Bill Schmalfeldt: Do we know him? (part three)

For a number of years Bill Schmalfeldt pretended to be a journalist, often trumpeting loudly the “ethics” of his “profession.”  Here’s an example from an online article he wrote about…

who else?

…himself in 2011 (He styles himself in the article from which the quote is taken as the “Latter Day Iconoclast” and gratingly writes about himself in the third person):

The Latter Day Iconoclast takes the subject of journalism very seriously. Every fact must be sourced, attributed, use quotes when possible. Never assume, never surmise, make sure you have sources even when the sources are anonymous.

From the same article (Bill missed his century- he would have loved it when daily rituals of self-flagellation were all the rage) here’s what his former employer, an online blog called, had to say when terminating him (emphasis added by us):

We regret to inform you that we are terminating your status as an Examiner, effective immediately. We received numerous complaints regarding unprofessional behavior and potentially harassing activity by you.

In follow up correspondence between Bill and his former editor, Bill Schmalfeldt is told

Due to the continued disregard for projecting yourself in a professional manner, I am forced to suspend your access to our publishing platform again.


You continue to instigate in your comments, continue to make claims without proof…and yes, we continue to field complaints about the accuracy of your articles. Did we not discuss these things?

Bill, of course, got that immediately, accepted it as valid and constructive criticism and changed his ways forever.

Err. no… we guess not.

Instead, he starts making demands, and segues immediately into the same old threats promises.

Damn!  Where is Animal Control when you really need it?

Part four of this ever lengthening Billy Sez feature post will go up, with any luck, later today. You can find part one of the feature post here.


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27 Responses to Bill Schmalfeldt: Do we know him? (part three)

  1. That latin f*cker says:

    I’m seeing more and more BillySez images higher and higher at Google images. Isn’t he lucky. There isn’t any such thing as bad publicity.

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  2. Russ says:

    Do his “sources” include the voices in his head?

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  3. Perry Mason says:

    Has Bill ever given an example of a situation when his harassment was actually successful at getting anything?

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  4. Pablo says:

    Did we not discuss these things?

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  5. JeffM says:

    Yep. Same old, same old. A threat, a doom clock, Parkinson’s, and a conspiracy theory. What’s missing is any homophobia or misogyny, but, hey, there’s only so much you cram into a short piece.

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  6. JeffM says:

    Oh, I forgot: the assumption that it is all about him.

    Those billionaires, having heard that Witless Willie is after them, are so terrified of his reporting that they order him fired from some site that has to use him as a correspondent. Right. One of those sourced and verified “facts.”

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  7. howarddearl says:

    Bill got shit canned from The Examiner?


    You’re welcome.

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  8. D. Edgren says:

    Dave Alexander (formerly ukuleledave) has a great take on this question over at his blog. Well worth a read!

    Liked by 3 people

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