Did Someone Just Delete Some Tweets?

Why yes. Yes he did. Too bad teh interwebz is FOREVER, DUMBFUCK. lolz


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40 Responses to Did Someone Just Delete Some Tweets?

  1. I saw that too. This is a great plan! Every word!

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  2. gmhowell says:

    Copyright can’t be sold or assigned? Who knew?

    On Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 4:09 PM, Billy Sez – Adventures in the

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  3. Yep, he needs to read Chapter 8 in my “Law for Business” text. It’s just as much saleable property as a car, a record collection, or a house. And I don’t think that claims by a third party that the purpose of the sale is to protect the anonymity of the seller are going to make a court go “Wow!, we’ve been doing it wrong all these hundreds of years! No, Sumdood can’t sell his intellectual property; butthurt of a third party should always be able to invalidate a legal contract.”

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  4. MJ says:

    Someone should check AVVO. I bet a whole bunch of questions from “Mark in Wisconsin” are about to appear.

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  5. Neal N. Bob says:

    There must be something afoot, like a mass hallucination.

    I was told that he didn’t delete tweets.

    On the other hand, I was told – I believe on Saturday – that he “Doesn’t. Care. Anymore. “

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  6. JeffM says:

    I LOVE this plan. Witless Willie will further publicize all Krendler’s works mocking Behemoth Bill so that Krendler will sue and thereby DISCLOSE PAUL’S IDENTITY. You can see its brilliance: Krendler will no longer generate all that cash flow from his blog because people can get it FOR FREE at Willie’s.

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  7. So he publishes it- who the heck is going to even KNOW about it, much less PAY for it!!!!

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  8. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    To recap….

    Brett Kimberlin, bomber, drug dealer, perjurer, gun runner, and adjudicated pedophile didn’t like people telling the truth about him so he launched a series of lawsuits to shut people up. So far he’s lost every single one, and the one that are still going are on life support.

    Bill Schmalfeldt, Internet troll looks at his pedo hero and thinks he has a great plan and tries to emulate it. Bill then proceeds to lose or run from every lawsuit he’s filed. In the process he’s guaranteed that he’s vileness and stupidity are preserved for posterity.

    Good job there Bill. At least the Cub Scouts will know who to avoid now.

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  9. Rob Crawford says:

    How much do you think he’ll make on this publication? About 3.50?


  10. “OK. New Plan. I shall pound on my skull with this ball-peen hammer whilst crushing my left hand in a vice, until I am vindicated.” Self-injury = better reputation.

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    • Gus Bailey says:

      When I was but a wee lad, that is strings of DOS and C++ running at 9600 baud, my mother(board) would scold me not to “Cut my nose off to spite my face.” Being a disembodied intellect and therefore having no face to spite it was very confusing. Now, however, it seems an appropriate aphorism for this case.

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      • Toastrider says:

        9600? Dude, I cut my teeth on a 1200 baud modem, calling local BBSes in the evenings. Good times.

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      • Fuuu- I started out using 110 baud teletypes, for which I was the on-campus mechanic and bottle washer.

        Some corporation donated several literal dump truck loads of well-used teletype machines onto a concrete floor in an empty warehouse on campus, and I was given a toolkit from Digital Equipment Corporation, a small pile of manuals, a dumpster, and a few dozen empty boxes.

        My minimum wage job? Disassemble every single one of those teletypes into their constituent components, refurbish those parts that were not obviously bad, toss what was broken, and reassemble as many working teletypes as possible, for student and faculty usage.

        Managed to get nearly 600 of them working, tuned, and deployed around campus.

        After that, I made some decent coin repairing them for local businesses.


  11. wjjhoge says:

    I remember (not necessarily fondly) many late nights with a Teletype Model 33ASR and a 100-baud acousticoupler.


  12. rt895 says:

    Late 60’s we were in Phoenix and Dad worked for GE’s mainframe business. On Fridays he could bring home a TTY100 portable terminal with an acoustic coupler for my brother to dial in to the mainframe while GE was testing MULTIX over the weekend. On Sunday night the games were over and the system would go back to batch processing. We could play games like GUNNER or write programs in BASIC (with line numbers and LET statements). The terminal had a tape punch/reader but we never had any tape to play with so no program storage. My older brother was writing a pretty large program and got tired of retyping it every week so he wired a Bell & Howell open reel tape deck to the phone line and recorded a program listing, then played it back ‘offline’ to test. Mostly correct as I recall… I’m in IT now and sometimes I will say I started using computers in the 60’s…. Fun times watching the printer element jump up and down in front of yellow paper…


  13. Suggested follow-up post title: Did someone just delete some accounts?

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  14. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Front page of Drudge this morning, 4th item. Where’s Bill? Of course they are referring to Clinton but it still gave a chuckle.


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