I Find it Interesting

That there are others out there other than the Zombie Horde who have the same opinions about Bill Schmalfeldt. I don’t know who wrote this, and if it was you please leave a comment and I will happily give you credit and/or a link if you so wish. But it just goes to show that the past is prologue and that most people have an inability to change their own intrinsic nature.


Thanks to Kobayashi Maru for pointing this out. This selection is by Robert Stacy McCain. It can be found in its entirety HERE. Stacy is a wise, wise man.


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25 Responses to I Find it Interesting

  1. Jane says:

    Such an apt analysis, I wonder if the author is educated in the field. Thanks for posting, TDPZ!

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  2. I have not seen that one. I’d love to know where it came from so I can point anyone who asks me about BS to it.

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  3. Kobayashi Maru says:

    Hey, what happened to BS’s three-times-per week show on @bbsradio? You know, the new rebranding, with guests and everything? How long did that last? Was it three days?

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  4. MJ says:

    Never try to out-crazy Stacy McCain. Unfortunately, for Team Kimbergarten, they found out too late. I think Brett is still licking his wounds after that beating in state court.

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  5. Paul Krendler says:



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    • Techno Jinxx says:

      well Gail’s Former Abuser considers repeating his own words as preserved in screenshots as proof of libel/defamation so I guess it’s fits the pattern…

      of complete cray-cray that is.

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  6. Dianna says:

    Stacy McCain is a great writer.

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  7. “No lawsuit for you, Hoggy.” Fear pee.

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  8. “Things I Will Prove About Lynn Thomas at Tomorrow’s Hearing” No you won’t, Bill Schmalfeldt. Even if you do show up, there is no way a judge is going to let you blather on and on your irrelevant inanities.

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    • I don’t understand why he has yet to pick up on court procedure, personally. Law isn’t about vengeance. It’s about justice. The two are not necessarily compatible.


      • Jeanette Victoria says:

        Because these progressive loons are all about vengeance and hate they can’t stand it any one one has a backbone and stand up to their lies.. They have the delusion if they feel something is MUST be a fact!


  9. William Looman had Shakey’s number too.

    Look him up.



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