Trust Must Be Earned

Bill has told me more than once that he will drop me from the LOL Suits that he’s included me in. I think I’ll share one of those offers that I haven’t shared before now.

Remember, this is the person I was supposed to TRUST that he would drop me from a lawsuit. This letter was crafted in the hopes of, um, persuading (?!?!?!?!?!?) me into seeing things his way. But once again, if I will only give him what he wants.

This was sent to me on Dec. 18, 2015.

Screenshot 2016-02-19 20.50.27

Yeah. I’m supposed to trust someone who does that. Riiiiight.

I’ve got a bridge to sell you if you think I should do so. It’s a really, really nice one. I’ll make you a great deal on it.

Perhaps the Grand Master Negotiator should have spoken a *little* bit longer to his “anonymous source.” Perhaps said source would have told Bill a few things about my personality that that he is intimately acquainted with.


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51 Responses to Trust Must Be Earned

  1. Ever the deluded twatwaffle. He always deludes himself that everyone is as easily swayed as he is (by himself) and that we all live in the pretendy universe he inhabits.

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  2. one handle and stick to it says:

    I’d pretty much answer “go fuck yourself” to anyone who ever called me “girlie”

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    • Dr_Mike says:

      And I have to wonder what the judge would think of that offer (and of the respect shown to the court, in what is now an inter-party settlement discussion) given that term of respect, “girlie”.

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      • Rob Crawford says:

        I think the letter would be solid evidence the entire suit is just harassment. And the letter itself is blackmail. None of the material he threatens to bring up would be relevant to the case.

        I really hope this is the last instance of Schmalfeldt getting away with this crap. That’s right, Bill, I hope you get close state supervision, preferably of the kind that doesn’t give you much freedom and a highly regimented daily life. You harass people, then start making extortionate and blackmailing threats if they won’t put up with you. You’ve made false accusations to get your targets in trouble — which should be enough alone to bring the courts down on you.

        I hope your future cellmates are as amused by your Cub Scout skits as you are.

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  3. Neal N. Bob says:

    A DUMBFUCK asking questions that don’t affirm his pre-convinced narrative? Why that’s crazy talk!

    But here’s an idea that isn’t so crazy. It seems to me that a DUMBFUCK leaked private family information that is under seal. If I understand the situation correctly, it appears that this makes a DUMBFUCK a material witness in whatever hearings may be underway regarding divorce and child custody that may or may not be underway in California.

    How did a DUMBFUCK get access to sealed records, anyhow? Is someone sanctionable for providing them? Is someone else potentially under the hammer for publishing that information, particularly given the existence of a no-contact stalking order? It seems to me that a hearing to determine those things is almost necessary,

    From where I sit, it seems that you have what the trade calls “a twofer!”

    Travelling is hard for a DUMBFUCK (except when it’s not,) but at least the weather’s nice in California. And we’ll finally get to see if his belief in JOURNALISM is strong enough to let him stew in jail for awhile.

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    • Neal N. Bob says:

      I should also point out that a DUMBFUCK has a history of leaking sealed court documents, which might want to make the judge in your case look into this.

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    • Jane says:

      You know, Nonpareil Neil, court proceedings involving minors are VERY secret, per statute. It isn’t a matter of a party requesting a seal. And the courts are uniformly VERY protective of the minors involved. Just sayin’…

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    • There is no way he has come into possession of any “sealed” records. Anything that he has been told has been by word of mouth. There is no documentation out in the open relating to the case. And the court is very, umm, touchy about that.

      It’s actually the *rest* of what he’s talking about that he needed to be careful about. But I’m not going to educate him as to what that entails.

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  4. Paul Krendler says:

    Promising anonymity be like:

    “I told the mayor of Chicago I wouldn’t reveal his name, and I haven’t.”


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  5. In any negotiation, the parties have to have something to offer the other.

    Bill wants to offer that he will drop his lolsuit. Unfiortunately for Bill, 2 of the defendants have engaged a real lawyer (not an internet one) and are getting ready to do legal battle. They have all Bill’s previous works ready and waiting to be weaponized against him.

    Bill fails to realize, he can’t make that deal when they DON’T want to settle. They want to meet his threat head on and grind his bones into the dust. They called the bluff he always plays, and this time the stakes are even higher.

    Consider that at least one of the defendants has an active RO against Bill; a lawyer is engaged who is willing to take Bill down for good; and a zombie horde is backing them with research support; and his offer is hilarious.

    The best he can do is run away again, but I don’t think they will let it drop this time. He may actually get that day in court he asked for; but it won’t be like the day he wanted.

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  6. Are you begging again, Schmalfeldt?

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  7. Rob Crawford says:

    He can’t tell the difference between on-line handles, persona names, and “multiple personality disorder”?

    Is he REALLY that stupid? Or just that dishonest?

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  8. MJ says:

    He has been warned repeatedly that he will do this to the wrong person. He got a nasty burn from the bitch slap provided by Dianna and her lawyer. Now he is going to get the dick punch for the follow up. MOAR POPCORN!!

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    • Russ says:

      And one of these days, he’ll try it on someone with a rather more flexible sense than we do of what an appropriate response to his dickishness might be. He’ll regret that day, if he survives it.

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  9. one handle and stick to it says:

    Cheddar Injection ‏@hotcheeseshot 2m2 minutes ago
    So, who is this “lawyer”? No reason to keep it secret. Deadline to file a response is two weeks. Gonna find out anyway, so, why wait?

    LOL, DUMBFUCK is pissing his pants to find out the cards the defendants are holding.
    Hint: When you find out, Billy, you’ll shit (bigger) bricks!

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  10. Minemyown says:

    Reading that letter just reaffirms what I has said previously:

    When I read all of those screen-shots, they sound just like a terrorist/hostage taker/kidnapper negotiating for the release of the hostages.

    So in my opinion based on his own words Bill Schmalfeldt is a wannabe terrorist/hostage taker/kidnapper.

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  11. I imagine the court will just love seeing that piece of correspondence. There is nothing like attempted extortion by the plaintiff to bolster his case.

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  12. Techno Jinxx says:

    Hey. I’m as all about the lulz as the next zombie, but we all know Stinky has the dimissal paperwork already typed out, ready to send in as soon as he gets wind of who is representing the defendants, sooner even if he ever figures out how badly he has totally fucked himself in regards to (REDACTED-DETM-PK)

    so lets enjoy it while it lasts before Stinky slinks off wailing, moaning, generally being a big cry baby because the ones he tried to abuse fought back.

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  13. monitor2112 says:

    I’m afraid Cabin Boy™ will dismiss this before either defendant gets the chance to file counter-claims. And this time it’ll be because the horde did too much educating.

    Next time he tries this bull spit we should hold our taunts until counter-claims are filed and accepted. We need to paraphrase Aaron Worthings advice:

    Case first, comment second.

    Yeah we don’t get as many consistent LULZ, but we FINALLY get to actually damage Team Kimberlin in a way that will be felt literally, instead of just virtually.

    I’ll gladly apologize to the hoarde if I’m wrong. I sincerely hope I am.

    Bah. I’m in a bad mood…so I might sound a little more harsh than I mean too, but I do stand by the sentiment above.

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    • JeffM says:

      If I were Ash, I’d be thinking about going after her not yet ex-husband for apparently colluding with Wailing Willie because I doubt the latter is good for any meaningful judgment. Of course it would be FUN suing the blob, but it probably would not be profitable. Joint and several liability, however, might come into play, stripping the blob of any spare assets that he may have tucked away. So perhaps there can be FUN and profit both.

      I don’t know the facts of course so these speculations may be complete nonsense

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      • Avenger Watcher says:

        apparently colluding with Wailing Willie

        Unless Ms Palmer has independent verification and knowledge, I certainly wouldn’t think a self-serving email from him would sway me to do anything in any other case based upon his word alone.

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      • I have this image in my mind of a small flat bed pick-up truck pulling into St. Francis, WI and pulling up in front of a specific assisted living facility and pulling away 10 minutes later with a shiny, red vroom vroom lashed down in the bzck with a mound of quivering flesh pounding it’s hands and feet on the ground whilst wailing “You can’t take that away, they cheated! Disabled veteran, widower, PARKINSON’S!!! THEY CHEATED! THEY TRICKED THE JUDGE!!! (over and over until it just makes a croak).

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    • MJ says:

      He never had any intention of seeing this or any case to the end. He is just using it as an intimidation tactic. He thinks he can get Sarah to bend only because she is a woman, and has her hands full. The fact he won’t get a serious attorney means he knows his case is weak. He also knows he’ll get laughed out of an attorney’s office when he shows them his position. He’s had so much education at this point, and still he will pursue until he realizes he won’t get his wish. He’s already written his Motion to Dismiss. It’s just a matter of timing when he chooses to file it.

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      • monitor2112 says:

        I agree he never had any intention of following through on this….but he DOES try to use it as leverage so he keeps it open for a while. It is during that time I hope that someone is fast enough to file counter claims.

        I agree that they won’t get much…but getting a judgement against him would be a total mind f**k on him.

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      • Russ says:

        He may have already written his MtD, but I don’t thing the courts will accept “poop on a bathroom mirror” as a proper form.

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  14. Bob says:

    I imagine the stench of “Fear Piss” must be overwhelming by now at Shaky’s hovel. The nuns are gonna be angry when they have to fumigate with a flamethrower when he moves.

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  15. gmhowell says:

    Of course bill is going to drop the case. He never follows through on anything. The paperwork will be in the mail before the next episode of Vikings airs.

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