Threats never made by Bill Schmalfeldt

Tonight we’ll close up Billy Sez by looking at a point of disagreement between Bill Schmalfeldt and, err… the rest of sane society.  That being that Bill does not make threats on the Internet.  Here he is in, as usual, his own words.

Yeah, an IODIT™.  We’ve heard that one before.


So when we read what you say and take it as a threat, Bill, we’re IODITs™ and we’re stupid- do we have that right?


Yes, we’d certainly agree with that.  But what is it that you are doing when you write this sort of thing, exactly?


Oh, that makes it better.

* * * * *

So, in the context of Bill’s, uhh… explanation, here are some not threats that he has made.


No, no threat here.  Just advance notice of a social call, we’re sure.


But how can a liar tell the truth about someone?


Threat, threat?  In light of the last couple years, looks more like a promise Bill’s worked very, very hard to keep.


Oh, everybody does it.  You know.


Oh, Bill and that big address book of his.  What a social butterfly!


Somehow, Bill, I don’t think that many of the rest of us worship Cthulhu.  To each his own, though.


Something tells us here that what is “necessary” is in the eye of the beholder.


…We can’t even come up up with a clever line for that one, Bill.  Oh yeah, that’s right.  Promise, not threat.  A promise to “curb-stomp” someone.  How delightful.


Oh, no way to take that as a threat.  Just a kind inquiry about our well-being, right.

* * * * *

So, does Bill make threats or no?  Again, kind reader, while we at Billy Sez have an opinion (we agree with the folks at Twitter, where Bill is

for, among others, making threats), you need to decide for yourself.  We think, if Bill would be honest, he’d agree, and join with us in saying



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