Bill Schmalfeldt: Getting the word out

We bet it’s Marie.


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23 Responses to Bill Schmalfeldt: Getting the word out

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt says:

    Is this really necessary? Is this nothing but an excuse to get people to insult me for an endeavor that does you no harm whatsoever? What is the point of drawing attention to my brand new Twitter account? I have it set on private to keep scumbags out. You have made that necessary. I haven’t been promoting the site. Is this mockery for the sake of mockery? Shame on you both. There is no reason for this, and this is one of the reasons why you are being sued.

    That says it in a nutshell, Bill. Poking harmless fun at your new Twitter account? If that’s one of the grounds of your lawsuit, you’d better be ready for quick disappointment. You’ve gotten to the point where you see humor in nothing, which is kind of sad. You could lighten up a little and we certainly would notice and maybe take that into account. -the Staff


    • Pablo says:

      Twitter has banned you repeatedly to keep scumbags out. You don’t seem to care.

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      • Bill Schmalfeldt says:

        They banned Hoge. He came back. They banned him again, he came back. They banned him again, he came back. Same for Krendler, same for Howard Earl. Same for any number of you right wing idiots. But it’s OK when they do it, right? Fuck you.

        Marked down a letter grade for excess, err… punctuation, Bill. We don’t know about Krendler and Earl or anyone else you’d characterize as a “right wing idiot”…

        …is everyone, by the way, who you don’t like a “right wing idiot?” Some of us left wingers would be mighty surprised to find that out…

        …but John Hoge was pretty much certainly the victim of a concerted Twitter beatdown- multiple beatdowns, actually- by you and a bunch of Team Kimberlin’s thugs. His Twitter account could have been read by the Pope daily without His Holiness even raising an eyebrow. Sorry, can’t blame Twitter when it gets manipulated. -the Staff

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      • Rob Crawford says:

        They’ve banned you more than 100 times. Most people would have gotten the message.

        Hoge’s only been banned because you and your buds keep abusing the Twitter moderation bots.

        To be completely fair to BS, not all of his over 100 Twitter handles have been banned. It seems that over half of them have been, however. Saying that he has been banned more than 100 times is inaccurate. – The Staff

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        • gmhowell says:

          Post the list of handles, and you’ll see some tap dancing as impressive as anything since Top Hat.

          On Fri, Jul 3, 2015 at 6:37 PM, Billy Sez – Adventures in the

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      • Pablo says:

        Hoge uses twitter to link to his blog and not much else. We all know the game being played there. Also, he’s not whining about keeping scumbags out of his twitter timeline. How are you ever going to do that with you in it? And who do you think you’re talking to with that follower count?

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    • JeffM says:

      Sued for mockery? At last an honest self-description of Witless Willie’s motivation for suit. Decent people will not hurt you, nor will they intentionally lie about you, but mock you they will.

      I ADVOCATED leaving you in peace not too many days ago. Your response was to double down on the Hoge’s and the Stranahans. So mock you I will, and mockery is neither crime nor tort.

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    • Paul Krendler says:

      Speaking for myself, DUMBFUCK, you’ve been told multiple times how this is going to go.

      Embrace the inevitable.

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      • Bill Schmalfeldt says:

        Back atcha, Pundit.

        My my, something really close to what a regular guy might respond in a non-serious argument. Could our work here be done at Rock Ridge? -the Staff


    • SammyD says:

      Nice to see you admit in a public forummthat your suit has no merit, and is, dare I say, a bit vexatious.

      Forwarded to the appropriate individuals.

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  2. Joe Smirnoff says:

    No fuck you, you fat bastard! No one asked for your input and we really don’t give shit!

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  3. Pffft. Necessary or not, I’m sure he’ll use it as a reason for more harassment.

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  4. Kyle Kiernan says:

    yes. yes it is.

    mockery is a self justifying act.

    be well. or not.

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  5. You just can’t quit us, can you?

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  6. I have a request for a Billy Sez graphic:
    I have NEVER attempted to get anyone fired. NEVER. I have never CALLED anyone’s employer. I did write to Dave Alexander’s company to ask if he was defaming me on company equipment. — 7/3/2015

    He really did say that.

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    • Onlooker says:

      He’s never heard of ” a distinction without a difference.” Also, in similar vein, he doesn’t seem to fully comprehend (a lot of things, and one of those is) the “gist” or “sting” doctrine.

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    • JeffM says:

      This (and the similar comment about Grady) are typical.

      It’s a lie that I telephoned anyone’s employer (because I wrote to the employer). The critical point is that the employer was contacted, not the means of contact. In the law of defamation and in every day discourse, the contact is the gist of the matter, not the mechanism of contact.

      It’s a lie that I tried to get someone fired; I merely alerted an employer that an employee might have been violating the terms of employment. I had no specific knowledge of what that the consequences of violating those terms might be. What he tried to do was get someone in trouble with his employer, totally careless whether that might involve termination.

      It is a gross insult to slime molds to compare Witless Willie to a slime mold because slime molds never palter with the truth.

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