Object Lesson Of The Day

This is why we don’t give Bill correct information, zombie boys and girls.

Screenshot 2016-02-25 08.18.41

I made the mistake once of being honest with him. Ever since then he’s used that against me in his ham-fisted attempts to intimidate, frighten and bully me. Why on EARTH does he think I would ever allow him that again?


Bonus observation for the LULZ: Did I specify what this particular attorney is for?


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40 Responses to Object Lesson Of The Day

  1. Neal N. Bob says:

    Would anybody like to bet that the Diminished Capacity Kid already called Fiona to bluster, threaten and generally prove that he’s a psychotic, mouth-breathing asshole?

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  2. JeffM says:

    Many people do not get that only the truthful deserve truth.

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  3. Paul Krendler says:

    I tell him the truth, for I am a truth-teller.

    He IS still a DUMBFUCK, isn’t he?

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  4. slp says:

    How many attorneys named Fiona are in Wisconsin?

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  5. one handle and stick to it says:

    How much you wanna bet Billy will now be searching every female lawyer with first name beginning with “F” in North Carolina now? #DumbfuckFallsForIt #EveryTime

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  6. one handle and stick to it says:

    Cheddar Injection
    Here’s the thing. If Sarah and Eric have lawyers, I will need to know who they are, and I WILL know when they file their appearance by 3/5.

    No, HERE’S the thing, DUMBFUCK: this war goes by OUR schedule, not yours. (In fact, we love how your toddler-level impatience has you RAGING “NOW!!” while we grin and say “Nope. Later.”)

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  7. Easein says:

    Gotta love the feathers on this cock.
    He’s continually tweeting legal advise to an, as yet, unseen, unknown lawyer, that may or may not be involved in a specific case, or maybe about to sue him for something totally unrelated, or may be a figment of his delusions of grandeur.
    But non-the-less, he wants to make sure THEIR ‘paperwork’ is in order.

    And he definitely has a Tick or Tock fetish.

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  8. Freedom Costs says:

    Color me confused. IANAL but Billy spews about Sarah (who has a restraining order against him) although not @ her so that is ok…. But Sarah is being sued for repeating the spew, (even though there is no restraining order against her) also not @ Billy…… How can even the “slowest” not see that there is a problem here? He continues to stalk and publish info about her life (even with a restraining order) and refuses to see that he is outside the bounds. What a marroooon! Got to say that in my little world, this is better than the soaps. I am sorry for the crap that all that have crossed his path have had to deal with, but appreciate that it is exposed for all to see.
    May GOD Bless us

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  9. Boston Bob says:

    I’m not sure why he thinks he’s owed an answer. The one and only time I ever had to retain a lawyer to protect my rights was in a dispute with a business partner. The lawyer told me not to disclose to that partner that I had an attorney until it was necessary. When it finally did become so, when he was slapped with a breach of contract suit, three months had passed and he’d made statements and done certain actions that helped my case more than his.

    Oddly enough, my attorney did not try my case on Twitter. I’m not sure why, all the smart people appear to be doing that these days.

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    • Paul Krendler says:

      I like you.

      Even though you are not a frequent commenter, you make the most of your contributions.

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    • You are right. He’s not owed an answer. And he certainly will not get one on Twitter of all places.

      And again! You are right! It seems that all the smrt people are trying their cases on Twitter. It’s been such a great place for them previously.

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      • Avenger Watcher says:

        And he certainly will not get one on Twitter of all places.

        It’s his projection and inability to delay gratification.
        He gives away his “secrets” on Twitter, so he expects everybody else to similarly disadvantage themselves.

        Even as many times as Krendler and others have led him down a “secretive” path, what was the very first thing he announced he did when you “named” your lawyer? …. started trying to dox her – and announced that. Man with 9? ROs, (Not to mention his “most excellent friend” who he seems to be following the litigation strategy of has a track record of suing opposing counsel.)

        It’s really.. amazing.

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      • Jane says:

        Only the sooper sekrit exoneration smaaaart ones can do it effectively. The dementia makes it work out very well – – – for the opposing party.


  10. Sputnik is still up there says:

    Here’s another lesson: an attorney can enter an appearance for a client CONCURRENT with answering a complaint. Imagine that.

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  11. Just A Thought says:

    “Bonus observation for the LULZ: Did I specify what this particular attorney is for?”

    Girl’s weekend? And she needed some humorous reading after a bad week?

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  12. Avenger Watcher says:

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  13. MJ says:

    This is why I love the DUMBFUCK. He actually believes his motion has legs.

    Hell, the judge hasn’t even approved his FAC.

    But, you know, he just KNOWS the judge is going to grant his irrelevant motion.

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    • MJ says:

      And then he does this.

      The FRCP says they have 21 days to respond, fuckwit. When it happens, it happens but right now, you should really spend time counting Rauhauser’s money.. oh wait..

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    • Avenger Watcher says:

      Technically, he’s right.
      She’s facing *possible* contempt.
      Course, so is he. In the same court. (Not counting all the other ones he has active orders in.)
      Possibly, mind you. And he’s acted with a fair bit of contempt for the process, whereas so far, she’s not done something he wanted her to but wasn’t required to.

      I’d put any bets I have that he’ll be held in contempt before anyone else, given the current facts in the case.
      I don’t bet. Which is good, cause I don’t think there’s any odds that would get one of you to take it.

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      • JeffM says:

        She is facing possible contempt only in the sense that many things are conceivable. In terms of a probability, it is virtually zero. There is not only the point that you have made: she was under no legal obligation to waive service. There is the additional point that, if he runs true to past form, he will dismiss the whole thing with prejudice within days, thereby mooting his own motion.

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        • Toastrider says:

          Never tell him the odds, right?

          I mean, it’s not like Sarah actually has a lawyer…. oh wait. Or she’s gotten intelligence and advice from other people Cabin Boy has stalked… oops. Or that he’s been adjudicated of stalking and been hit with NINE restraining orders… oh.

          Yeah, my money’s on the shithead dismissing the suit.

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  14. Having been named in an early LOLsuit and threatened with inclusion in several others, I know that Bill always drops the case, either very early in thr process (in my case within 2 days of filing) or through dismissing defendants with prejudice until there are none left or just dopping the case with prejudic… Bill i such a malignant Twatwaffle!. He files suit in anger without regard for the consequences nor the effort to sustain such an ill-advised course of conduct. Both of these are common in Parkinson’s dementia. Lack of impulse control coupled with little to none Executive functioning equals a DFserial litigant who delights in suing people over and over for the same thing, now in it’s third jurisdiction. Will he attempt the forth and file a LOLsuit in Wisconsin circuit court? He does seem to want to collect the full set.

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  15. one handle and stick to it says:

    The “next” one, Billy? LOL! Your ass is gonna be raped so raw after THIS lolsuit that you’ll be needing aloe vera enemas for the next year!

    Keep up that shitty thinking, Schmalfeldt!

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