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28 Responses to Logins

  1. Jane says:

    Creeptastic stalking freak.

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  2. theman9876 says:

    Oh come on Bill, stay the hell away from TDPZ. You have no legal right to continue viewing her content. We all know you’ve spent a vast majority of your life being asked to stay away from people. Childhood? Yes Teenager? Yes Young Adult? Yes Adult? Yes Retirement? Hell Yes. So this can’t come as a surprise to you. Buzz Off

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  3. Joe Smirnoff says:

    The Mayo’d one is persistent…I don’t think he can quit us! The Dumbfuck is funny though!

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  4. jeffmsecret says:

    Hey. That is showing considerable restraint. Just TWICE in one one day to get his daily ration of warranted mockery. Scarcely even counts as masochism.


  5. Just wait. His new unhinged girlfriend will start checking in soon.
    Aren’t you supposed to mourn for a year?

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  6. MJ says:

    YOU SHOULD BE ARRESTED AND HAULED OFF TO JAIL BECAUSE THIS WOMAN BELIEVES THAT VIETNAM ERA MEANS YOU WERE THERE!!! BECAUSE SHE BELIEVES THAT BILL IS TOTALLY DISABLED (expect for the fact he can walk in the post office and mail many pounds of waivers to people all over the country, cook, clean, walk to the dining hall, and pour his own whiskey!!!!)

    YOU GUYS! THAT CHICK FROM GEORGIA IS ALL ABOUT JUSTICE! (except for the fact she’s bat shit crazy.)

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    • Anahita says:

      How can people let themselves believe that a man with 5 current restraining orders is the victim? That five judges in three states all fell prey to lies and deceit?

      Perhaps 1000Gs should read up on why Markos Moulitsos banned Bill from DKos. I’m sure that she will believe that DKos is a right wing site and he was only banned for his left wing politics. Or why the Examiner let him go several times, and forcefully told him never to apply again. Or why XMFan banned him, perhaps more to do with rape imagery against an underage male poster (“as your swollen anal tissues will attest”) than with politics? Was that where he talked about his daughter’s “twat slime” being “wiped off her gay lover’s chin”? Or how about his threats to have a woman’s children taken away from her if she didn’t tell him what he wanted to know, which he explained as a legitimate trick of the investigative journalist’s tool box. Does she agree that it is perfectly normal to coerce and extort your sources as long as you don’t plan to go through with filing those false reports? How about the FIVE lawsuits and counterclaims over the last nineteen months which have ALL been withdrawn or dismissed because their only purpose was to harass the defendants.

      She really has no idea what she is supporting, does she. Karoli Kuns supported him last year, writing a piece on Crooks and Liars about how the poor disabled veteran was being bullied. But after she got the whole story she dropped the whole thing and pretended it had never happened.

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    • Jeanette Victoria says:

      LOL liberal always want to lock someone up when they say things the liberal doesn’t like

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  7. That 1000 carpet munchers broad is unhinged. I like that in a crazy bitch.

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  8. Jeanette Victoria says:

    OMG the loon wants to edit Stacy McCain Wikipedia page…..

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    • Jeanette Victoria says:

      Because telling the truth about the creeper is TORTURE doncha know!

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    • Dianna says:

      He’s not in advanced stage Parkinson’s, though. No matter what he says, his accounts of his own activities show he’s not all that badly disabled.

      There was a lady in my church’s choir with Parkinson’s. She did not need a walker, but she had tremors in her hands. She once said, when I rescued her music folder, that she was grateful it wasn’t any worse – her PD had stayed at a fairly consistent level for quite some time – but it certainly irritated her, especially when she was eating. Bill seems stronger and less disabled than she. She simply didn’t whine all the time like he does.

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      • Almost no else with Parkinson’s, even much more advanced than the FPC, has ever whined the way he does. He is one of the original ‘special snowflakes’ and it’s not like he has any real talents to use to get the world’s attention.

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  9. Perhaps we should have a nice front page post listing all his current restraining orders and all his lulzsuits so that WordPress will get an eyefull if they decide to investigate her unhinged complaint.

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  10. A.B. says:

    I would take @1000dentsonthechin more seriously if the majority of her Twitter followers were not paid for socks.

    She seems like a soccer mom who doesn’t get invited to any social functions because of her boorish behavior and has taken to Twitter to try and gain relevancy. Unfortunately she is defending a misogynist like Bill Schmalfeldt because “leftist politics” > “common sense”. It will be fun creating some juxtaposition meme’s of Bill’s DECADES worth of misogyny and disgusting behavior towards women and children next to her “you girl/women power” fluff writing.

    It will be fun watching her defend against that.

    And like they say “The internet is forever”…

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