I Don’t Think Harping on This

Over and over and over again will get him what he wants from the court.


What part of “It’s not time to even THINK about filing an answer, cuz there’s other things to deal with first” doesn’t he get? I mean, if they’re not addressed now, then they can’t be addressed later, at least not by the Defendants. Says so right there in the rules. Maybe tommorow he’ll finally understand that. Or not.


Or maybe Plaintiff should actually get to…. Oh wait. Don’t want to unnecessarily edjumakate him on how to “run” his case. Guess he’ll find out soon enough. Perhaps Thursday. Or not.


He just doesn’t like that I got a lawyer willing to go pro-bono, does he? As if that makes the lawyer”less-than” or something like that. He wanted me to bleed money instead, didn’t he? Tough cookie buddy.


Actually, my lawyer has addressed issues Plaintiff has brought to be decided. Just not all of them, because, again, NOT THE RIGHT TIME! Plaintiff, however, continues to neglect those issues, believing that he is so DAMN AWESOME that nothing more needs be said about it. Because it should be obvious or something. Or not.

Lawyering just doesn’t work the way he thinks it does. So sorry! Actually, not sorry.



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28 Responses to I Don’t Think Harping on This

  1. JeffM says:

    Ash, sorry to repost what I already posted over at TMZ, but it fits so well.

    Plaintiff: Your Honor, my argument is very simple. It is obvious that the defendants have written about me. And anyone who writes about me is liable. Simple. So render judgment for me, Beautiful Butthurt Bill.

    Judge: But you have not provided a scintilla of evidence that they wrote about you, let alone wrote anything defamatory.

    Plaintiff: Evidence, shmevidence. This case right here about a motion to dismiss means you must grant a motion for summary judgment on my say so. I am the Plaintiff, and you must believe what I say. I say they defamed me so I win.

    Judge: I do not see in this case anything that denies defendants a right to answer your complaint.

    Plaintiff: That’s the thing your Honor. They do not answer. They keep delaying things by squabbling about the qualifications of their incompetent counsel. It’s rope a dope. Judge Judy always gets her cases done in less than 30 minutes, and this case has lasted WEEKS.

    Judge: And who started this rope a dope by questioning the qualifications of defendants’ counsel?

    Plaintiff: Why I did, but I did not expect an incompetent to defy my right to name defendants’ counsel and so delay my VICTORY by engaging in such mean, evil and just plain nasty rope a dope.

    Judge: The court holds as a matter of law that Plaintiff is indeed a dope.

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  2. Minemyown says:

    Re. ECF#31 pa. 1..

    The man should review what he has already filed before submitting new motions.

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  3. Jane says:

    Many, many things don’t work the way happy my wife died theMerryWidower thinks* they do.

    *The word “thinks” is used in the broadest possible sense due to the fat freak suffering from inflicting its admitted dementia.

    I mean *special* dementia, of course, that only affects the loathsome loser’s cognition (e.g., abstraction, reasoning, attention), judgment, memory, impulse control, emotional problems, executive functioning, and causes delusions, hallucinations, irritability, and loss of bowel and bladder control. Besides, the malignant monster claims to have graduated from high school, so with that kind of education, cognition may have never been an issue.

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  4. crawford421 says:

    “What part of “It’s not time to even THINK about filing an answer, cuz there’s other things to deal with first” doesn’t he get?”

    Start with “think”, move on to “first”…

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  5. one handle and stick to it says:

    “He wanted me to bleed money instead, didn’t he?”

    That’s exactly it. To belabor the obvious, Schmalfeldt filed this LOLSUIT as an attempt at harassment and revenge …one designed (I’ve read elsewhere) to circumvent certain pesky Restraining Orders which hamper Schmalfeldt’s ability to otherwise lash out at people who point out and mock Billy’s stupidity. This makes the LOLSUIT frivolous on its face (if not an illegal violation of the Restraining Order(s) against him).

    Billy’s shitting himself because it’s now painfully obvious his frivolous lawfare has failed on at least two counts: a) it ain’t hurting the Defendents one iota and b) Aaron is effortlessly exposing Bill Schmalfeldt for the drunken sociopathic asshole he is. Win, win!

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    • Jane says:

      He’s so good he makes it look effortless, but I’m sure Aaron spent hours responding to those ridiculous motions, at hundreds of dollars per hour… It’s going to be a great day when all of the fat freak’s internet capable devices get sold at auction to pay that debt. 😀

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      • one handle and stick to it says:

        Very true, Jane. I *almost* dialed back my adverb “effortlessly” the moment I typed it for the very reason you point out. I dial it back now. I very much admire how carefully crafted Aaron’s work product has been here. That doesn’t happen without effort and erudition. Applause for Aaron’s display of both in the “instant” case.


  6. BusPassOffice says:

    Tick Tock


  7. I think David E has a point over at Hogewash, and for the duration, however short that is likely to be, perhaps BillySez should be a private blog, if not closed for maintenance as has been done before. When the case is over, it can reopen to the public to help disseminate the overabundance of lulz we all foresee occuring at that time.

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    • Avenger Watcher says:

      IANAL, and sparing my comments about lawyers, and how the legal system works, I’ll shorten it to saying “I don’t think it’s a good idea.” With all respect to Mr. Edgren.

      Since Walker’s been retained, follow his advice.

      The entire point, IMHO, is that there’s nothing wrong with quoting BS. Shuttering the site could lead to the impression that there is something wrong with that, that reporting on him is wrong. It gives credence at least in form to the claims made to anyone not vested in the background.

      I think the strategy could backfire.


      • You are quite possibly right. I just don’t want to see Sarah or Eric have more of BS’s BS to deal with, at least until the case is done with.


      • It would also drive him nuttier if it was taken private, because then he wouldn’t be able to see what was being said about him; even if the entire conversation was favorite chili receipes, mixed (or not) drinks, and movies, you know he’d know it was all about him. 😉


        • one handle and stick to it says:

          I disagree. IIRC, the last time BillySez briefly went private (right before March 1st, IIRC), DUMBFUCK actually gloated a bit about how pleased he was to see BillySez off the grid.

          Fuck that asshole. Documenting Schmalfeldt’s psychotic behavior is a public service. It is legal. Butthurt is not a tort. Etc.

          If Billy wants the documenting of his drunken, toddler-stalking, libeling, slandering, harassing, threatening, sociopathic behavior stopped, he’s already been told what to do: STOP BEING A DRUNKEN TODDLER-STALKING LIBELING SLANDERING HARASSING THREATENING SOCIOPATH! Until then, the Streisand Effect Lessons should continue full bore.


          • On thinking about it over night, and reading everyone else, including our gracious hostess’ comments, indeed, never, ever take the site down. I’m just saying that if it went private, and he knew that that was all that had happened, he’d most likely start crazily screeching about how we were defamining him in private or some other such idiocy, and demand that he be allowed to see what we were doing, so he could report it to the judge, even though she doesn’t care one whit.


    • I have no intention of doing so. With respect to David as I consider his counsel invaluable in many instances, I will not subject myself to what is effectively prior restraint on protected speech when the judge has not actually ordered the same.

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      • Quite fair enough. It’s always much easier to say what is best for someone else.

        Though after a day or two of crowing about how he’d won, you just know he’d be screeching about how we were ad homineming him like crazy and someone would have to let him see what we were doing so he could report it if the blog were to go private.


        • Oh, I’ll take the blog private every now and again. It does drive him utterly nuts. For someone so determined not to have people criticize him for being an idiot, he sure doesn’t like it when we do it behind closed doors. You would think that he wouldn’t want it available for the world to see. But then again, this is Bill we are talking about.

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          • Yes indeed, this is Bill.
            “Waaahhh! They’re saying the mean truth about me at the party they’re having on their front porch!! Other people might hear them! Defamation! False light invasion of privacy! Torts!!!”
            Party adjourns inside to get away from annoying insects.
            “Waaahhh! I can’t hear what they’re talking about! They have to come outside so other people can hear them! How else will I know if I can wail Defamation! False light invasion of privacy! Torts!!”.


      • JeffM says:

        I salute Ash’s bravery. I just want to make one niggling note. I do not believe that the judge meant to preclude comments outside of court so viewing what Witless Willie says on twitter or his blog as a violation while praising Ash for her stance opens us to legitimate mockery from Witless.


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