Bill Schmalfeldt – 4/30/15


About The Dread Pirate Zombie

Member of the Zombie Horde and Lickspittle Minion. Out to eat your brainnnsssss. And a few other sweetbreads because they are so nomm-y. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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9 Responses to Bill Schmalfeldt – 4/30/15

  1. All private persons have to worry about consolidating their multiple “brands”.

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  2. Bill Schmalfeldt says:

    Vincent James Virgintino?

    No one here on Billy Sez staff by that name. Sorry! Subsequent trolling of this name will be deleted. – the Staff


  3. Joe Smirnoff says:

    Fucknuts, go away…your crap is not needed here!

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