Oh, No, No! Please! Do Go On!


It’s ever so entertaining when he does!


Wait. Wouldn’t he want an incompetent lawyer to be representing his adversary?


And he cares about this assumption of his why? More importantly, the court cares precisely why?


The real question is this: Why is Bill Schmalfeldt so afraid of facing this lawyer that he holds in such low esteem? Shouldn’t he be able to win? And easily?

Yeah. He’s afraid. Very afraid. lol


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Member of the Zombie Horde and Lickspittle Minion. Out to eat your brainnnsssss. And a few other sweetbreads because they are so nomm-y. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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7 Responses to Oh, No, No! Please! Do Go On!

  1. Jane says:

    Desperately afraid, clearly; willing to infuriate the court in what is a ridiculous ploy, just to delay facing this Yale grad.

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  2. Jeanette Victoria says:


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  3. wpdavidd says:

    One would think it’d please him that the defendants have such a “poor” lawyer rather than offend him.

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  4. Paul Krendler says:

    “Sarah and Eric WANT the Worst Lawyer in the World?!? Well, WE JUST CANNOT ALLOW THAT!”

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  5. I’m glad Bill is looking out for Sarah and Eric’s interests by making sure they have a good lawyer to defend them from his lawsuit .

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