Au contraire, Bill Schmalfeldt

Billy Sez stands behind every image we put up in every post here.  They set forth Bill’s words accurately and, unless clearly marked to the contrary, contain an entire sentence from first capital letter to final period just as he wrote it*.  We have backup we can produce for everything we claim to quote, and that’s been a pretty hard task to gather, as it is clear that Bill Schmalfeldt goes around systematically deleting his word droppings whenever he can.  We are just waiting, with great anticipation, his first claim in response to one of our images to the effect of, “I never said that!”  Well, yes he did, and we’ll prove it.

Bill Schmalfeldt may not like some of the editorial, instructional and just plain comedic content we surround his written statements with.  Well… context!  …and parody!  And we have (in his own immortal phrase) one word for him:  Deal with it, Bill.

* The Small Print:  Sometimes Bill does not use a first capital letter or a final period.  We do the best we can.  We also correct Bill’s spelling errors from time to time in brackets […] when it is necessary to avoid incoherence.  We will break up very long quotes across two images but will always put the images one after the other so it is clear we are using his entire sentence.  Finally, we will redact the names of innocent third parties (and anyone else other than Bill Schmalfeldt who contacts us and asks) that get caught up in one of Bill’s quotes.  -the Staff


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4 Responses to Au contraire, Bill Schmalfeldt

  1. JeffM says:

    Au contrails takes way too much space. All one has to say is BS = BS.

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  2. Joe Smirnoff says:

    I have to agree with Jeff on this one, BS=BS!

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  3. sharky says:

    You are far too kind…

    to Bill Schmalfeldt.

    Fuck him with a Lawn Dart.

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  4. D. Edgren says:

    Well, after all, he was on Twitter giving helpful advice today.

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