Evidence that Bill Schmalfeldt hates women

Everyone knows that all those liberal progressive types are God’s gift to women and women’s rights, right?  I mean, how could you possibly find fault as a woman with the likes of Bill Clinton, Gary Condit, Anthony Weiner, John Edwards, Elliot Spitzer?… I mean, the list goes on and on.  But those conservatives and their war on women, oh what a bunch of jerks!  The horror, the horror… but let’s stick to our subject here:  Bill Schmalfeldt.

Now Bill is one of those liberal progressive types and, yep, sure enough, if you look back through his social media presence over the years you’ll see that nary a one of the prominent lady bloggers on the left, Karoli Kuns of the “Crooks and Liars” blog for example, has ever had anything other than nice things to say about him.  And so we start from the premise that maybe that’s true- that Bill Schmalfeldt is as politically correct as regards women as the day is long.

After all, he styles himself a learned expert on, umm… certain characteristics of womanhood.

He can even use that special knowledge to offer helpful opinions to others.  Like this…

…and this.

Although, being human (arguably, at least), Bill does goof from time to time.

In fact, our social media survey only captured a few a dozen or so maybe 50 around 100… OK, a whole lot of times when Bill used a reference to womankind when referring to other folks on the Internet.  To demonstrate how innocent and inoffensive these references were, though, we’ve taken one of our Billy Sez images bearing the words “A woman is a/an…” and then added, verbatim, a representative sample of the words or phrases Bill Schmalfeldt used.  So you be the judge.

See!  What proud woman of the left could find anything to object to in any of that?

* * *

Does Bill have anything else to offer the women out there reading this?

Oh, really…

Seriously, we here at Billy Sez are of the opinion that Bill Schmalfeldt is a misogynist.  He appears to have a deep hatred and contempt for women in general that permeates everything he writes, and his go to choice of a slur or insult based on the number of times he has used it over the years is the word “cunt” (or some fancy variation- we have yet to figure out what a “snavely cunt” is) or some other word or phrase that deeply demeans women.

As usual, we’ll give Bill the last word.


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8 Responses to Evidence that Bill Schmalfeldt hates women

  1. Wow, That drawing/cartoon is great. Can you post one without the bubble and the banner?

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  2. JeffM says:

    I am glad that at least one other is perplexed by “snavely.” I have not used the word as yet because I am not sure whether it has a favorable meaning or not or whether it is limited in application. If I said Witless Willie was snavely, I would not know whether I was insulting or complimenting him or whether such a macho type as he can even be snavely.

    Possibly it is a piece of medical jargon that he learned while running the NIH: oh my that is a snavely pancreas, doctor.

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    • Well, it is apparently a family name, according to Ancestry.com!

      “Possibly an altered form of South German Schnäbele or Schnäbeli(n), or of Swiss German Schneebeli or Schnebli (see Schnebly). ”

      What does he have against German women? I mean, really?

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      • JeffM says:

        Given his name, German women may have been the first to suffer from projectile vomiting whenever they got within 10 feet of him. No matter how understandable their reaction, it may have given him a few emotional bruises.

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  3. Sam says:

    Gotta love his latest Schmelldtdown–repeated assurances that you are but a speck, an insignificant nonentity, not fit to be on his radar, so unimportant that he would not deign to even so much as glance at you…followed by repeated insults. Then back to shaking his head (admirable in one with no neck) at how you are beneath comment. Lather. Rinse. repeat.

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  4. popcornseller says:

    The Blob: “Can I offer you a word of advice? It’s for your own good and you’ll thank me later. GET LAID!”

    Ummm…”GET LAID” is two words, not one.

    Math is hard. 🙂

    And why does the nasty impotent creep Bill Schmalfeldt always offer advice that he is incapable of doing himself?

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  5. D. Edgren says:

    Dave, your request has been handled, err… elsewhere.

    For all Bill’s talk of karma, he’d better hope that it doesn’t include reincarnation.

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