Breaking My Own Rules to Make a Point

EDITOR’s NOTE – Yes, I know I am breaking my own rules by mentioning Gail Schmalfeldt. While I still desire to NOT bring her into the discussions on Billy Sez because she has nothing to do with how much of an ass her husband is, and especially because she is now dead, Bill Schmalfeldt keeps bringing her up over and over and over again. I think the word for it is “weaponized.” This time, however, he said something so stupid in its depth and breadth that needs to be addressed. Keep in mind that I will NOT countenance any denigration of Gail in the comments section and my reactions will be fierce and swift. You have been warned.

And now back to our regular Zombie programming….

Yesterday I was forwarded an archived link of yet another one of Bill’s screeds. It can be found HERE. In it, Bill is discussing the nice form letter he received from the place where Gail’s body was taken for dissection for the purposes of aiding medical education. And it’s a very nice letter. I’m positive it brings comfort to those whose loved ones wanted to make a contribution after they have died.

HOWEVER (There always seems to be caveats with him. It’s really a shame.)

Bill took it upon himself to use this letter to try to tar and feather those whom he does not like. To wit:

Oh dear.

Did he REALLY just call entire swaths of religious-minded people SELFISH because they wish their bodies to be buried whole and not poked and prodded by medical students? By making a blanket statement, he throws it over all sorts of people that are in no way connected with his little vendetta. The idea that somehow you need to “make a difference” in the same manner Gail did in order to be considered “better than” is utterly ludicrous.

Somehow I think that devout Catholics and Jews, ESPECIALLY the Orthodox varieties as well as other groups, religious or not, that I’m not as familiar with their burial practices might have a bone to pick with Mr. Schmalfeldt.

That’s a whole lot of people he’s calling “selfish.”

Frankly Bill’s attempt at a morality play using the body (or lack thereof) of his dead wife is just one more shining example of his inability to understand his own inappropriateness.


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46 Responses to Breaking My Own Rules to Make a Point

  1. I have specifically asked for my organs to be used if possible to help others. They’re in rough shape – liver esp. — but that’s my wish. I have also asked that I have an open casket, waist down, with legs crossed. These are not actually morally superior choices. It is not selfish to choose differently.

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    • It makes me wonder if he wants to see scans of our driver’s licenses to see if we’ve checked off the organ donation box.

      But, again, inappropriate. Much like assigning a moral value to something that is an intensely personal and private decision. Why is Bill not more pro choice? Interesting question.

      And if you want that open casket, Dave, then more power to you. Just understand that I won’t be present for the viewing. I may be undead, but I do have my boundaries. 😉

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    • Toastrider says:

      I wonder if I could get a traditional Viking sendoff — you know, funeral pyre on a boat.

      In deference to modern needs, though, I am an organ donor, and I believe my sentiments regarding my mortal meat is ‘strip mine it for anything usable’.

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  2. agiledog says:

    And his screed shows his complete lack of understanding that we don’t think we need to make a difference in this world with our dead bodies. We much prefer to do it with our live ones, and in real and tangible ways. The fact that he has not made a single positive impact on this world in his life must stick in his throat – I think it is one reason why he is so hateful toward John Hoge, someone who is successful, well regarded, and has done things to benefit this world. The only positive impact Bill will have on this world is when he leaves it. I personally don’t think that can happen soon enough.

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    • Jane says:

      Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes, especially on the last two sentences.

      For such a worthless FAILure to try to declare itself the arbiter of anything when it’s so dementia addled it doesn’t always spell its own name correctly, is ridiculous. (Of course, that may be some sort of Freudian thing.)

      That it has no idea what arrangements have been made by various horde members but makes its dementia addled pronouncements anyway is par for the freakshow course. How pathetic and desperate.

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    • Vanderbilt probably learned something of value by studying Schmally’s experience with early implementation of DBS. So, acting as a live guinea pig, and a dissectable guinea pig, will be his legacy. That and some kids who probably won’t notice his passing.

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  3. Jane says:

    ‘Inappropriate’ is about as good as it gets with self-described HappyMyWifeDied TheMerryWidower on its very best day. Revolting, disgusting, nauseating, and unbelievably stoooooooooopid are much, much more common in the freak’s oeuvre.

    Under no set of facts can one combine cub scouts and various sex acts and have the result be anywhere near appropriate, much less “comedy” as was the loathsome freak’s claim. Add in the other elements the repugnant freak included, such as urine and one or more adults, and it becomes even less appropriate, and even more abhorrent and obscene.

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  4. Paul Krendler says:

    I for one am enormously comforted by the notion that I can choose to be as sick, twisted, evil, manipulative and stupid as I please in this life, but as long as I arrange for the box that I came in to be recycled after I leave it, all will be forgiven and I will leave a legacy of having made a difference in the world.

    Of course, they say everyone makes a difference in the world. Some by entering it, and some by leaving it. By his obvious pride (there’s a list of seven, right?) in his wife’s postmortem contributions to medical science, it is obvious how Bill Schmalfeldt views his wife’s contributions in this regard. (That’s a statement of opinion about Bill, not about his wife.)

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  5. Paul Krendler says:

    It’s also worth noting that “making a difference in the world” is not always a positive thing.

    Stalin, Pol Pot, and some Austrian painter made a difference in the world too, by subtracting several million souls from it.

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  6. Bill always measures accomplishments against his own. Remember how he used to go on about people not being successful if they didn’t have books for sale or podcasts? He seems to believe that unless you have achieved exactly what he has in his chosen areas (writing, broadcasting) you haven’t achieved anything, because only his chosen areas matter in the grand scheme of things.

    So it’s not surprising that he needs to measure everyone against what he feels to be his wife’s crowning achievement, although I imagine that she herself would have ranked bearing and raising her son above letting her physical shell be used for teaching and research after her death.

    And a small nit to pick, it’s disection, not vivisection; vivisection is cutting up a living being.

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    • But, when you’re a zombie, being dead *is* alive, right? Changing it anyway. lol

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    • About those accomplishments…

      I know darned good and well that some of my accomplishments go much further than anything BS could ever dream about. The same goes for other members of the horde. We just choose not to make those accomplishments items for braggadocio in metaphorical penis measuring contests. Which is all it is anyway for him.

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      • Paul Krendler says:

        Speaking of contests, when I spoke with his ex-wives about the newsworthiness of his penis, one of them told me “it was like trying to give a handjob to a loose thread.”

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      • I think it’s part of his issues, that he can’t handle thinking that someone else might be more successful than he has been, so he has to set up his own goal posts, and refuse to see anyone else’s, or even admit that there might be different definitions of “success”. (I don’t think he’s even able to consider that some people don’t care if others are more “successful” than they are.)

        I think most of us with children, if given the options of being wildly rich or seeing our children live long, happy lives would chose the latter and consider ourselves to have had “successful” lives. Bill would just look at someone who was financially scraping by in a low-level job and call them a failure (while crowing about his GS-13, >$100K/y position), even though he knows nothing about what is important to them.

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        • Kyle Kiernan says:

          Given what he said about his Gov job (full disclosure: which I don’t believe a lick of), he was making more money then I am, yet he was in a damn single wide in the non-fashionable trailer park neighborhood while I have nice digs made of permanently rooted stuff. Huh. Wonder whats up with that.

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    • My work saves hundreds of lives, and improves the quality of millions more, every day. I am not exaggerating. I think that compares adequately to cadaver-hood, not to mention podcasting or transcribing radio spots.

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      • Oh, for an option to set fonts in comments, or an edit button. “not” was all I wanted to bold. My proofreading skills are approaching GS-13 level today.

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      • Rob Crawford says:

        My last project, which I had started from the first line of code, got handed to another team yesterday. It monitors hundreds of thousands of cases full of refrigerated food, making sure the food is stored at the right temperature. We considered it a win if we prevented even one case of food poisoning, but even without that it keeps costs down, saving consumers money.

        But, no, I don’t have a podcast, and shuttered my blog long ago because I lost interest. I don’t even get on Twitter. I’m such a failure.

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    • Dianna says:

      A living, non-human, being, usually. Just as the term “autopsy” is reserved for humans, and necroscopy for the process of discovering why an animal died, vivisection is used to describe the rather revolting process of dissecting a live creature.

      I think with humans, we simply call it torture.

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  7. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    I wonder if the Adjudicated Pedophile Brett Kimberlin knows that Adjudicated Toddler Stalker Bill Schmalfeldt hates Muslims?

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  8. Hey, Shakes. Most of us make contributions BEFORE we go nipples north.
    Just sayin’.

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  9. hkk says:

    His parents and siblings were cremated without donating a damn thing. I guess they must have been horrible people who didn’t make a difference in the world?

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    • I was wondering about that myself. What is he saying about them as a result?

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    • rt895 says:


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    • agiledog says:

      And who is going to be around to promote his great accomplishment when he goes “nipple north” (as Howard likes to call it)? Without a survivor to receive and publish the boilerplate letter from the gift registry, his great achievement will go unnoticed. Which sorta makes it pointless in his book, doesn’t it?

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      • gmhowell says:

        Some collectivists think even your body belongs to the collective.

        As for me, the barman is free to do whatever he likes with my corpse following the Irish wake (not Irish, but as an American, I feel free to engage in whatever cultural appropriation I like). Donating the parts to science is fine.

        BTW, that GS13 gig would have likely been less than $100k/year back when Bill was in it, unless his years of military ‘service’ allowed him to increase his step considerably.

        On Fri, Feb 5, 2016 at 2:16 PM, BILLY SEZ – Accurate Quotes That Flow Like Fear Pee From the Keyboard of Wm Schmalfeldt wrote:

        > agiledog commented: “And who is going to be around to promote his great > accomplishment when he goes “nipple north” (as Howard likes to call it)? > Without a survivor to receive and publish the boilerplate letter from the > gift registry, his great achievement will go unnoticed. W” >

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        • Steps get really tricky, really quick. And he couldn’t have been all that far up the ladder. Not enough time in. Plus in order to get past midpoint you needed a lot of over and aboves, even back then.

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          • Dianna says:

            So is that part of why he hates me? I do a similar job, better and more efficiently, and I am better compensated? Also, I handle finances, which I do not believe he has ever been qualified to do?

            What a pathetic little man.

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          • Jane says:

            Oh, Dianna… the freak’s duties were not like your responsibilities at all, from what I’ve observed. In brief:

            You are an integral part of a team. Without your efforts, the enterprise would suffer greatly at least until such time as they are able to replace you with at least two, maybe three people.

            The freak’s supervisor offered to commit disability fraud to rid that department of the freak, according to the freak’s version of events. The freak had enough leisure time to pollute the internet with tens of thousands of comments, during work hours The freak was also able to work from home for an extended period of time.

            If the agency that employed the freak had to rely on the freak’s efforts to succeed, they’d have gone under very quickly. The freak’s entire working life, by the freak’s own telling, consisted of finding new ways to do even less, and when forced to actually contribute, screw up the task, or take medical leave.

            OTOH, you have earned your high-compensation many times over, and more than offset your cost with the benefits you provide to your employer. You work during working hours, and care about your job, your employer, and those you’re able to help. Your employer is frequently in your thoughts during non-working hours, and has no doubt benefited repeatedly from your off-work contributions and ideas.

            Not similar at all. And that’s why the freak hates you (and the horde) – because you’re all it’s ever wanted to be, but was too lazy and too stupid to put in the effort to accomplish. The biggest, imo, is that you’re clearly very happy, something it has never been nor likely ever will be; well liked and well respected by large circles both online and irl, including by your employers, something else its very unlikely to have ever experienced; and very, very much superior to it in every possible way one could wish.

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  10. JeffM says:

    Let’s say A dies. Afterwards, B, A’s former spouse, finds noteworthy that A bequeathed A’s cadaver to medical training or research. Does this mean that

    (1) A contributed nothing noteworthy to the world while alive;

    (2) B failed to notice any such contribution made by the living A;

    (3) B believes that the limit of human contribution to the world is to make such a bequest;

    (4) Other (please specify).

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  11. Pablo says:

    Right. While her life was slipping away, Gail Schmalfeldt was primarily concerned with the esteem in which Blob’s internet adversaries held her, so much so that she wanted the most unfortunate picture of her life taken and sent to them.

    Blob, you are a filthy, lying sack of shit and I can’t wait for you to get the beetus and start losing parts.

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  12. Comment with a link trapped in limbo…

    Can someone please go tap the spam filter with a monkey wrench?


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