Insane Behavior is Insane. And Possibly Actionable. Who Knows?

Bill Schmalfeldt has a problem. When he is arguing with someone, threatening that someone, trying to intimidate that someone, he has a TERRIBLE habit of trying to pull in a peripheral figure to threaten as well. His thought process seems to believe that threatening someone who isn’t even involved in his current little battle will make his main target give up and go away to protect the uninvolved innocent. Because apparently in his world, threatening other people for no reason is just the thing to do. ESPECIALLY if they are a woman.

So yeah, he’s gone and done it again. Let’s peruse his tweets about it last night, shall we?

So it’s the usual Monkey Dance at the moment. William Schmalfeldt versus Zombie Paul Krendler. And Bill is feeling his oats, thinking he’s got Krendler on the ropes. Why? Who knows, but he does.

The monkey is unable to discern just *who* is dancing for *whom*. Typical, and but not unexpected.

Now, why would Krendler truly care what a dying radio network would say about Bill Schmalfeldt? Anyone with a brain (or eats them for FUN) knows that the only radio stations that would accept the Blubby Blob are ones that he would have to pay for the priveledge. And even with the urnings he has recently received, there’s no real way that he’s going to pay as much as they require because he just doesn’t have the funds to sustain the relationship, nor does he have the listeners and subscribers to pay for the timeslot. So any mention is purely stick-poking. A normal person would recognize that. But not our Bill! Oh no! He’s got his “manhood” to strut about obviously.


WTF? Why on earth would Krendler care about some trust on the West Coast?

Oh! Now I see it. There he goes again.

The lovely Dianna, who happens to comment here as well as on other sites, doesn’t even have a presence on Twitter and who actually has a life unlike Bill, is being drawn into the pissing contest.

And for what?

For having a bad opinion about Bill Schmalfeldt. Go figure.

Really? You think that the Frisco papers would care about your accusations? You’ve threatened this before, I think. And, of course, as usual, you never followed through and/or the papers didn’t give a rat’s ass about what you were saying. Because butthurt on teh Interwebz is so passe, especially when the one crying “foul” is actually a bully – having several restraining orders from several states tends to harm a person’s reputation. I’m just sayin’.

Now comes the bargaining.

So if she isn’t even really involved in this current iteration of your blather, but commented on it in the past and WASN’T EVEN THE WORST, why are you bothering threatening her? I mean, you DO realize how awful of a person this makes you look,  right?

So what was so bad about what she said?

Good thing for her, her trustees have long been told about the situation with you and the things you try to do to people. Frankly, I don’t think Dianna gives two figs about what you are threatening.

Take note, people! If Bill Schmalfelt knows your real name, knows who you really are, he WILL NOT HESITATE to threaten your livelihood for words you did not say and things you did not do.

And he WONDERS why most people who deal with him prefer to keep anonymous.

Who is the odious one now? I think we all know.

And maybe someone else should watch out for what lawyers will think about them. Just sayin’.



Because he just looooooves Doubling Down (see SJWs Always Lie). He never, EVER knows when to quit.




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Member of the Zombie Horde and Lickspittle Minion. Out to eat your brainnnsssss. And a few other sweetbreads because they are so nomm-y. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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40 Responses to Insane Behavior is Insane. And Possibly Actionable. Who Knows?

  1. Neal N. Bob says:

    Drunk, stupid and crazy must be a terrible way to go through life, but it’s great fun to watch.

    For example, you ever see a monkey dance that involves literal begging to be sued? I expect that he will be, but not in a way that he thinks, or in a way that will end well for him.

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    • I have never, ever seen someone who begs to be sued as much as he does. Both with his deeds and with the words from his own keyboard. It’s craaaazeeee!

      And you are right. This will not end well for him, one way or another.

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      • Neal N. Bob says:

        It’s even better that the person doing the begging is 0-5 in his own lulzsuits. That’s the part that I love best of all! And he LIKED being the plaintiff. He said so repeatedly on his multiple DT Twitter accounts.

        He either scampers under his bed before trial, settles on unfavorable terms, or has them dismissed due to an almost malignant ignorance of the law.

        For example, it took me less than five minutes to find out how “diversity of citizenship” is applied under the Federal Rules of Civil; Procedure, and I’m a godless foreigner. William, on the other hand, was incapable of figuring it out until a federal judge highlighted his abject stupidity. Then we got a beautiful blog post about how “justice is only for the Hoges of the world, not me.”

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  2. Minemyown says:

    He should go back to AVVO for legal advice, quit getting it from Roger Shuler the Legal Schnauzer.

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    • Onlooker says:

      Btw that kook’s story has had a very sad, querulous paranoiac turn… Long story, ut I think his family is trying to help him with a probate conservatorship. It’s very sad, he thinks he’s sane.

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  3. I think the comments about someone having a terrible venereal disease might cross a line.
    Yes, it is ironic that once again he says she is not the worst of the bunch. He can’t reach Krendler, or Howard Earl. So he goes after someone else.

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  4. Grace says:

    And… the raging, seeping Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt strikes again. He sure enjoys attacking women… and jobs and spouses and children and… and… and…

    And, once again he claims someone is going to lose their home and be living on the streets. How many homeless Zombie Lickspittles are we up to now anyways?

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  5. Grace says:

    The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt is now claiming Krendler is a chick. It wasn’t but a year ago I was the woman he now claims is PK.

    Damn Twitter avi gave me away. LOL!

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    • Neal N. Bob says:

      I completely understand why William would want to overlook his abject failure at everything in life. That’s a natural, human response to being a stumbling, booze-ridden disaster zone.

      The fact that he seems to honestly believe that anyone else is going to forget his litany of self-humiliation says more about William’s psychiatric condition than I ever could.

      I’ve been watching Bill Schmalfeldt proclaiming impending woe and even doom on his enemies for years, only to watch it blow up in his own face.

      That really should have gotten old by now, but it really hasn’t. It always feels like the first time.

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    • wpdavidd says:

      Wait. I thought it was [redacted]’s turn to be PK this week; ah, well, if’ he keeps fingerin’ other people, so to speak, he’s bound to get it right eventually.


  6. Dianna says:

    I just saw this.


    Our lawyers are listed on our 990.

    A thing to keep in mind – I am generally speaking a reasonably pacific soul. There is a reason for that.

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  7. Gus Bailey says:

    Jumped to make this comment, so apologies for duplication but,

    I mean, you DO realize how awful of a person this makes you look, right?

    That’s probably the worst mistake you can make with Bill. No, no he doesn’t.

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  8. Pablo says:

    Taunting would require Dianna getting in his face in some way, shape or form. Near as I can tell, Dianna has done nothing of the sort. Commenting on sites where he is not welcome can’t possibly be taunting him, can it DUMBFUCK?

    Good Lord, you’re a moron.

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    • Neal N. Bob says:

      I’ve spent all morning taunting William, just to remind him of what taunting actually looks like.

      I’m something of a pedagogue that way. No need to thank me. The work is it’s own reward.

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      • Dr_Mike says:

        You’re like my superhero.

        But looking at your avatar, you really, really need a cape. Like, full circle Batman style. Maybe with those sleeves that let you hug yourself all day long…

        Of course that’s just looking at your avatar, and who knows what sick twisted demented F#CK took that picture originally? It is a mystery.


      • Avenger Watcher says:

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  9. BusPassOffice says:

    Wondering if any of these people know that one of the properties they manage has child porn broadcasting from its premises?

    Canticle & Juniper Courts are managed byCardinal Capital Logo
    Cardinal Capital Management, Inc.

    You may call our on-site manager at 414-744-5878.

    Contact Us

    Cardinal Capital Management
    901 S. 70th Street
    West Allis, WI 53214
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    Peter Young – Asset Manager

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    Peggy Attwood – Property Manager/Asset Manager

    Phone: 414-395-4472


  10. BusPassOffice says:

    Bill Schmalfeldt just called me, pretending to be William Crossley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel or someone pretending to be Bill Schmalfeldt pretending to be William Crossley.

    the conversation

    Hi, I’m William Crossley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, is this eric Johnson?

    we are doing a piece about the harassment and your contacts with bill Schmalfeldt

    I said I never ever have directly contacted Bill Schmalfeldt – now he has called me including this phone call – Hi Bill (then I started laughing – pretend Bill or real Bill didn’t like the laughter)

    Then Real or pretend Bill said “are you always this paranoid?”

    repeated by me, hey I recognize you Bill (more laughter)

    “Oh are you always this paranoid wow, look at the call back number this is William Crossley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wow are you ever paranoid” ( or words to that effect)

    I replied – sure its you Bill, look have someone else call me and verify that this is indeed the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

    then I laughed and hung up

    15 minutes no other phone call (he must still be begging his sister or Peter to call….)

    Oh BTW now that you called my land line, the record of the call can be traced and if you were clever to have purchased a burner phone, they record the credit card or its on camera at the location so you are screwed, real or pretend Bill

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  11. BusPassOffice says:


    I never filed charges against you Bill because I thought you were a source of joy for your gravely ill wife and I thought I saw signs that despite everything that you were deep down there was a shred a hope that you would stop and go forward with your life. But then you started in on people only because you could identify them and they really didn’t bother you.

    Do you really want me too? Don’t think it won’t happen. I lived in the middle east for six years and more on and off in Jakarta, I have faced much bigger enemies than you with my indirect association with the military and the military academies and the dreaded oil industry so if you really want my attention……………………?

    Do you?


  12. Neal N. Bob says:

    Oh, and “Are you always this paranoid?” is a hallmark question of objective journalism at work!

    Jesus, William is textbook DUMBFUCK! If Mr. Crossley calls back, ask if you can record the conversation.

    I suspect that he’ll be too drunk to pick up the phone again.

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