Goodbye, Cruel World! Part the Second

Yesterday, we left off just over six minutes into the podcast. And no, he’s still not done yet.

6:25 See, here’s how it works. These websites each have a couple dozen dedicated acolytes who camp out on my websites, this podcast, my blogs, and other places where I’ve walked through the web using the name my parents gave me. Their job is to nitpick, to find things they can blow up into some great scandal. And then, that scandal becomes part of the official dogma, the approved liturgy of this group of haters. For instance, these acolytes sniff the air, detecting fart molecules that I may have emitted at some point during the day. Then, if they find one, one person tells another person, two tell four, four tell eight, eight tell sixteen, and by the end of the day the story is no longer that “Bill Schmalfeldt farted.” The official story is that I stumbled into a Catholic church, took a wet dump on a statue of the baby Jesus in his manger. And this is accepted as true. Without question. Because according to the official catechism of these people, I am evil. My evil is proven by their word. Their word is not subject to scrutiny. Therefore, their word is true and I am evil. Now imagine the Google bomb that creates when a couple dozen hate-hardened acolytes start spreading their version of the truth across the Internet. Even sharing something as personal as a death in the family becomes a reason to hate me.

Bill, the problem is is that you say some pretty weird shit just about all of the time. People don’t have to look far at all to find something truly outrageous that you have said. Yes, it may be scandalous, but heck, YOU said it! So, of course, it becomes part and parcel of your story. And over here at Billy Sez, we post your precise words. If we are wrong, we correct it. So any part of a Google Bomb that we are part of reflects you accurately. If you don’t like that, change how you post things online. You are the one who is constantly devolving into scatology, who is fascinated with gay butt sex and convinced that girls the oppose you are whores and skanks. You post those things. It’s out there. It’s yours. So yeah, you own it.

As for the game of telephone, yes, it happens. It happens to all of us. It’s a part of life, unfortunately, and yes, the Internet magnifies that. Have you ever considered NOT saying so many things on the Internet, Bill? That might solve your problem there.

8:30 I have always documented and shared my life with my listeners and my readers. It has proven profitable when I was making money at it. Because when people think you’re real they’re more interested in what you have to say, whether or not they agree or disagree. But this group of acolytes, they don’t need to base their stories on the truth. The more outrageous the lie, the better they like it. For instance, when my mother died on March 8, 2013, I was at her bedside. As we have a huge family scattered across the nation, I kept relatives up-to-date on her condition via Twitter. When she died, I called the people who needed to be called and tweeted the rest. The acolytes entered that fact, that proven fact, into the approved liturgy, twisting it into “I sat there tweeting away while my mother died.” And that blatant falsehood is to be believed. Why? Refer back to the catechism: I am evil, as proven by the doctrine, as supported by the liturgy, therefore my evil is not to be questioned. And of course that makes it perfectly okay to use images of my mother in your avatars, photoshopped in any way you deem fit, to disfigure her, to paint her as a monster, to portray her as something less than the wonderful woman she was.

Here we light upon the root cause of Bill’s problem. He has ALWAYS documented and shared his life with his listeners and readers. Okay, fine. Radio hosts do that. I get that. I know an awful lot about Mark and Brian as a result of listing to KLOS for many, many years in the morning. But guess what Bill? They didn’t attack people, post their personal information on the internet, try to humiliate them and attempt to get them in trouble with their spouses, employers, law enforcement, etc., etc., etc., all while talking about their latest bowel movement. I think that’s the key difference. It’s kind of a big one, I think you would agree

When doing something in any medium, there is a level of unspoken appropriateness that when it is breached, it begins to leave distaste in the reader/listener’s mouth. Sometimes, it is needed. For example, I felt my stomach churning many times when I was reading the Rise and the Fall of the First Reich about the banality of evil that took place in that country over the course of Hitler’s rise to power. It was powerful. Gripping. The horror it recounted was necessary to the story, not gratuitous and was well done. If you have to recount gruesome details, make sure that they are at the appropriate level for the medium it is communicated in

While I was not active during the time you speak of here about your mother’s death-bed tweeting, I can, however, comment on the level of appropriateness of what you were doing. For fuck’s sake, man. You could have done it with an email chain to all your family members, rather than on what is essentially a public bulletin board. Hitting reply all is not a big deal, you know? It is the ghoulishness of the medium you chose to communicate about your mother’s every last twitch that shocks and offends the senses. And when you’ve got people who are already disgusted with you, well, that offense is magnified. It’s the nature of the beast. But yes, you did sit there “tweeting away while my mother died.” You just said you did. How is the truth not the truth? I wouldn’t call it evil, just a highly inappropriate, public medium for what much of polite society deems is a very private time. One that I think you will find most people will honor if you aren’t spewing it all out in a public manner. You should try it some time.

And the avatars? They were of the Star Trek salt monster for crying out loud. You were the one who took them for being something that they were not, and then yes, they were used to prick at you. Because you take offense so very, very easily over nothing at all, and it’s FUN to see the monkey dance. You created your own personal hell there, Bill. You kind of own it.

10:19 Speaking of wonderful women, my wife died a bit more than a month ago. The truth of the matter is, after a 19 year battle with an autoimmune condition called systemic sclerosis or scleroderma, her kidneys suddenly failed, her liver stopped functioning properly, she lost a bunch of weight, her body swelled, and she died. The acolytes took that basic info and blamed me for not forcing her to have dialysis. Which would have done her no good, nor would she have had it even if she had been a candidate for it. Therefore I abused my wife, I’m a wife abuser who killed his wife by denying her dialysis and thus it is given the imprimatur of the acolytes, is adopted by the doctrine, and is adapted into the liturgy. I can tell you what really happened, but you dare not believe it. Why not? Well, again, the catechism: I am evil, my evil is proven by the word of the acolytes. Therefore the doctrine and liturgy are not to be questioned.

For someone who documents his entire life online, you sure left out a lot of details. People filled in the blanks, based on their personal experiences with things that might have been on the periphery of what she was going through, or what they knew directly about that kind of death. Personally, I preferred to think that she wasn’t going through that kind of suffering. I don’t like what people have to go through in those situations, and I preferred to think you were being a little drama king who wanted sympathy but instead had a completely hale and whole wife waiting in the wings. It was much better for my psyche that way. And honestly, I’m sorry that was not the case. I’ve said so before, and I’ll say so now. I wish she hadn’t of died.

You have called many, many people abusers over the years for no reason – mostly wife abusers and child abusers. Are you really surprised that those who have observed you doing so jumped on the opportunity to call you one in return? It’s a shame that it had to happen during a time of grief for you, true, but if you had not done what you had done to others – specifically INNOCENT others – I think you would have found the response to be completely different.

I’ll post my final round-up of your “goodbye cruel interwebz” podcast tomorrow sometime. You kind of made this stale news, seeing as how you’ve already started up a new web presence, but I said I would fisk it, so fisk it I shall. No, I’m not linking to your new site. Because if you honestly want to be left alone, then you are off to a good start. Let’s see if you can keep it up.


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52 Responses to Goodbye, Cruel World! Part the Second

  1. Perry Mason says:

    The acolytes took that basic info and blamed me for not forcing her to have dialysis.

    You see Willy, this is your problem (amongst many). You take the comment of one or two people and expand it into everybody. There were only a couple of posters who mentioned dialysis, most didn’t. So your argument is a lie.

    What outraged most of us was the fact that you basically wasted the last few weeks of your wife’s life producing useless podcasts and ranting on blogs and twitter.

    “I can see her watching TV from where I’m sitting.”

    That is the legacy of your final weeks with your wife. Your words, not ours.

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    • Dianna says:

      I was horrified, and remain repulsed by his not getting off the computer and spending time with his wife.

      He has only himself to blame for all the “abuse” he has ever suffered.


      • Toastrider says:

        Several people had a hard time buying his wife’s illness and passing, as his behavior was EXACTLY like certain folks on the Internet who would post woeful tales of imaginary relatives. Hence why the initial reaction was ‘Right, pull the other one…’

        And as you say, if he loved her so much, what in God’s name was he doing jousting on the Internet? I cannot help but contrast with my parents. My mother became severely ill with pneumonia a while back, and while she has recovered, Dad was nearly at his wit’s end.

        You have to prioritize, and I don’t think he prioritizes very well.

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      • I’m still not convinced there ever was a “Gail”.

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  2. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Point of clarification –

    When his mother was dying he might have devoted 5% of his tweets to his family. The rest were directed to the same “RWNJ” he’s been harassing for years. He ranted and raved against Hoge, Walker, etc during the last hours of his mother’s life culminating with him actually claiming to cast a curse on all those who vexing him so.

    Also as far as using his own name I’m sure he is well aware of all the aliases he’s used over the years since his own name gas been so soiled by his vile trail on the Web. I’m sure the Lord of Satire, who noted on a public Web site that he wanted to press his penis against the “swollen anal tissue” of an underage male would agree, right Bill?

    The problem Bill has is that he actually wrote the above to an underage kid. He now wants to claim that quoting him is somehow unfair to him.

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  3. The 13th Duke of Wymbourne says:

    “These websites each have a couple dozen dedicated acolytes who camp out on my websites, this podcast, my blogs, and other places where I’ve walked through the web using the name my parents gave me.”

    He’s got a @shithead handle too?

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  4. Avenger Watcher says:

    Because if you honestly want to be left alone, then you are off to a good start. Let’s see if you can keep it up.

    It will be an interesting data point.
    On a long and linear track.
    I know where I’d put my money if I could get a taker.

    But we’ll see.

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  5. JeffM says:

    Not trying to be sarcastic here. The normal way that normal people assess a claim against someone is to determine if the claim is consistent with other things about that someone of which they are morally certain. The court of public opinion does not follow the rules of a court of law.

    In Willie’s case, what people know for certain about his behavior, e.g. Vinnie, makes his alleged behavior in other instances seem consistent and therefore plausible. He can’t get the courts to change peoples’ opinions and beliefs about him. The only thing that might change the minds of at least some is a change in his behavior.

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  6. BusPassOffice says:

    Podomatic has been informed of his content – its against their rules of service

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  7. Kyle Kiernan says:

    His dying mother episode is still problematic as far as I’m concerned. Mom suddenly took her final turn just in time for him to skip out on a court date with Hoge he wasn’t prepared for. His tweets while travelling seemed too easy for the trip he described and the whole trip seemed logistically off somehow (plane out there, and first class train back wtf?). As well as the fact that he was complaining about his massive debility while receiving a summons on his front porch only a few days previously and then he was travelling across the country with nary a prob.
    Mom died right on schedule shortly after his arrival. He threatened to send pictures of dead-Mom from shortly after her passing if we would just send him our email addresses but the only picture that ever showed up was the one from the obituary in the paper.
    Fishy all the way around then and it still is now.

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    • Dr_Mike says:

      Well, it’s not like he offered to send pics of the dead Gail. To anyone that wanted. Said offer being made on this blog. Just email a request.

      Oh. Wait. He did.

      And the circle of Bill’s life continues. In a spiral.

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      • gmhowell says:

        Hakuna matata.

        On Sat, Jul 25, 2015 at 8:29 PM, Billy Sez – Adventures in the Billogicalness of being Bill Schmalfeldt wrote:

        > Dr_Mike commented: “Well, it’s not like he offered to send pics of the > dead Gail. To anyone that wanted. Said offer being made on this blog. Just > email a request. Oh. Wait. He did. And the circle of Bill’s life continues. > In a spiral.”


  8. A Reader #1 says:

    “…when my mother died on March 8, 2013, I was at her bedside. As we have a huge family scattered across the nation, I kept relatives up-to-date on her condition via Twitter.”

    This, simply, is not the complete truth. He had few Twitter followers at the time, and they were not family members. He was not tweeting to keep family informed – it was more unnecessary public sharing. You cannot DM people who are not following you, so keeping family informed was not the reason. He also cast a “gypsy curse” on his “enemies” from his mother’s bedside.

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  9. Avenger Watcher says:

    Aaaaand here we go.

    Not even 48 hours.

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    • Bill Schmalfeldt says:

      One thing I like about this blog is that it gives me a chance to respond. To set the record straight. So why don’t I do that one more time. Of course the lies are far more entertaining, and make for better hatred, so your mileage may vary.

      1. THE TRANNY STORY — This is a result of two conflated stories that actually happened but months apart. In late 1982 early 1983, I was assigned to the USS Towers (DDG-9) Homeported in Yokosuka, Japan. The live sex club — I had no idea what the name of it was, but we called it the “Carousel” since it had a revolving stage. You paid 1500 Yen to get in, which at that time was about 15 bucks. And anything that happened while you were there was covered. All the sake you could drink. Most of the show was girls pleasuring themselves on the stage, but every now and then one would come out with a towel and a blanket. She would kneel on the stage and say “dozo!” That means “Let’s go.” Whoever was the first man on the stage got the honors. I once watched as a woman gave a guy a good scrubdown with warm, soapy water using nothing but the brush puberty had given her. One time, I got on the stage the same time as another guy, this one from Japan. We did the rock, paper scissors thing and I won. So, I laid on my back and this petite little japanese girl attempted to put one of the mini-sized Japanese condoms on me. She got it on after a struggle, and straddled me and the whole event was over in about a minute. I got a round of applause and returned to my seat. That was the only time.

      Where the “tranny” story comes in is on New Years Eve 1982/83, my best buddy and I were in downtown Tokyo drinking like we meant it. After midnight as the music played, I saw a person with long, flowing black hair and tapped the person on the shoulder. When the person turned around, he had a moustache. I bowed and said “gomen nasai” which means “I’m sorry” and that was the end result of my same-sex events for the evening.

      II. MY MOTHER’S DEATH. What I did or did not do was none of your business. I maintained contact with friends and family via Twitter and e-mail. Mom was non responsive. I talked to her, but even I run out of things to say, so I gave my people an hourly rundown of what the situation was. I do not regret a thing. I was with her when she died. I put a rosary in her hand about a half hour earlier. I did my duty as a good son who loves his mother.

      III. MY WIFE’S DEATH — What, pray tell, does Diana Deely think I should have been doing that I wasn’t doing? Sitting on the couch and staring at Gail? For most of her last few months, she stared blankly at the TV and would respond when spoken to. Does Diana think I should have pestered her with constant conversation that she didn’t want to have? Should I have annoyed her against her wishes, Diana? Or was my presence in the room with her enough for her to know I was there. Gail watched TV, I would comment on what was said, we’d discuss what was said, and she’d fade back into her reverie. Now, I could have kept poking at her to keep her focused on me, me, me, me, but then you monsters would be bitching about that. I was there when it counted. Her last week-and-a-half at home was sacred to me. I never left her side. We talked, we held hands, we discussed trips we took together, and I had the opportunity to tell her how important she was to me and how she made me a better man in so many ways. She left this world knowing I love her with all my heart and I always will.

      Different family handle death in different ways. Gail and I were very zen about the whole thing. It’s going to happen to all of is, it’s part of the “circle of life” and it is not to be feared. I look forward to starting my life over by getting the hell out of Maryland so Hoge will have a more difficult time bothering me. I look forward to being around my family. I look forward to my remaining years as I try to rebuild my life as the happy, good-natured person I actually am.

      I am sorry that so many of you based your conception of me based on falsehoods. I know the truth. I know my life. You do not.

      And with this, I thank Sarah for giving me the opportunity to state my case. Once the judge rules onthe MTD, I no longer have an issue with her, so I will drop her from the lawsuit. Edgren is making a fool of himself. The law does not provide for a guardian filing a countersuit on a plaintiff who has not filed suit against the incompetent adult. And I never published a redacted photo of his unfortunate son. Edgren, however, did. Alaska has great records about attorney performance. You might want to check those out.

      Dave Alexander, sometime I find it hard to put a finger on you and what you want. You were not doxxed. Your address,phone number, or any other non-publicly available personal info were not included. And yes, I did contact your employer to see if any of your defamatory posts were made on company time and equipment — just like a lawyer would do.

      I would be happy to modify my lawsuit and let the following people off the hook. Sarah, Edgren, Hinckley (even though he continues his stupid defamatory posts and comments). I will not drop the charges against Hoge, Howard Earl, Roy Schmalfeldt or “Grace.” They went too far,and if the court sees my way, they will pay for it.

      On August 7, WJJ Hoge III will attempt to get the Carroll County Circuit Court to take a position that is diametrically opposed to the stance he took in the Howard County case. His argument that the underlying facts in the peace order rise to a crime is ludicrcous and the judge will find it amusing, no doubt. If Hoge wants to charge a crime, the state has a mechanism for that. But a PEACE ORDER is a CIVIL ACTION, and according to CJ6=201″a civil action shall be brought in a county where the defendant resides, carries on a regular business, is employed, or habitually engages in a vocation. In addition, a corporation also may be sued where it maintains its principal offices in the State.” As I do not reside in Howard County, Hoge can not initiate a civil action against me there.

      Finally… I know I have angered a lot of people of the past couple years. There are some who started out hating me that I now count as friends. I will spare their reputations by not naming them. But those of you who have swallowed the poisonous lies of Hoge and Walker, thinking me some sort of agent of BK are going to be terribly disappointed.

      I am an average 60-year old widower, trying to keep his mind busy with blogging and podcasting. And I promise to NEVER come to your house and force you to read or listen to anything I write or produce. You have my word.

      So, let’s allow this to be the end of it. I know Krendler’s mental illness won’t let him stop, and he has his little toadies who suck up to him for some sort of approval that I cannot understand.I expect Jrendler to have to be dragged screaming and kicking, like the coward he is, into the courtroom. And there, I will have him.

      To all else, please accept this olive branch. I am not at war with you any more. If you continue to lob shells, they will not be returned.

      It’s just not worth it. I’m sure your lives are far more interesting than anything I am doing or not doing. So let’s all say goodbye and say it was fun but it’s over.


      Bill Schmalfeldt
      11:32 pm EST
      July 25, 2015


      • Did you get my emailed apology, Shaky?

        You promised to drop me from the suit. I need your answer soonest.

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      • Rob Crawford says:

        So you say you expect Krendler to have to be drug into court, and say Grady is Krendler. Yet when Grady showed up for a hearing, you didn’t.

        So either you know Grady isn’t Krendler, and committed perjury, or you’re a blowhard chickenshit.

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      • Embrace the power of AND…

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      • Dianna says:

        Bill –

        You disgust me. Let me tell you the thing that just sticks in my craw sideways.

        I have sat more deathbeds than I care to count. In extremis, you can do little, though usually I read to the person, or sing, or play music, or recite prayers or poetry. I hold the dying person’s hand, or even hold them in my arms, if that’s what he or she asks. I do not go on the internet, describe their suffering and spew at people – on a blog that is not mine, moreover! – and act as if I’m performing some noble act.

        In the weeks before? You just left her staring at a TV. What is the matter with you? Take her out of the damned trailer! Sit in the shade! Talk, read, listen to music, be with the person! Just leaving anyone sitting there? Wrong! I could not imagine how you could abandon her to such a sad, isolated, humiliating situation while attacking random strangers on the internet. What were you thinking?

        Oh, and you would never, never stop invading her privacy, detailing every possible humiliation. And you keep doing it! In your emails to David Edgren, you spent paragraphs relating new and invasive details of your wife’s last days. How dare you? What the hell is the matter with you? You’re throwing all this dreadful, personal stuff at someone for what possible reason? A weapon?

        None of this will ever penetrate your armor of denial and anger. But this, this is what revolts so many of us.

        There are other things you do and have done. Things you do in this post, even, to anger, disgust and sadden people. You deny reality, you deny your own evil, you deny your own responsibility for the things you write and say and do. You claim some sort of high ground, some martyrdom, some nobility of purpose, but none of those things is true.

        We can’t make you see it. No one can, until you actually spend some time reflecting upon your history and behavior. But I can, and will, remind you that you are a ghoul.

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        • gmhowell says:

          In addition to sharing those details with Dave, he felt the need to share them with the world via his filings with the court. Genius.

          On Sun, Jul 26, 2015 at 5:19 PM, Billy Sez – Adventures in the

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      • Joe Smirnoff says:

        I don’t trust fucknuts on anything…he is a liar and an asshole. And I never will!

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  10. Bill Schmalfeldt says:

    An additional though struck me right after I hit post comment. You have to ask yourselves, Are you good people, or are you cruel? I am going to leave you alone. Can I count on the same courtesy? If not, then that question is answered.


    • Charles Hudson says:

      [stands with back to the podium]

      “Now, do you wanna play dumb and lose your kids? Or do you wanna play smart and keep what you got?”

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    • Rob Crawford says:

      I return what is sent. I see someone acting with kindness, I treat then kindly. I give people the benefit of the doubt and, wanting to be treated kindly, start by treating them that way.

      I see someone abusing people, threatening, generally being a douchebag, I assume they want to be treated that way and give it to them.

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    • “Are you good people, or are you cruel? I am going to leave you alone.”
      Oh, I’m pretty sure we have different definitions of good. For example, in mine, good people don’t play neutral when butthurt whiners file lawsuits. In mine, good people don’t “investigate” people for telling the truth about unrepentant pedophile terrorists.

      So we will remain at loggerheads until you drop the entire suit with prejudice, at a minimum.

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  11. Kyle Kiernan says:

    “There are some who started out hating me that I now count as friends.”

    these must be the numerous followers of his Twitter accounts and blogs.
    I wonder if he has to use his toes or even both hands?

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  12. Kyle Kiernan says:

    I must admit I’m struck by the massive hubris of assuming the role of arbiter between who is good and who is cruel.
    And what an odd dichotomy to construct and on such terms too. Bizarre.

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    • Avenger Watcher says:

      It’s cruel to be kind, in the right measure,
      It’s cruel to be kind, it’s a very very good sign,
      Cruel to be kind means that I love you,
      Baby, you gotta be cruel to be kind.

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  13. evilwillie00 says:

    Bill, there is not one person on this earth who began hating you at some time in history and you then charmed them enough to love you. Ha Ha Ha No matter how much you say it, type it or finger paint with your crap on your bathroom walls, YOU ARE NOT A GOOD GUY. It’s very sad that at a time when you could use a close friend to lean on, you have none left. Your years of hate, anger and antisocial behavior has limited your ability to develop & maintain close friendships. Any civilian (non lickspittle or TK) who decides to peek into your world via Twitter, podcasts or your blog are instantly hit with the anger, insanity and hate rolling around in that huge head of yours.

    Nobody believes you when you wave the white flag and declare its over, because of the multiple periods you have claimed peace and gone right back sling the poo hours later. We are all aware of the past incidents you’ve had with different groups of online people. Incidents that are basically the exact same behavior we are experience with you the past 2 years, but with an entirely different set of victims. Think Daily Kos, XMRadio forums, The Examiner and Liberalland. You’ve been a crank asshole being hateful to people for over a decade.

    Bill, it’s time to stop and get off this train. You should seek some type of mental health evaluation and begin a treatment plan to improve your mental health, deal with your hate and anger and generally become a better person. Your biggest obstacle is denial. You cannot see the damage you cause in your wake. You don’t realize when you’ve gone too far. And you can’t help someone when they won’t acknowledge there is a problem. Plus, most of us know you are going to use this comment or someone else’s to justify diving right back in the shit storm. “You all have ______________ to thank for the suits, because I WAS going to drop everything. But not now.” Right?!

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  14. BusPassOffice says:

    Bill may want to review what he has written online before taking the stand, all of it – because we or I have the original context – I have his voice messages on his machine – we have the court records where he admitted to creating pornographic lurid sex stories between and with adults preying on small children.

    Yep, he’s a victim of some guy named William Schmalfeldt who writes literally millions of words much of it pornographic on line and in print and other media

    Bring your check book and if you keep it up your tooth brush, this isn’t going to end well

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    • Neal N. Bob says:

      One of William’s many delusions is that the things that he’s said and done over the years don’t matter in lulzsuits that are fundamentally about his character. It defies logic, but that’s not uncommon with the mentally ill.

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    • Avenger Watcher says:

      I can see you rightwing Neanderthals are still not understanding How The World Works.

      See, you want to try and judge the situations based on your privilege-based biased patriarchal worldview.

      Lemme ‘splain. You’ve got to understand that’s now how things work in the non-biased, non-patriarchal Real World.

      What’s important is not what you filtered what you thought Bill said through your mind, which has been trained to be biased and judgmental, but what Bill meant when he spoke.

      Bill’s got the advantage of having more intersections of lack of privilege than you do, so by definition he’s got the more valid claim on interpretation.


      • Rob Crawford says:

        Well, there’s all his homophobia, and you know what progressives say about homophobes…

        Does repressing your orientation gain or lose lack of privilege points?

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  15. BusPassOffice says:

    I meant his voice messages on my machine….

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  16. Avenger Watcher says:

    Because it’s been bugging the Editor in me, even if I never made it to GS-13…

    Maryland is currently using the EDT timezone.


  17. Neal N. Bob says:

    Everybody, the return of “Above it All Bill” is going to be even less temporary than it usually is.

    What’s likely to happen is a predictable as it is hilarious. In the very near future William is going to lose his rage welfare. The catch is this; He thinks it’s only going to cost him $400. In fact, the service process by the U.S Marshals is almost certainly going to leave him on the hook for several thousand.

    That’s going to greatly complicate his return to Wisconsin. Once it finally sinks in that he’s trapped in Tincasa forever, “Ragin’ William” is going to return, forgetful of who actually initiated Lulzsuit the Fifth in the first place.

    It’s going to be pretty spectacular.

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    • Avenger Watcher says:

      service process by the U.S Marshals is almost certainly going to leave him on the hook for several thousand.

      There you go with that deranged right-wing math again…

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