In Which Bill Schmalfeldt Pulls Down His Pants In Front Of The Whole Interwebz

When I first started Billy Sez about nine months ago, it was because once again, Bill Schmalfeldt had done what he does, yet again, and I was sick and tired of him deleting the evidence in order to make himself look the victim. Because let’s face it. Sum Dude with Parkinsons Stage ELEVENTY! makes quite the sympathetic victim to your average person who doesn’t have access to the things Bill Schmalfeldt has said and done.

So I decided to borrow a meme that had been created by a friend, and post true and accurate quotations of what Bill Schmalfeldt says in order that he can’t wipe it from the Internet. As a side benefit, I also get to point and laugh at his behavior, and to shame him when appropriate by giving my opinion of what he’s done.

But the posting of true and accurate quotes has the benefit of allowing other people to find that he had done this sort of thing previously in case they need to help convince those around them that THEY aren’t the ones who are bat-shit crazy. Because if they went looking for information about Bill and came here, more than likely they might have been targeted by Bill Schmalfeldt for, say, posting an innocuous two sentence criticism on his website in response to his ravings about whatever his injury of the day is.

Our boy Bill doesn’t like it that Billy Sez exists. I know that I wouldn’t like it if all my stupidity and bad acts and lies were out there for the whole world to see. Heck, if I knew that I had done things like that on the Internet, I would STOP DOING THEM so that people wouldn’t have the need to publicly shame me. Then again, I’m not someone who has photoshopped a woman who never even contacted me or knew who I was as standing on top of an enormous penis and posted it on Twitter or the Internet. Or called another woman who never even contacted me a whore on Twitter and all across the Internet just because I didn’t like her husband reporting on my “excellent friend.” Or said that someone’s daddy molested them as a child. Or posted photos of other people’s uninvolved minor children on Twitter or the Internet at large for any reason whatsoever, sometimes while insinuating that their disabilities were caused because their parents could possibly have taken drugs at some point in time or other before they were born (without any evidence of such drug usage, natch!), other times discussing how they might have been abused by their parents, and sometimes while posting the address where they live.

No, I don’t do those sorts of things. But Bill does. And then he deletes them, so no one can find them. But not anymore. And he just doesn’t like it.

Well isn’t that too bad.

So Bill had a sadz about this over the weekend HERE. Yes, it’s to an archived post because who knows if it’s going to be out there in a month or so.

In this post, Bill gave a chart from another website about things to look out for with Internet stalkers. And it’s obvious that he meant two of the tick marks to apply to here. (No, I am NOT going to address the obvious about this list. But then again, that’s why the comments are open, so…)

And insofar as these two items go, yeah, I suppose you could say that they accurately describe what is done around here. But again, only without the underlying context. And for someone who ALWAYS wants to be quoted in context, Bill is quite the little manipulative liar, now isn’t he?

The only social media I use to find out where Bill is at is my little website tracker. Then again, he’s disabled so isn’t he supposed to be at home most of the time? And says so? If I go to St Francis and I felt inclined to track down Bill Schmalfeldt and stalk him in person I’d just go to his apartment. And that would be so very boring and very cold at this time of the year. I have much better things to do with my time and honestly I really don’t recommend it to anyone. Plus he insists on blasting to the world where he is and what he is doing anyway that you don’t have to track him anywhere in the slightest because HE TELLS YOU! lol

But guess what? It tracks EVERYONE who hits my website. It even gives me a little downloadable log. It’s so cute! And with that log, I can see things like this:

Look at that! Someone is searching for posts that were tagged as “deleting blog posts.” Now, just WHO could be doing such a search, hmmmm? It’s just so precious, now isn’t it?

But guess what? The IP address this tag belongs to isn’t allowed to post anymore comments to this website because he couldn’t follow the rules and couldn’t control himself in public anymore. I guess that means that he thinks that this place now does the next to last bullet “Harassing the victim in chat rooms and forums” because he doesn’t get to respond here anymore. Because he has a RIGHT to RESPOND, DAMMIT! Yeah, no, not anymore. Not here.

Billy Sez will continue to exist, no matter what Bill Schmalfeldt thinks. Because as long as he keeps making threats, doxxing people, posting pictures of people’s kids, being a general, all-around jackwaggon, he will unfortunately supply me with endless fodder to point and laugh at.

And no. It’s not illegal, no matter how much he wants it to be. Butthurt is not, and never will be, a tort.


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44 Responses to In Which Bill Schmalfeldt Pulls Down His Pants In Front Of The Whole Interwebz

  1. Paul Lemmen says:

    It is considered opinion that Billy is a twatwaffle. Not that changes in any way my prayers for his enlightenment and redemption. Redemption is possible for anyone. I know because I have been redeemed by Jesus Christ, and I am the first among sinners!

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  2. Loren says:

    Bill must not own a mirror. He never sees what others see in him.

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  3. JeffM says:

    Witless Willie does not get opinion.

    Paul Lemmen believes redemption is possible for Willie. That is his opinion.

    Mine differs.

    Opinions are like that.


    • Gus Bailey says:

      JeffM, I must agree with Fr. Paul; that redemption is possible for even Bill. However, I will include the cynical caveat that it is unlikely given the pre-conditions required.

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  4. Rob Crawford says:

    Shall we mark which items Schmalfeldt does on a regular basis?

    How about “harass the victim in chat rooms and forums”? Didn’t he set a stunning record of a few hundred tweets directed at Hoge in a short time?

    And I know for a fact when one of his victims mentioned being harassed on another site — without mentioning his name, AFAICR — he popped up in under an hour to “give his side”. And got banned for being a creepy stalker, in only a few comments.

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    • Actually, it was Stacy McCain who he tweeted unrelentingly a few Thanksgivings ago. That was some serious cray on display IMO.

      And yeah, that other site occurrence was creepy as well. But we’re not supposed to remember these things! Shhhhh!

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    • Jane says:

      That caught my eye, too, Rob – the freak isn’t allowed at virtually any chat or forum decent people would frequent, including being banned from KOS.

      We pretty much stay in our own yard, or our neighbor’s yard, with their permission

      The freak, otoh, demands to be allowed in our fenced yards, tries to sneak in after being refused, and accesses our yard several times every single day! In addition, the self-titled HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower has a habit of peeking in the windows, and going through our trash.

      Despite the actual facts, and SEVEN restraining orders (and counting), the malignant monster wants to project its own actions onto the horde.

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    • wjjhoge says:

      Stacy received a bit over 200 over a weekend. My 470 took almost a week.

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  5. Freedom Costs says:

    I am a might confused… why did he lose his email acct? Sending viruses, among other issues? So he just reiterated a list that shows he is a cyberstalker? DF for sure does all

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  6. Jane says:

    Cos multiple judges from multiple states were totally fooled by anonymous people, that’s why SEVEN restraining orders!

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    • Boston Bob says:

      As a side note, it should be pointed out that these things are not just issued with a rubber stamp. I can think of a couple of people that post on these sites that have mentioned that they couldn’t get one because their particular state laws don’t reconize his form of harrasment.

      Also, IIRC, didn’t BS try, and fail, on at least one occasion to get a restraining order on Hoge? Or am I mis-remembering some important details?


      • Jane says:

        Even in jurisdictions that recognize cyberstalking and harassment, it’s not a must-issue situation. One victim of particularly vile cyberstalking, threats, and harassment, directed at his wife, children, and self, and who was also the target of bogus reports to government agencies, actually took time and money that he could very ill afford to fly to MD seeking protection. Turned down at the trial level, and just couldn’t manage an appeal. To this day that family is victimized by the self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower.

        Yes, the freak has variously sought no contact orders against people who’ve rarely or never contacted it. As per its lifelong pattern, the freak FAILED. One of the more notable attempts was against Grady, who is rarely on the ‘net, but had the misfortune of being FAILdoxxed as THE Prince of Parody (may FUN be always upon him). The freak’s targeting of Grady resulted in a Stalking No Contact order, officially adjudicating the freak as a stalker and harasser. As grounds for a clearly retaliatory injunction, the dementia-addled FAILure literally listed that Grady had received a restraining order against the freak.

        Think on that a moment – HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower literally put in writing that it should be issued a peace order against Grady because the state of IL issued a Stalking No Contact order obo Grady.

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  7. Russ says:

    Just gonna repeat a comment I left over at TMZ the other day…

    It’s occurred to me that a complete database of the Corpulent One’s output might make a fascinating PhD-level project.

    Every tweet, every blog post, every name change, every mass deletion, every harassing phone call, every court filing, every instance of plagiarism… all timestamped and cross-indexed and linked as necessary. It would be ripe for some serous analysis.

    I don’t have that kind of time on my hands, being a gainfully-employed and productive member of society (despite being *actually* disabled) but I’ll bet someone looking to get an advanced degree in, say, abnormal psychology might be interested.

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  8. Sputnik is still up there says:

    He just attempted to Fisk this blog entry. I encourage people not to respond because he is merely using us and any comments as resources to fix the deficiencies in his amended complaint.

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    • Paul Krendler says:

      I also encourage people (also Zombies) not to respond, but not because it might fix deficiencies in his amended complaint…no matter what else he might fix, he will always be stuck with “Plaintiff William M. Schmalfeldt Sr.”

      You cain’t fix stupid.

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    • Jane says:

      Yes, always good advice:


      Or, since this one is clearly oblivious, and at least unwilling to examine any ‘facts’ it didn’t make up, or that don’t suit the ridiculous tale it wants to spin:


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    • Rob Crawford says:

      Butthurt ain’t a tort, shakes.

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    • So glad he took the time to try to fisk me. His demands, however, are not something that I intend to comply with. Because I don’t answer to him. All you have to do is read this blog to figure out what I have an issue with him about. History is there. His accurate quotes are there. And for most of this blog, his responses to it are there as well, when he chose to respond. It was only after he went off the rails with posting personal information several times that I dropped the ban hammer. He could still be posting here if he hadn’t of done that.

      I really don’t understand why he seems to think that he gets to say that *I* keep saying things about his wife when he knows that I refuse to allow that here. This blog’s topic is things that Bill Schmalfeldt has said and done. There is actually only one instance within the last year that actually involved his wife doing something that I would consider discussing. But it would be fruitless since she can’t join in the discussion so I haven’t brought it up. Also, I edit people’s comments about here when necessary. So he can stop trying to tar me with that brush because that dog won’t hunt.

      As a side note, I really LOVED how he says he didn’t call someone a whore and then went on, essentially, to call her a whore yet again. So precious! And so telling. Keep digging that hole, Bill!

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      • Jane says:

        IKR?? Self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower complains about you quoting and offering your opinion on the freak and its activities. Then immediately claims to have no idea what anyone may find offensive about its efforts.

        Of course, the diseased defective also admits diagnosed dementia, but I suspect it’s always been this unbelievably stooooooopid. Born an idiot, stubbornly impervious to any data that contradicts what it wants to believe, uneducated other than claimed high school, and now dementia addled. Yeah, that lifelong FAIL is going to continue.

        But repeatedly [whatever it does instead of thinking] it can handle state and federal lawsuits, and knows the law better than practicing lawyers, respected attorneys retired after decades of successful practice, and at least one Yale law school grad. Also believes, it can out-think many with multiple advanced degrees, including a NASA quantum mechanic, all with lifelong histories of success. Could be Dunning-Kruger, but really, doesn’t something that ridiculous, that thoroughly unsupportable, seem a lot more likely to be due to dementia?

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      • Jeanette Victoria says:

        Cry-bullies don’t think they are narcissists who only feel. Therefore rational dialogue NEVER works with them.

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    • one handle and stick to it says:

      As usual, DUMBFUCK leaves out the part of this history where he initiates stalking and harassment against people and acts online like an all-around drunken asshole.

      Why am I not surprised?

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  9. Blah, blah, blah.

    Your shtick is an played out as your butthole was in the Navy.

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  10. wjjhoge says:

    I stopped by the Cabin Boy’s™ latest waste of bandwidth and noticed a bit of attempted snark about how this website has enough traffic without his assistance.

    It was unusual to see him publish something that actually has some facts behind it. It is, indeed, quite true that this site does quite well, especially when compared to the Cabin Boy’s™ efforts.

    Allexa Ratings (Worldwide)
    Billy Sez 496,398
    Youngest Old Man <20,000,000

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  12. one handle and stick to it says:

    “Billy Sez will continue to exist, no matter what Bill Schmalfeldt thinks. Because as long as he keeps making threats, doxxing people, posting pictures of people’s kids, being a general, all-around jackwaggon, he will unfortunately supply me with endless fodder to point and laugh at.”

    Plus, if Billy continues making threats, doxxing people, posting pictures of people’s kids, and being a general, all-around jackwagon, this might give MORE people the idea of setting up MORE blogs to point and laugh at the poo-flinging monkey named Schmalfeldt… Because why should BillySez, and TMZ have all the fun?

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  13. Pablo says:

    I’m patiently waiting for the day that Bill pulls his pants up in front of the whole interwebz, or otherwise.

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  14. JeffM says:


    Good luck tomorrow. Of course, should Willie show up in court lacking his pants, you won’t need any luck from me. However, I suspect that scenario to be somewhat improbable..

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  15. Gus Bailey says:

    Almighty God, who sittest in the throne judging right: We humbly beseech thee to bless the courts of justice and the magistrates in all this land; and give unto them the spirit of wisdom and understanding, that they may discern the truth, and impartially administer the law in the fear of thee alone; through him who shall come to be our Judge, thy Son our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

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