Billy Sez makes a correction

Compare and contrast.

Bill Schmalfeldt

Billy Sez

note 2 [link to our post]:  Bill Schmalfeldt has now asserted that he did not actually purchase the new coffee pot until the weekend after his wife died [link to his comment].  This was not clear from his blog post of June 16, 2015, but Billy Sez withdraws based on what Bill has now said any implication that is made or otherwise could be taken from this post that he purchased the pot on the date of his wife’s death, as we have no actual knowledge of the purchase date.  -the Staff



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3 Responses to Billy Sez makes a correction

  1. Kyle Kiernan says:

    Geez guys cut the man a little slack wouldya? Post-corporeal logistics are a bitch and must be thought through very carefully or else everything goes to hell not just the family on the dark side of “How do I feel?”.

    It’s completely understandable that in the days leading up to his most earnestly beloved and hardworking editor’s demise he pondered deeply the quantities of coffee consumed currently and projected the quantities to be produced and consumed in the very near future and came to the only conclusion he could have, that he would need to re-tool his domestic organizations coffee capacities. Seriously, was there some other thing he should have been considering?

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  2. JeffM says:

    I seek enlightenment. I gather that Witless Willie’s testimony (for what that is worth) is that he allowed several days of mourning to pass ere buying a new, and presumably smaller, coffee pot.

    Is there still evidence that in Willie’s wife’s last days he found the imminent need for a new, and presumably smaller, coffee pot to be a matter requiring thought and public disclosure. Because I make it a point never to visit any of his vehicles, I must rely on others to give me accurate news of his admissions.

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  3. JeffM says:

    Having seen Kyle’s comment, posted while I was drafting mine, I am shocked that one of Witless Willie’s friends did not suggest to him a less expensive and less burdensome but eminently reasonable way to deal with an imminent reduction in a household’s coffee consumption. I can testify to its practicability, having used it myself during my wife’s annual desertions to Vail (no, I no longer ski in snow, which tends to be chilly).

    You put less coffee and less water in. A big pot can be used for a lesser quantity (unlike the situation where the pot is too small). It can’t be that Willie’s friends were in the same emotional state that he was and so too distraught to grasp the situation. I fear that they just didn’t care enough to help their friend out during his distress.

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