We Haven’t Had One of These in a While!


Zombie horde member JeffM set out to do a little fisking of some of William’s newest work because I was, as Jeff so correctly put it, off being frivolous. And damn, was the frivolity FUN! Heh!

I appreciate this type of commentary because Jeff was going after the writing skills of the piece in question. This is something everyone who is a writer needs to have done to them every now and again. If our quirks and foibles begin to take away from the pieces we write, we obviously need to do some retooling. Constructive criticism, and just plain old criticism is a good thing and every writer should embrace it, whether or not it hurts our fee-fees.

(As an aside, I remember when my editor tore apart the first story I ever wrote. She took a 3,000 word review of a play and knocked it down to a lean, mean 1,000 words. I was devastated when I saw what she did with it. I was convinced I could never do this hard thing because I just couldn’t do it right, obviously. Nevermind it was very first attempt at this sort of thing. I was done for! Sob! But when it printed the next day, I realized that that was just what it needed. It had even more punch than I envisioned, and people other than family members remarked to me about it. It even caused quite the little kerfuffle in our theater community because I had the terminity to address a problem that had been around for YEARS but that people had been sweeping under the rug. Good times! Good times!)

And so now, I give you, JeffM! – TDPZ

Because Ash is off being frivolous, I thought I’d keep the site current by doing my own Billysez. It is a little off topic because I am going to analyze of Willie’s skills as a professional writer, not his logic. As we all know, he has been a flack, a journalist, and an author of books and blogs. Let’s see how good he is at his own calling. And I am going to be fair and admit right up front that what’s below would be C+ work for an amateur. But Willie is a GS-13 writer.

Filed under: “Life Among the Inmates.” (Blog post can be found HERE)

Comment: That is good: edgy but self referential and so not insulting.

Title: “Nuns — and the Things They Know About YOU”

Comment: Promises some introspective comedy ahead. Except we find that Willie fails to follow through. (“Fails” is a word that will recur.)

First sentence: I’m 61-years and 4-days old. A wee, broth of a boy compared to many of my contemporaries here at Juniper Courts.

Comments: A comma between “wee” and “broth.” Really? “Wee” is an adjective modifying “broth.” Ahh well, super-technical I guess. And “contemporaries.” The whole point is to TRY to indicate that many are NOT his contemporaries. He has failed to distinguish between “neighbors” and “contemporaries.” Did he take the course on “le mot juste?” And where is the promised relationship to the nuns and their knowledge?

Second sentence: There is much I have learned. Most of what I have learned is that there is much I have yet to learn.

Comment: Admit it: this is funny. It doesn’t make any sense, but nonsense is often funny. Still nothing about nuns or relative ages.

Second paragraph: For one thing, you don’t just show up at a retirement facility and start being old. It takes work. It takes patience. Especially among my Catholic brothers and sisters.

Comment: This paragraph has what my former writing teacher George Stade called the argumentative edge: the unexpected implication seems to be that being old is a learned skill and that learning to be an old Catholic is harder than learning to be an old Protestant or Hindu. Still nothing about nuns or relative ages, but I am intrigued about the difficulties of learning to be an old Catholic. This will definitely be a good paragraph if it leads somewhere. (Note the conditional: paragraphs do not stand alone.)

Third paragraph: One of the first lessons I learned was when the Packers had their bye week, and I took a load of laundry up to the second floor. Two of the elder ladies spotted me. “Doing laundry?” one asked.

Comment: Failure everywhere. I had thought his first lesson learned was that he had to learn how to be old. Nope, he learned something else first. Is it about nuns? No. Is it about Catholics? No. Is he implying that he has not done any laundry since football started last summer? Maybe. “Elder ladies.” Does he mean “elderly?” What the hell else would they be in a retirement home? And if he does mean “elder,” elder than whom? Willie, I guess. Is their relative age relevant to anything? No: another fail. But hey, we do have an admission against interest that he is not “totally disabled” because he just said (unless he lied) that he does his laundry (at least every few months or so). And what lesson was learned: we are NEVER told.

Fourth paragraph: “Nope, just takin’ my dirty clothes out for a walk,” I wanted to say but didn’t. I think Bill Engvall has the copyright on the whole “Here’s Your Sign” thing.

Comment: Willie fails in typical ways. All the carefully prepared set-ups fail: nothing about learning how to be old, nothing about Catholics, and nothing about nuns, let alone rifle toting nuns. Just a derivative joke showing him to be smarter than two women. (Is anyone’s misogyny showing? Has he never heard of phatic language?) And the joke is pretty lame: if this is in fact the first time since the Packer’s opening game that he has done any laundry, people must have been hoping for months that he would eventually do his laundry. (And I would quibble about the entire sentence structure. I would have put the “I wanted to say” before he started his quotation, rather than after. It’s less confusing and has just as much punch. – TDPZ)

Next paragraph: “It won’t do itself,” was my smiling reply.

Comment: Do replies smile? Personification of personal actions is a bit strained, don’t you think? But let’s not carp. His figures of speech are often profoundly weird. He could have said “‘It won’t do itself was my reply,’ as I smiled like a ghoul who had just eaten minced baby for dessert.” I can live with smiling replies. (Yeah, me too! – TDPZ)

Next paragraph: Both ladies frowned a well-meaning frown.

Comment: Not elegant, repeating the same root in noun and verb. Maybe, “The ladies’ slight frowns seemed mysterious until the other asked ‘On the Sabbath?’”

He really missed an opportunity here. It would have been much more funnier if the other lady had said “Has it taken you from August, dear, to figure that out?”

Last paragraph before terminal ennui overcomes me: And while we on the subject

Comment: What subject, you clown? You have maundered on from one thing to another, not one of which has had a thing to do with nuns, getting old, or learning the lessons of how to live with others. Instead we have been led from unrelated topic to unrelated topic up to a tidbit of misogynistic sniping about how stupid pious, elderly women are.

Others may continue if they wish. So much failure is too depressing for me to contemplate. Being fair, however, I must admit to being impressed by one stroke in what follows. One of Willie’s favorite topics is not hauled in by its hair, but rather introduced allusively (though with an excess of adjectives) through the metaphor about a cat’s litter box.


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30 Responses to We Haven’t Had One of These in a While!

  1. JeffM says:

    What an honor. Thanks Ash.

    (Oh, and writing tip: if you can, do a last rewrite the day after you write. I have found several little errors (aside from the one ssp caught.))

    Oh, Ash: please check the link.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Gus Bailey says:

    Bravo, sir, Bravo.
    I’m sure you’ll be sued any day now.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lorddewclaw says:

    From your mouth to God’s ears, Gus…

    Derpasaurous Maximus is already running his pie hole about how useful this post will be for his Failsuit.

    Sure it will, Blob.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Kyle Kiernan says:

    Nope. Nice article JeffM and spot on.

    I wouldn’t do something like this because the first rule is don’t educate the monkey and a professional service like editing should be bought and paid for not handed out gratis. He has already benefited far too much just in vocabulary picked up from the horde. Luckily DF shoves favors away with both hands and won’t learn a thing.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. MJ says:

    Aww.. sumbuddy is really mad…



    Fisking is allowed under the First Amendment. Don’t act like you haven’t done it either.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. JeffM says:

    First, I thank everyone for the supportive comments. They are nice to get.

    Second, I’d like to build on Ash’s comment about a thick skin. She is correct: anyone who has done writing professionally and had an effective editor becomes used to blunt and sometimes caustic crticism of his or her writing. You learn not to let your emotions interfere with understanding what the editor found amiss: it’s what the editor is supposed to do.

    Willie seems to me to be one of those people who is “sensitive,” which in my experience typically turns out to mean someone quick to feel hurt or offended but oblivious to others’ feelings. He actually expressed the notion that criticism of his public writings is so wrongful as to be of interest to a court. He probably took it down because his mind knew it was nonsense, but it seems to reflect his inability to accept emotionally even the slightest disagreement or lack of deference.

    Third, he has this notion that a whole crew of people are obsessed with him. No, they are not. If all he did was to make public jokes about Sister Mary Terminator (which I think IS funny although others in his residence facility may not), I, and I suspect many others, would quickly lose any interest in him. If he were to engage civilly on the plane of words with the sometimes highly questionable ideas of Lee Stranahan, he might find himself engaged in vigorous but usually civil debate. But he does not limit himself to such innocuous pastimes. He is suing people I like and threatening to sue me. That increases, substantially and quite legitimately, my interest in his words and deeds.

    Liked by 6 people

    • agiledog says:

      If he were to engage civilly on the plane of words

      That is just something he can’t do. Even his supposed settlement attempts to me in the previous lawsuit were filled with his attempts to insult me and put me down. He just can’t do it.

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  7. wpdavidd says:



  8. JeffM says:

    Good luck Ash.

    As always, I see he tried to justify his behavior rather than deny it.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Nice workJeffM.

    Heads and shoulders above the scribblings of a certain GS-13, so in comparison I assume you were at least a GS-19?.

    Liked by 1 person

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