Bill Schmalfeldt, Gamma: Part 7

When a Gamma is sick with a mild cough they will let everyone know about it and make a big show of it. If a Gamma contracts a serious illness there’s certainly no stoicism involved, but you will notice they act like they are the first person in history with the illness and want to talk to everyone about. They will try to include everyone around them into their illness to ramp up the magnitude of it, like it’s a near national emergency that some random guy is sick. A Gamma can’t be just an ordinary guy with an illness, but rather a special guy who requires more attention, care, and involvement from those around him.

Fear of Being Ordinary

This, my dear zombie friends, is the trait that Bill Schmalfeldt is *particularly* good at. Dear lord, if there was a rating system for meeting these traits, I think that on a scale of 1 to 10 he would get an ELEVENTY!!!11!!1!

For this one, I’m going to go back a little bit. Not too much, but a little.

Screenshot 2016-03-05 21.18.54

Oh boy. Now, this isn’t as far as I could go back. I found a blog that Bill was writing about his Parkinsons that dates back well over a decade.

Now, let’s see what he has said recently about all of this.

Screenshot 2016-02-28 12.02.49

That’s kind of tame, although he was using it to try to get this entire blog taken down. Completely. Disabled. Think on that for a moment.

But wait. If he was COMPLETELY DISABLED, would he be able to do THIS:

Screenshot 2016-03-06 08.59.50


Screenshot 2016-03-06 09.00.07

Somehow I don’t think that “completely disabled” means what he thinks it means. Or perhaps he only uses that nomeclature when he’s trying to get whatever he can from somebody. Hmmmmm.

Screenshot 2016-02-07 13.48.20

*SOB!* Determined! To get the TRUTH! So….. Weak…..

Screenshot 2016-02-07 12.10.56

Oh wait. Sorry. This was from a while ago as well. But kinda apropos at the moment, you know? His PARKINSONS DISEASE will SAVE THE DAY!!!!!!




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16 Responses to Bill Schmalfeldt, Gamma: Part 7

  1. It is rather nauseating (yes, I’m indulging in some major understatement there) he way he’s the only person with any physical challenges out there.

    Right now I’m dealing with shoulder issues with my dominant arm. The kind where you don’t sleep well because of the pain. The kind where you have to suddenly stop and concentrate on your breathing when you move your arm the wrong way – the pain is just that intense.

    Normally this falls under the “wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy” rubrick. But in Bill’s case, I’ll make an exception. May he have to deal with the same type of constant pain I and other lickspittles deal with for the rest of his life. Maybe it would teach him a little humility.

    Or at least keep him off the damn computer. I can’t imagine him doing anything that is physically painful, he comes across as in the running for world’s worst wimp.

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  2. I’ve known people with greater physical challenges who have responded with courage and grit. John Wayne wore a wet suit under his tuxedo to hide a frail frame in order to accept an Oscar. Nobody knew David Bowie or Robin Williams were sick – except family. Joey Feek (great country and Christian singer) just died of cancer after a long, brave battle. Most people take challenges quietly, knowing that others have faced the same sorts of things.

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  3. Minemyown says:

    The best part of that Daily Kos profile is the skull and cross bones under Mojo.

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  4. Paul Krendler says:

    That is some devastating Gamma truth!

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  5. Formet Commenter says:

    Even his excretory functions demand more care and attention than those of normal people.

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  6. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    I’m still struck by Bill taking disability payments for a bum knee while veterans who really need help are stuck waiting on funds from the VA while Bill sits on his ginormous ass collecting. Maybe Bill will be so kind to tell us what jobs he was rejected from because of his bad knee? Sitting behind a desk at NIH? Sitting behind a desk at the many many newspapers and radio stations that fired him? Sitting on his ass at home? All his chosen jobs revolved around sitting on his ass. Boy I’ll bet a hurt knee was really tough on him while sitting on his ass talking to minor males about sticking his dick in their ass online using govt equipment. Thank God he got those payments!

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    • one handle and stick to it says:

      Nothing that couldn’t be “discovered” if a certain obese slob is stupid enough to open the door. Just saying.

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    • Former Commenter says:

      I badly strained my knee yesterday. Doesn’t prevent me gimping around the house and certainly wouldn’t warrant disability if my only job involved sitting behind a desk/mic.

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  7. Minemyown says:

    Looking at @hotcheesesnot I see that Bill is–this is my personal opinion based no my understanding of the FRCP–deliberately violating the FRCP and bragging about it. I hope the judge finds him in contempt of court and has him to be the court’s guest for a few days–like 30. It is also–in my opinion–further substantiates that this law suit was filed for no other purpose than to use the court to harasses.

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    • agiledog says:

      Bill Schmalfeldt has routinely flouted the rules of civil procedure, and has been allowed to get away with it in the past. Here is hoping that the judge in WI holds him accountable for his actions. However, given the history we have seen with Federal Judges actually enforcing the rules against Team Kimbergarden, I will be surprised if she does.


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