Bill Schmalfeldt, Gamma: Part 6

There are three types of women in the world of the Gamma Protagonist: The Corrupted, The Damsel, and The Strong Independent Woman. Average women, in terms of appearance, ability, and moral character, simply won’t exist outside of the occasional passing mention.

The Corrupted are the female villains of the story who were once good, but were corrupted by men and are therefore not entirely responsible for their evil actions.

The Gamma Protagonist

The Gentle Reader easily gets a sense of what kind of woman Gamma Bill Schmalfeldt thinks that many of the women in his life/who the thinks affect him are. It’s called the Madonna/Whore Sydrome.



Screenshot 2016-02-28 12.58.01

Screenshot 2016-02-28 13.43.01


Screenshot 2016-02-28 13.51.43

Screenshot 2016-02-29 19.13.51Screenshot 2016-02-28 13.46.28

I’m sure that my readership, small though it may be, knows who the “anonymous source” is. That could prove interesting at some point.





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11 Responses to Bill Schmalfeldt, Gamma: Part 6

  1. JeffM says:

    You think maybe he is corrupted by just a tinge of misogony? Perhaps that’s why being a widower made him merry. Just speculating here.

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    • Jane says:

      Seriously – what kind of depraved freak decides to call themselves ‘merry widower’ while waiting for their wife’s body to be picked up?? Is it even a minute amount less repugnant if the fat freak didn’t come to that name until some hours later?

      Again, I hope the revolting rimer is cursed with self-awareness…

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      • Actually I think it was “White Widower” which was even weirder sounding but thankfully didn’t last long, even by his standards. The Merry Widower came a few days after that.


    • It’s made him positively gay! … As in overly happy.

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  2. Sputnik is still up there says:

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  3. Sputnik is still up there says:

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  4. Sputnik is still up there says:

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  5. Dianna says:

    You know, I’ve been watching him try to discover a line of attack on me, given his need to denigrate women, and it’s been interesting. He clearly knows that no woman is ever pretty enough, but doesn’t know that most of us figured that out decades ago, and are realistic about our looks. He doesn’t understand what constitutes character, and, as for intelligence, he simply has no perspective.

    I think that this is why it’s so easy to diagnose him as a gamma. His desperate need to build himself up by tearing others down renders him pathetically easy to understand.

    I’m working on feeling sorry for him. It’s not working very well, unfortunately.

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    • I gave up on that back when he accused me of abusing my daughter. At this point the best I can hope for is being able to fight the urge to push him under a bus if I’m ever in a position to do so. I can almost guarantee that I wouldn’t be trying to prevent anyone else from doing it. (Yes, I know, Death Threat Eleventy!!1!11)

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      • Dianna says:

        I wouldn’t worry about it. Pretty much any random stranger who encountered him would at least refrain from trying to rescue him were he suddenly in the path of a bus. It’s the weird and creepy vibe. No one really wants to get any closer than they have to, just in case.


    • JeffM says:

      My guess is that he feels no need to build himself up because he views himself as charming, intelligent, and wise. If that guess is correct, the purpose of the attempted tearing down is simply to put others in the place that he deems proper for them, namely in a position markedly lower than his.

      Of course, he is far from charming, intelligent, or wise. Moreover, he is incapable of tearing others down because he has insufficient empathy with others to intuit where to hurt them.

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