Bill Schmalfeldt, Gamma: Part 8

If someone else is sick, particularly if it is serious, they might obsess over the illness as they subconsciously imagine themselves being in that same state. You’ll also see that all illness discussions focus around death and generally lead to death.

If someone they know dies young, particularly of an illness they might obsess about it, or show nonchalant disregard about it because of their inability to deal with it at all. If a Gamma loses a parent when he’s an adult he acts like he’s the first adult child to ever lose a parent. Many men have lost loved ones and written about their experiences, but the Gamma doesn’t do it to honor those who have died, express grief, or even write to others with words of encouragement, but is narcissistic and turns the death of another into something special about the Gamma.

Fear of Being Ordinary


The death of someone close and dear to us is obviously a traumatic event. It is always fraught with pain, and healing takes months or even years to get over, if ever. Also, the strangest things can trigger expressions grief in a person. I remember being triggered over a couch that was being sold at a yard sale after a loved one’s death. It might have been over something silly and trivial, but it resulted in a very ugly cry and release of emotions that ultimately helped me heal. This post, however, deals with the very public protestations that have been made to ensure that we know just how *special* and *unique* the Gamma’s grief is. It is not meant to denigrate real and true grief, which all of us, even the Gamma, have felt at one point in time or another.


This trait of the Gamma, unfortunately, brushes up against territory that we usually don’t get into here at Billy Sez. So I will keep this discussion to a minimum.


This means that I have to go back in time. To a time when Bill lost his twin brother. Which was the most awful time, ever. Unfortunately I don’t have the screen shots at hand, but there was some discussion about how AWFUL and HORRIBLE it was to lose a twin. That it was the WORST PAIN EVAH! More painful than losing a different type of sibling, a parent or a beloved spouse. For some reason Bill also decided to put forth that it was because they were “monoplacental twins” – i.e. sharing the same placenta – that it made them even more special.

I hate to break it to Bill, but there are twins that are even MORE special than monoplacental twins. They are called mono-mono twins. They share both a placenta and an amniotic sac. Too bad he missed out on that extra little oomph to his special-ness.

Another person that was to ascend to heaven was his mother. She died while he was in the midst of a legal battle in Maryland with WJJ Hoge over a no-contact order. That part caused some drama to be sure. However, there were other things that he said both while she was dying (deathbed tweets) and after (grieving time!) that were oh so, umm, special. I’m only going to highlight one set.


Oh my.

I’m not going to reproduce the rest of that particular conversation to himself whilst smearing his ex-wife. Again. I’ll just note that his misogyny is on display as per usual.

But that doesn’t get him the title of Grievingest Griever EVAH!

Unfortunately, this does.

Screenshot 2016-03-06 10.12.02

Screenshot 2016-02-25 08.38.35

I have no tolerance for people who bring up the death of a loved one to evoke sympathy for themselves, and who then attack those who would criticize them for their puffery – especially when they have a long and documented history of being a dick about this sort of thing previously.

This life is not about who grieves the most or the best.


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21 Responses to Bill Schmalfeldt, Gamma: Part 8

  1. wjjhoge says:

    Ordinary is an upgrade in some case.

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  2. It’s like they know him…

    (BIG HINT)

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  3. Dontwannaknow says:

    It’s just a little story his subconscious give him for some solace.
    Like storming the beaches of Lebanon.

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  4. one handle and stick to it says:

    Changed one phrase, it seems to apply to the present LOLSUIT:
    “I have no tolerance for people who bring up [their “Parkinson’s Disease”] to evoke sympathy for themselves, and who then attack those who would criticize them for their puffery – especially when they have a long and documented history of being a dick about this sort of thing previously.”
    This works, too:
    “I have no tolerance for people who bring up [their “Parkinson’s Disease”-induced “lack of self-control”] to [try to excuse their being a dick, or anticipating being a dick]”, and who then attack those who would criticize them for their [mendacity]…”

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  5. theman9876 says:

    If you are a textbook example of a Gamma, can you imagine how frustrating it must be to have your past words used against your current words?! He is no longer allowed to post his current mountains of bullshit and lies without being forced to deal with the mountains of bullshit and lies of his past. His past bullshit is coming back to attack his present bullshit and it drives him crazy. Which in turn provides mountains of Lulz for the Horde.

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  6. JeffM says:

    Witless Willlie does not seem to remember that he has brought suit for damage to his reputation. He is the plaintiff. He took the initiative.

    His history of truth telling is relevant both to his credibility as a witness and also to the value of his reputation. Moreover, I suspect that in arguing for punitive damages he is going to try to drag in parodies of how he has attacked others’ wives (not that Ash or BPO are even being accused of writing such parodies). What he was doing in the days and hours of his wife’s dying and what he later said he was doing are relevant both to his truth telling and also to the alleged emotional distress that he experienced over his wife’s death. (Does anyone remember whether he actually got a new smaller coffee pot?).

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    • Jane says:

      IIRC, self-described happy my wife died theMerryWidower got a Keurig.

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    • MJ says:

      Yes, and therein lies the problem of the plaintiff. He has filed a defamation suit saying that statements of people made about him are lies. He claims he just wants people to leave him alone. Yet, his remedy is to have people just shut up about him so he can go on doing all slandering, libeling and defamation that got him in this situation from the start.

      The problem he has is that he has to PROVE that what was said about him was false, that the Sarah and Eric knew it was false, and that said comments were defamatory and caused damages. Going to be mighty hard to do so when his own past statements have provided fodder for the opinions people publish. It doesn’t help him when he tries to rebut those statements providing support for the statements made against him, especially when he can’t memory-hole them.

      As it has been said before, to defeat Bill Schmalfeldt, you just have to quote him.

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      • Since I quote him, I don’t think that what I can be said to be posting lies about him. If I’m using his words, how is that a lie? Or is he claiming that someone else is posting those things I am attributing to him? Because that would be a whole ‘nother ball of wax, involving someone stealing his identity. Then his issue would be with that person.

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      • Doh! says:

        “The problem he has is that he has to PROVE that what was said about him was false, that the Sarah and Eric knew it was false, and that said comments were defamatory and caused damages.”

        As a limited public figure, Schmalfeldt would have to clear an even higher bar. IF the lolsuit even got that far, which seems very doubtful. Billy has pretty much already immolated himself on basic procedural grounds.

        What will get even LOLsier is when defendants file the motion for awarding legal expenses. Billy will have quite a time trying to prove that he didn’t know his complaint and filings were frivolous. (Hell, the Dumb Eff even ignored his ~~JustAnswer lawyers’~~ advice, if Billy really filed the document that leaked on Friday…)


    • Dianna says:

      A Keurig, I believe.

      Most of us would just make a smaller pot….

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  7. Jane says:

    Reading the OP reminded me of the grief-fest the fat freak put on when the loathsome loser’s EX-father-in-law, with whom it had no contact for over 20 years passed away, and the malicious monster not only went into mourning and demanded condolences, but also had a feldtdown over not being notified immediately. It was around that time that the ‘griefiest grieving griever EVAH caught on, iirc.

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