Strike That. Reverse It.


Over here in non-bizarro land, the dealio is that Bill Schmalfeldt is the one with the rather odd fetish for dead babies and the things that are done to them. How quickly he forgets the things that he has done, such as the colorful “About the Author” that he put on the listing for this book. Back in 2014.



For those of you who can’t read the small print, Bill Schmalfeldt decided to attribute a rather nasty fantasy of his – involving Bill force-feeding a dead child to its father as the mother watches in horror – to a gentleman who went by the moniker of EPWJ. EPWJ never said or wrote those words. They came straight from the brain of Bill Schmalfeldt who put them, oddly enough, into one section of the Amazon listing that no one else but the Author (or the publishing house) has access to.

EPWJ’s crime at that time, was posting a review to another one of Bill’s books that Bill claimed EPWJ had not read. Bill has decided that EPWJ has committed other crimes, namely the crime of committing butthurt on him in the first degree, and is suing him, along with myself, in his latest LOLSuit.

Bill has issues with lots of other people’s young children. He photoshopped a skull onto one woman’s baby. That and other things earned him a restraining order in Arizona. Of course he tormented the Stranahans over the loss of their dear Colette. He mentioned my grandson in ways that both I and a Rockingham County Court decided were worthy of a restraining order. I guess he thinks doing things like this make him look, I don’t know… good?

So in reality, it is Bill Schmalfeldt and his obsession with depicting children in vile and filthy ways (up to an including his cub scout parody) that make him the creepy one.



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Member of the Zombie Horde and Lickspittle Minion. Out to eat your brainnnsssss. And a few other sweetbreads because they are so nomm-y. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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15 Responses to Strike That. Reverse It.

  1. Jane says:

    Don’t forget in one of the grotesque ghoul’s interminable selfies, the loathsome loser is fondling a baggie of ashes, and the fat freak is the only one frequently mentioning necrophilia. Starting to seem like yet another fixation.

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  2. Dianna says:

    The really weird part is that he cannot begin to see it. Almost every interaction he has with other human beings is creepy as hell, but he thinks he’s nice.

    How very sad.

    Phone, train.

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  3. LurkyLou says:

    I think Bill could easily get a job at any movie theater in town. He’d obviously quite the projectionist.

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  4. Russ says:

    Him adding “be well” to the end of any of his missives just isn’t enough to overcome the remaining creepiness. Rather, it sort of highlights the dark twistedness of what came before.

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  5. JeffM says:

    Furthermore, “be well” is trite. A GS13 author should be able to express his real meaning better: “be well” = “be drowned in a well” is a phrase that seems to express his meaning in a fresh and unusual way.

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  6. BusPassOffice says:

    Remember his self portrait of him biting into a live kitten and spraying blood all over himself?

    On XmFan he made some Bush eating a baby pics and on the cover of a book he has Mitt Romney on the head of a Penis.

    But he has a reputation to defend…

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  7. I have offered repeatedly to travel to St. Francis, WI, at my own expense, to offer him the Sacrament of Confession. (Nota Bene: The Roman Catholic Church recognizes Sacraments performed by Orthodox clergy). Bill refuses, stating he doesn’t believe in sin or Hell. This statement makes hom a non-believer under Roman Catholic Canon Law. This also leaves open to him only one Sacrament: Confession. Bill is not even eligible to receive Extreme Unction until after a proper Sacramental Confession is completed … including the performance of the penance assigned. Perhaps Bill is too invested in his Heterodox beliefs that he somehow is as powerful as God, to be able to fall to his knees and ask forgiveness from the Creator of all that is … Remember Bill… ask that the Gates of Repentance be opened unto you …

    The offer stands Bill …

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    • one handle and stick to it says:

      Billy’s rationalizations and delusions of competence need to be thoroughly smashed before any hope of repentance is in order. Until then, DUMBFUCK will think he’s the smartest man in the world, evar, and that he’s entitled to force his critics to shut up. In short: I’ve never seen a case of repentance that didn’t first require a massive ego-crushing. And Billy is long past due for that.

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