Can Bill Schmalfeldt spell “Streisand Effect?” – Part 2

So here again are the Billy Sez page views and visitors stats as of about mid-day yesterday.

As we remarked in the first part of this post, we were headed at that point for what looked like our best day evah!

And then Bill Schmalfeldt kicked not paying any attention to our party inside his head into high gear.

We didn’t ask him to.  We’d actually rather he was taking care of his wife, like he says is his sole reason for living these days.  But he did, and here’s the final June 11, 2015, results as of midnight that day.

Compare the scale on the right side of the first chart with the scale on the second.  By, erm… staying away, Bill singlehandedly doubled our traffic from our previous best day.  It’s the Streisand Effect writ large- Bill, leave us alone some more please.

Oh… say what?

n.b.  Aside from Bill frantically F5ing us, we’d like to thank all the folks who came over from Hogewash, the Dave Alexander (not ukuleledave) blog, Thinking Man’s Zombie and the indispensable View from NL. -the staff


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  1. Oh, you’re welcome. And thanks to all who have created websites to document verifiable and truthful things about the entire Team Kimberlin. Remember: It’s not harassment if you just react to the stupid things someone does. We’ll totally run out of ideas the day after they run out of dumb.

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