?


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There Are No Words

There are no words that can soothe how broken a woman’s soul can become when her chosen mate says certain things in front of her.

Things like:

“I love someone else.”

“It’s not you, it’s me.”


“I want to be a woman.”

or perhaps

“I will bend him over and literally fuck him.”

No matter how “progressive” or “accepting” you think that you are; no matter what kinks you may have yourself; no matter what witty comeback you come up with to try and temper what was said. Nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING can completely counter the shockwave that went through you when he said it.

Perhaps you can move past it. Perhaps you can’t. Perhaps it’s the end of your relationship right that moment in time. Perhaps it takes years until the fissure grows as wide as the Grand Canyon and you can no longer ignore it. What you choose to do as a result is as varied as the colors of the rainbow.

But always remember these three things when something like this happens:

  1. He didn’t care about your feelings when he said it.
  2. It reveals who he truly is as a person.
  3. Believe him when he tells you who he truly is.


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Eye of the Beholder

Only a fool doesn’t know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Because of this, I tend to be… shall we say… very judicious about the photos I post of myself online. Possibly because I am my own harshest critic about my looks.

But when Bill Schmalfeldt posts this, attempting his version of slut-shaming me for daring to exist:

I just have to smile and preen a little bit inside every time he posts those. Thanks, Bill Schmalfeldt, for posting two of my favorite pictures of myself, ever. Two days of my life that I was supremely happy – for opposite reasons interestingly – and it showed.

Thank you, sincerely from the bottom of my heart, for your boosting the signal of what beauty I have. Never, ever can you say that I never said anything complimentary about you…you STUPID MOTHERFUCKER.

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