I Think Somebody Needs a Reminder. . .

Now, what was that you were saying to one of us the other day, in that email? Oh! That. How quaint!


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20 Responses to I Think Somebody Needs a Reminder. . .

  1. gmhowell says:

    Oh, yeah, the eleventeenth amendment IIRC.

    On Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 4:32 PM, Billy Sez – Adventures in the Billogicalness of being Bill Schmalfeldt wrote:

    > The Dread Pirate Zombie posted: “http://i.imgur.com/5NQi2lv.png Now, > what was that you were saying to one of us the other day, in that email? > Oh! That. How quaint!”

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  2. this latin f*cker says:




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  3. Rob Crawford says:

    Is he really so stupid as to believe there is a Constitutional right to contact someone? While he thinks there isn’t one to comment on his public behavior? I’d love to hear the delusional basis for that, if it’s not just born from rationalizing his stalking and harassment.

    Listen, Schmalfeldt, I know you’ll read this: You. Are. A. MORON.

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  4. Neal N. Bob says:

    The Bill Schmalfeldt who believes that he can restrict David Edgren’s communications to him to snail mail should talk to the Bill Schmalfeldt who reaches out to John Hoge however he saw fit, despite the existence of a peace order. A fist fight might break out between them.

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  5. onlooker says:

    Once you have contacted, and the contacted person without contract with your or other obligation to speak to you tells you to stop, what further purpose can contact have but to annoy and harass? Bill doesn’t get to go ring his neighbor’s doorbells all day long or call people at all hours or bother them with unwelcome calls or contact of any sort.

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    • Dianna says:

      I bet he did stuff like that when he was younger!

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    • Techno Jinxx says:

      Stinky seems to think there is a dumbass exception for himself.
      However, since he is suing D Edgren, anything D Edgren needs to let him know about RE the litigation is not harassment. IF Stinky doesn’t want to be contacted about the suit HE BROUGHT then he needs to get a real attorney for D Edgren to communicate with , or drop it.

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  6. Pablo says:

    Apparently, a certain dumbass also needs a reminder of who it is that suing who.


    Defense isn’t bullying, dumbass. This is your circus. Time to dance, Monkey.

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  7. MJ says:

    I warned Bill a long time ago that he was going to mess with the wrong person. Now he will have more than his hands full and I need more popcorn.

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  8. Joe Smirnoff says:

    I believe we all need to stock up on popcorn…watching monkeys dance is damn funny! We should probably look into popcorn stock and buy it too!

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  9. Occam's Toothbrush says:

    I am afraid we are missing something very important. So many statements about how Schmalfeldt continually contradicts himself fail to understand that he is a journalist! A high impact investigative journalist seeking the truth no matter the cost. A righteous soldier fighting on behalf of the masses. A hero. A martyr. The Schmalfeldt story will get out. The depredations of the extreme right-wing hate spreading ‘lickspittles’ will make national news. The Schmalfeldt will be interviewed by Keith Olbermann on CBS! {? CBS, but Olber… Shhh, he’s on a roll} The Schmalfeldt’s comedy CDs will sell like mayonnaise covered hot cakes! The Schmalfeldt will be able to purchase a brand new double-wide! gasp moan …….

    This version of The Schmalfeldt sweaty palmed happy place brought to you by Kleenex … Experience all the Softness & Convenience with Kleenex® Tissues.

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