Billy Sez Top Ten Posts of 2015 – #5

Zombies Really Don’t Go In For This Kind of Thing

Please, for the love of GOD, if you have any hope of winning my favors in any way shape or form, PLEASE DO NOT BLOW PEOPLE UP! Because if they are blown into little bits and pieces, they just aren’t good for consumption any longer. It ruins the best cuts of meat, you know?

Please don’t contribute to the overall hunger problems of Zombies. This has been a public service message from your Zombie Mistress.


About The Dread Pirate Zombie

Member of the Zombie Horde and Lickspittle Minion. Out to eat your brainnnsssss. And a few other sweetbreads because they are so nomm-y. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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19 Responses to Billy Sez Top Ten Posts of 2015 – #5

  1. gmhowell says:

    Speaking of fear, I’m glad Bill hasn’t sued me. I’m afraid of the possibility of traipsing through his fear pee.

    But seriously, the only things more impotent than Bill’s anatomy are his civil suits and attempts to enlist law enforcement in his delusions.

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  2. rt895 says:

    The only one around here with a history of blowing people up is Bill’s “Excellent Friend” Brett Kimberlin…

    Project much, Bill?

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  3. Jane says:

    No one actually ‘pokes it with a stick’, or a 50 ft. pole, for that matter, other than the rare tweet – oops, not even that anymore, right? Noooo… as a rule, we keep all of our ‘sticks’ safely out of its sight, but happy its wife died themerrywidower nutshuffles into our yard, searching for any ‘stick’ it can find with which to ‘poke’ its repugnant self.

    The admittedly dementia addled Bill Schmalfeldt is a victim, all right – but only of its repugnant self. Six restraining orders from multiple judges in multiple states show impartial fact finders don’t see the Bill Schmalfeldt as a victim, but as a cyberstalking harasser.

    Oh, but the next judge will see things differently from ALL of the others… bwahahahaha

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    • rt895 says:

      Bill is a victim. He is a victim of listening to Team Kimberlin’s encouragement: “Go Bill, go! Sue someone again, THIS time it will work out!”.

      Bill, drop your keyboard, cancel the Google Alerts, and walk away from Hogewash, Billysez, and the other web sites who document your latest missteps.

      Don’t let Brett one of his bullyboys shame you into coming back this time.

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    • gmhowell says:

      Maybe a certain Japanese transvestite will perform that service (again).


    • It is quite an interesting set of circumstances. I really don’t interact with him, per se, yet he gets all sorts of butthurt over me quoting him. He seeks out HIS OWN WORDS to get upset over. The mind, it boggles.

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  4. It seems the thing that Bill fears most is ….HOOOOOOOGE (shortened from 21 O’s for brevity) .

    It’s why he never made the last LOLsuit.

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    • Toastrider says:

      He fears a lot of things, I think. But like most bullies, what he fears most is the prospect of someone who pushes back and refuses to roll over for his flailing threats.

      Oh, there are subsections of this — younger people, more successful people, strong women, etc — but ultimately, I think Bill is terrified that his bullshit will no longer have any efficacy. And then he may find himself, as Tolkien put it, caught in a cleft stick of his own making.

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  5. Neal N. Bob says:

    I have a standing bet, over at TMZ, that William drops the latest lulzsuit by February 1st, due to the medical strain of being a pussy.

    I’ll start the pool here that he changes his name to “Caitlyn” before that.

    Oh, and … BOOM!

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  6. Rob Crawford says:

    So the defendants have no court orders against them. No criminal records. They’ve never asked for a suit they filed to be dismissed with prejudice after having the veracity of their IFP filings challenged. They don’t count a career criminal and domestic terrorist as their “most excellent friend”. They don’t routinely delete everything they’ve posted to the Internet. They haven’t — and won’t — submit a clumsily altered document to the court.

    Yet Bill thinks HE will appear more credible.

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    • BusPassOffice says:



      • BusPassOffice says:

        roof roof
        Whats that Lassie?


        You say a filthy clown has activated an illegal twitter account

        Roof roof!!

        and he’s what

        Roof roof roooof!!!

        Making more stupid statements against interest?

        Rooof roof roooof!!!

        And he still can’t read?

        Rooof roof roof!!

        Okay then..


    • agiledog says:

      That’s almost as stupid as thinking he is going to get that far in the suit. There is a LOT of things that happen between filing a complaint, and starting a trial. And he sucks at all of it.

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