Bill Schmalfeldt, Gamma: Part 3

All of this ends up sabotaging relationships for the Gamma including friends, family, coworkers, and even his own children. These bad relationships are not lost on the Gamma and he can feel a deep sense of disgrace about his behavior but cannot admit to being wrong so he is caught in a self-made hell.

When Gamma Reacts


Dude. Biology doesn’t work that way. It sounds like he is insinuating that he banged his brother’s wife instead. That’s just wrong on so many levels. Oh wait. He did mention that he might have had to have married her when the Bobber died if we were living in Old Testament times. That combined with his comment that he might as well be this fine young man’s father? It sounds really, really creepy.

Right. I just can’t make this shit up, folks.


So, two ex wives. Both create the same narrative that the children believe. Interesting. While parental alienation is a very real and devastating thing to deal with, having a child that never meets you until he is 20 means that something is amiss with your belief that it’s their mother’s “narrative” that is the problem.

He tries so very, very hard to sound normal. But really, I think only the last four words in this paragraph are what’s true. And that’s sad.


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32 Responses to Bill Schmalfeldt, Gamma: Part 3

  1. Neal N. Bob says:

    I strive to be a fair man. Therefore, I would like to congratulate Family Man Bill Schmalfeldt for referencing his nephew without publicly discussing his unquenchable penchant for “butt-fucking closeted gay Republican congressmen.” Progress is something that should be applauded.

    Having said that, phrases like “twat slime” don’t sound as though they come from anyone who particularly enjoys heterosexual sex. Perhaps that’s because ladies are terrible wrestlers, but who am I to judge?

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  2. Paul Krendler says:

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  3. crawford421 says:

    Always about the “narrative”. He needs to stop worrying about the “narrative” and start worrying about his own behavior.

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    • one handle and stick to it says:

      Behavior like the time Bill Schmalfeldt
      – received horse poop in mail, blogged about it
      – closely examined own poop, blogged about it
      – pissed down own leg when served with court document, tweeted about it
      – took photo of own wife on deathbed, emailed to enemies, blogged about it
      – doxed a stillborn baby, blogged about it
      – threatened a mother with loss of her children if she didn’t talk to him
      – submitted statement to court: “I am probably not a child pornographer.”
      – hit with court order for stalking a toddler
      – faildoxed unknown person in Arizona, slapped with court order
      – faildoxed cop in Oregon
      – faildoxed convicted felon in Florida
      – faildoxed medical worker in DC area
      – faildoxed nonexistent student at a Tennessee university
      – doxed himself on his own blog, validated information for court use
      – banned from daily kos
      – banned from examiner
      – told by national health charity to stop invoking their name
      – email account revoked by Microsoft
      (borrowed from a post on Hogewash)

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  4. Sputnik is still up there says:

    We are human, and we all make bad choices, things that we wish we could undo, but we can’t. I have no idea why Bill and his first two wives divorced and, no, I win’t just accept his version of events. Neverhteless, I will not totally discount them, either.

    What I don’t accept, is the chronic, habitual lying about things. People get divorced every day, and manage to have shared custody and visitation. Bill’s version of events simply don’t make sense, legally. So wife #1 just left with the kids? Uh, huh. Bill’s own son says that he met his dad FOR THE FIRST TIME when he was 21. Folks, that is not normal.

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  5. one handle and stick to it says:

    More shit from the asshole


  6. Sputnik is still up there says:

    BS’s son, as I showed above, said that he met his father for the first time when he was 21. I posted that tweet in response to one of BS’s tales about his past. BS then claimed that his ex wife “hid” the kids from him. “My children didn’t know where to find me because their mother hid evidence of my location from them.”

    Uh huh.

    But, apparently, not from his family:
    Here is his son with his sister, Cindi, in 1978, courtesy of one of BS’s numerous public blogs.
    With great grandma.
    That is some great job of “hiding,” isn’t it?

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  7. MJ says:

    Honestly? It’s none of her business whatsoever. She doesn’t have the right to pry into other people’s business and place it all on the internet in an attempt to embarrass, harass, extort, defame, or libel someone. A person has the right to keep their affairs private and control what they themselves want to publish about themselves.

    However, she has done not one of these things. You have made your life an open book. There are hundreds of blog posts, message board posts, tweets, and facebook posts you have made about your life, your family, the pain you have gone through without any reservation and hesitation. You’ve published books about your experiences, trials and tribulations (for what little monetary value you’ve received). You can’t possibly think that by doing these things, you also want to keep it private. While it is true you control the narrative of what you write, the thing is, once it’s out there you can no longer control what people say or how they judge. And when you follow up with the kind of vitriol and hate you spew, even those things that might be considered good and decent, are subject to questioning and ridicule.

    So its with a certain irony seeing you make such ridiculous tweets about claiming privacy when its the last thing you really want. What is important for you is that you be the victim to cover your own crimes. You can’t help it. Everything in life where something bad happened to you is someone else’s fault! You have no culpability! And with astounding derpness, you want others to be held responsible for their behaviors, even going as far as to pry your nose into their business and to the exact same things you wail against.

    I laugh my fucking ass off when you tell anonymous posters to give you their name and call them cowards when they laugh at you. Listen, fat boy: If you can’t win against anonymous posters, you certainly don’t want to get to their real names and know who they are. Your record of removing their anonymity seems to have worked horribly against you. Stop touching the stove and end your internet existence. It will be better for everyone, including you.

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  8. Dianna says:

    What business is it of Ash’s? He’s made it her business, in case he hasn’t noticed.

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  9. Sam says:

    Bill is so predictable. When Sarah fails to, as he repeatedly predicts, defaults on this suit, he will crow that this was what he intended all along—Mwah ha ha!–she fell into his trap! She SHOULD have defaulted but he goaded her into NOT defaulting! NOW she’s in REAL trouble!


    • one handle and stick to it says:

      Along with Billy’s drunken Confirmation Bias, Billy also suffers from Hindsight Bias (aka “I Knew It All Along!”-bias). It must SUCK to be in a cognitive prison like that.


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