Admissions Against Interest, Part 837

I was perusing the filing that has been sent by Bill Schmalfeldt to the Maryland court in the case John Hoge has filed against him. This request to dismiss was in lieu of simply waggling his middle finger in a shocking breech of decorum (cuz that’s really all he’s got) at HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!, who is suing him for defamation and breach of contract.

Something in this filing, however, struck me as odd.

admission against interest 2

Please note that he avers, to the court, that BEFORE RELOCATING on Aug. 22, 2015, he signed the title of the Tincasa Splendor Palace over to TJ.

Now. Where oh where have I seen admissions from Bill that this just isn’t so?

Oh that’s right! Here. It was written on November 5, 2015.

Admission against interest

So, as of November 5, 2015, Bill Schmalfeldt was proclaiming to the Internet at large that he OWNED the Tincasa Splendor Palace. Unlike what he averred to the court.

Now, whether or not Maryland takes trailers in a trailer park as “real property” (that designation varies from state to state), it seems to me that either someone is LYING to the court now or was LYING then. Either way, Bill Schmalfeldt has a not-so-good acquaintance with the truth and certainly can’t keep his statements straight. Which is not so good for him, eh?

Oopsie Poopsie!



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11 Responses to Admissions Against Interest, Part 837

  1. He lied? I’m sure we can figure out which is true, when you get his entire financial documentation including bank statement in the countersuit.

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  2. Minemyown says:

    Should be a record of that transfer of title or deed at the county court house, with the fees paid. After all the government has to get it cut.

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  3. Jane says:

    Bill Schmalfeldt is a lying liar who lies, and according to the published DD-214s, lied about being awarded military honors it wore, aka stolen valor.

    Bill Schmalfeldt appears to be so addled by dementia that the loathsome loser even believes the lies it tells others. For example, Bill Schmalfeldt probably could have passed a lie detector claiming that its wife “died in [its] arms,” but the truth of the matter is that she died all alone, even though the fat freak knew she was near death, having described her death rattle, just like it appeared to relish graphically describing every mortifying detail of her suffering.

    The grotesque ghoul posted photos of her near death, and photos of her in her underwear. The malignant monster described her as soaked “with urine up to her armpits” and soiling herself, stripping every last bit of dignity from her to bring attention to its repulsive self.

    Instead of comforting her, or even being with her, the craven coprophagiac was on the internet, trying to paint itself a victim, attacking those it hates, and seeking attention.

    It’s no wonder the fat freak lies even to itself. The truth shows it to be a vile, disgusting monster.

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  4. Joe Smirnoff says:

    The Fat Blob (or Slob), either term works, is working doubly hard with all this court stuff. I wonder if dumbass, sorry, Dumb*uck, will publish it in a real journalistic endeavor once he has lost?

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  5. MJ says:

    He rewrites his history during each re-branding. Each time he does, he changes points along the way. First, Gail didn’t know anything. During a later rebranding, “DOCTORS THINK HOGE KILLED MY WIFE!!!”

    So it’s no surprise that he changes his story before the court. May be a fascinating research into the “REBRANDING LIES: THE SORDID TRAGEDY OF DUMBFUCK BILL SCHMALFELDT”

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  6. Paul Krendler says:

    Despite the perversity of your insults, DUMBFUCK, the essential question remains unanswered: were you lying on November 5, 2015 when you said you still owned the trailer that Your Best Bud kicked you out of, or are you lying in your Motion to Dismiss when you say that you signed the title over to him prior to him kicking you out in August of 2015? Either you owned it on November 5, 2015 or you did not.

    Which is the lie, you lying idiot (it is Friday, right?)? Or shall we embrace the power of AND, and conclude that both statements are lies?

    The one thing we know is that both statements cannot be true.

    Because you’re a liar. A really, really bad liar.

    Posted from work. Where I work. At my job. Which I have. Because fuck you.

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  7. Just A Thought says:

    Nobody loves me enough to send me the filing so that I may have lulz. Imma gonna sue somebody for that insult.

    Of cours,e having no real body of my own means “borrowing” the email of whomever’s head I’m in presents OpSec issues, but no matter! IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT11!1!!1!

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