Billy Sez Top Ten Posts of 2015 – #7

Meet Our Friend Bill Schmalfeldt – The Cry Bully

I have been looking for quite some time for a nice, neat and tidy category in which to place Bill Schmalfeldt. Classification, however, has eluded me, mainly because of the seemingly schizophrenic mania with which he swings from thing to thing.

But lo! A friend forwarded me an article and within? An explanation of the Blubby Blob. He is a Cry-Bully.

This is the age of the Cry-Bully, a hideous hybrid of victim and victor, weeper and walloper. They are everywhere, these duplicit Pushmi-Pullyus of the personal and the political … social media – the source of so much fun and friendship for most of us – becomes a double-edged sword in the hands of the Cry-Bully. They will threaten women with rape on Twitter then boo-hoo about the invasion of their privacy when called to account. It’ s a sort of Munchausen’s syndrome – causing one’s own misery then complaining about it – seen most sadly in the case of Hannah Smith, the 14-year-old girl who took her own life in 2013 after allegedly being cyber-bullied on the teen website It turned out that some 98 per cent of the abusive messages came from poor Hannah herself, with only four posts being contributed by actual trolls.

One could not ask for a more complete description of the Big BM. All you need to do is look at these two tweets to see it in living green ichor, all wrapped up in a little ball of … wax.

There it is. He is the victim (of his self-inflicted butthurt) who is going to FINALLY get those evil, nasty people – well, if not the meanest, nastiest one, then another one that he can actually find who didn’t even do the same sort of things as the one that he REALLY wants to get because she’s actually probably the nicest one of them all. But it doesn’t matter. Because SOMEONE MUST PAY! And if not Krendler, then her. Because Lord knows that Billy doesn’t want acknowledge that he reaps what he sowed.


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13 Responses to Billy Sez Top Ten Posts of 2015 – #7

  1. Dianna says:

    As I said at the time, that’s really interesting. A disabled widower with 6 restraining orders? That’s certainly not something you read about every day, is it?

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    • If he keeps going the way he is, that number could increase. More and more states are starting to take cyberharrasment of non-related adults seriously.

      He also isn’t the only one out there who can play the disabled card. “Disabled” and “widower” have jack to do with anything; his disability has certainly not prevented him for producing several podcasts a week on occasion as well as over a hundred books and audio files.

      On the other hand, his attacks on others for being disabled (such as his attacks on children with handicaps) could someday lead to him seeing himself described in headlines such as “Internet bully goes after disabled minors”.

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      • Jane says:

        It takes a very special kind of awful to have a national charity demand someone stop advertising and collecting donations for them, yet Bill Schmalfeldt put in a legal pleading the National Parkinson’s Foundation did just that; they demanded the freak disassociate from their name.

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    • Jane says:

      Multiple states, multiple judges, six different people, somehow all got it wrong, and dementia addled Bill Schmalfeldt is the real victim. /sarc

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    • No. It certainly isn’t. In fact, it’s quite the oddity. Hell, most people don’t have six different restraining orders. EVER!

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      • Grace says:

        Heck! Or, even ONE!

        Six different restraining orders (and, counting) takes some serious, deranged, cyberstalking commitment.

        Based on what we know about the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt (99%+ courtesy of the over-sharing of the over-sharer himself), I feel it’s pretty safe to assert that he has never quite committed himself to anything else in his whole miserable life quite like he’s committed himself to this cyberstalking gig he’s got going on.

        Miserable life for a miserable monster.

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  2. Jane says:

    Yeah, that was another big sign Bill Schmalfeldt’s admitted dementia diagnosis is running the freakshow – attacking one of the nicest commenters, one of the very, very few who actually calls others out as being too harsh, or for even mentioning its family. She also offered condolences and prayers when SGotCU passed, and asked others to give the freak time to grieve.

    I doubt she’ll be doing anything like that again anytime soon, since happy its wife died themerrywidower shows its appreciation by suing her and her employer.

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  3. MJ says:

    The only reason Bill went after Diana is because she is a woman. That’s the only reason Bill has gone after TDPZ and librarygryffon so strongly is because he doesn’t think that a woman will fight back. He caused a ruckus with Lynn Thomas, and managed to get a RO against himself despite his whining that he was just “being polite.” He called agiledog’s wife, BPO’s family, threatened to go after Stacy McCain’s wife, and attacks anonymously (yes, Bill, we know its you) John Hoge’s wife because he believes women are weak.

    This also explains why he never brought his wife into this because he realizes she would be vulnerable, even though no one went after his wife. The comments made about his wife by a few are more in response to Bill’s on reprehensible behavior, but no woman on this side has said a word about her. I also believe that Bill was probably told more than once to not engage in this kind of behavior, but he chose to ignore it because, well, Gail was a woman and he couldn’t let his manhood be challenged (even if he has none.)

    However, Bill is about to find out that women aren’t rattled, or even scared of him. As a misogynist level 200, this will not sit well with him. And it will be gloriously hilarious, not because Bill will gain any traction against them, but precisely because his mind will not understand that these women will NOT back down, EVER. He this will cause his misogynist mind to go crazy, forcing him to drink EVEN more hard liquor.

    Bill is going to get his ass proverbially kicked and I, for one, am going to enjoy watching it the shit being kicked out of him. I’m sure that Team Kimbergarten isn’t going to like what’s about to happen. How will he explain it to Brett?

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