Proving the Point

So apparently, I’ve been making incorrect assumptions.

Screenshot 2016-03-26 15.15.04

Nah, not paranoid. Just unfortunately correct. As his own words go on to confirm.

Screenshot 2016-03-26 15.14.40

Screenshot 2016-03-26 15.14.06

So, “name-calling yip-yap” means that there are “consequences” to be had. To my mind, if it doesn’t happen to deal with the safety of his actual patients, that’s, well…

You know, I’ll just let the gentle reader make their own decision. You get to tell me what Bill is actually doing here.



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14 Responses to Proving the Point

  1. one handle and stick to it says:

    Hmmm…not sure. I might want a police officer’s opinion on this. Maybe file a report. “Only way to be sure.”

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  2. And as usual, the idiot shows a breath-taking lack of self-awareness. Anyone who says anything, however innocuous or obviously opinion, about Biwwy will have to suffer the consequences of their Free Speech, but Biwwy can accuse people of abusing their children or being whores with no evidence whatsoever (except what his diseased mind hallucinates), and can contact their spouses, employers and colleagues, and that’s just fine and normal behaviour, and how dare anyone think he might have consequences to suffer himself.

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    • one handle and stick to it says:

      The double-standard won’t last for much longer, I hope. a) Billy’s latest LOLSUIT will cost him the $1000 he’s plowed into it (plus whatever civil penalties/legal expenses the court orders him to pay). b) Then there’s Hoge’s ongoing litigation. c) And, hopefully, people start following DUMBFUCK’s standard and persist in apprising certain landlords and law enforcement agencies about Billy’s threatening online behavior.

      Billy will only cease his behavior when he suffers sufficiently severe consequences. Here’s hoping that 2016 is when he starts suffering them in spades.

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  3. Pablo says:

    It’s called harassment. Some might also call it the World’s Longest Tantrum Evah.

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  4. Techno Jinxx says:

    So Stinky likes to make thinly veiled threats, then claim they aren’t really threats when it’s pointed out, but then if the person he claims he didn’t really threaten doesnt stop doing whatever Stinky doesn’t like, he then tells them they were warned…by his threats that aren’t really threats…as he proceeds to attempt to dox them and contact their family/friends/employers etc, all the while claiming anyone who even thinks of telling his landlord/neighbors the things HE’s doing is harassing/threatening him.

    Billogic is pretty fucking stupid isn’t it?

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  5. one handle and stick to it says:

    Someone forgot to tell DUMBFUCK Bill Schmalfeldt that NO ONE needs his okay to have an opinion about the fat drunken sociopathic pedophile.


    • JeffM says:

      It becomes boring (but unfortunately necessary) to point out over and over and over again how inconsistent is Witless Willie. We are supposed to accept the truth of his assertions on his word alone, but not the truth of the anyone who denies his purported truths. In WillieWorld, his assertions of truth are to be accepted, but not any that disgree with his.

      For example, we are asked to accept that Ash lied in the hearings resulting in not one, but two, restraining orders against less than Worthless Willie, one of which was to protect a toddler aged three. This specific instance provides the crucial experiment because he had a chance to provide actual evidence supporting his contentions and rebutting hers to a disinterested party experienced in evaluating evidence, and yet, when that opportunity was offered, he did not show up.

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    • Pablo says:

      Someone forgot to tell Dumbfuck that he’s not in charge of what other people can and cannot say.

      No, wait. That’s been done thousands of times. But alas, Dumbfuck.


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