It’s Ok to Libel Someone

But only if they point out that you are STEALING someone’s FEDERALLY REGISTERED call sign.

libel 1

But, but, but, appropriating someone’s FEDERALLY REGISTERED call sign is A-Ok, innit? Because Bill Schmalfeldt says so.

libel 2

What on God’s green earth would be the point of FEDERALLY REGISTERING a call sign if it wasn’t important to distinguish one radio station from another, Internet radio station or not? It’s perfectly ok that Bill Schmalfeldt STEALS YOUR BRAND because it’s okay by Bill Schmalfeldt. It’s all right. Plus you are obviously so insignificant you wouldn’t notice it anyway.

libel 6

Besides, you being notified that Bill Schmalfeldt was STEALING YOUR BRAND wasn’t about you, it was all to make things bad for HIM.

libel 3

“ME, ME, ME, ME! It’s all about me.” – Shorter Bill Schmalfeldt.

That’s why it’s OK for Bill to steal your FEDERALLY REGISTERED call sign. Because Bill wants it. It’s his. Because it was used in the city where he now lives a long time ago. And because he hasn’t got an original thought in his brain and he just wants to copy all the old stuff. Never mind that it means that he has to STEAL YOUR BRAND in order to make it HIS brand.

Never mind us. We’re just all right-wing nutjobs over here according to Bill Schmalfeldt.

libel 4

Bill Schmalfeldt apparently doesn’t remember why I’m here. I’m here to document every single time he does something like THIS. So that other people know that this is what he does. If you DARE to notify somebody that he is STEALING THEIR FEDERALLY REGISTERED call sign, you are going to have something like THIS done to you.

In reality, perhaps Bill Schmalfeldt should have tried to do something like THIS and actually registered his radio station.

Oh! And I forgot. He’s going to do “something” to our good friend David. I imagine it will be him trying to report David to the cops for “stalking.” *snort*

libel 5

But guess what? He can’t make it all go away like he used to be able to do before. Oopsie Poopsie!

P.S. I don’t think I need to do this for my normal and regular visitors here, but for anyone who doesn’t already have the memo, please don’t spam the innocent radio station trying to sort out the crazy that is Bill Schmalfeldt. I’m sure they will be able to figure it out all on their own quite nicely. After all, all they have to do is Google Bill Schmalfeldt. It’s all right there in his own words. After all, he is the one who appropriated someone else’s FEDERALLY REGISTERED call sign and is now doubling down on stupid. And what could prove the point better than that?


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43 Responses to It’s Ok to Libel Someone

  1. Jane says:

    Big bonus points on the PS, beloved TDPZ. Absolutely no member of the horde would condone emailing that station or anyone else, including the self-described happy my wife died theMerryWidower. That’s how we always know the grotesque ghoul’s ridiculous claims of victimization by blog comment or email are totally bogus.

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  2. one handle and stick to it says:

    Something tells me a Christian radio station director might be nauseated by Bill’s idea of “comedy”

    And Billy, with his usual lunkhead attention to detail, addresses his libelous letter to
    “Richard Bell” (sic)

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  3. JeffM says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, Ash, but did not Witless Willie sue someone over misappropriation of his name? I guess it is just fine, though, if he misappropriates someone’s call sign. The call sign is for some low-power radio station, but the name belongs to a real big shot. Did I spell the last word, right, Ash?

    I suspect that what has Witless really upset is that Dave’s letter may get Willie in a spot of hot water, and Willie himself would never do anything like that. His contacts with CBRE were just altruistic efforts to help out a struggling company whose equipment was being misused.

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    • Why yes, Jeff, you are correct. It is apparently misappropriation of his name according to him to have his name in a website descriptor. But of course it’s fine for him to appropriate the call sign of an insignificant little Christian radio station in Georgia, natch. And yes, because he is a real big shot indeed!

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  4. Neal N. Bob says:

    While it’s hilarious that the guy who’s suing over the commercial appropriation of his name is stealing call letters for his idiotic enterprise, it’s even funnier that he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about.

    “In 1983 the FCC ended its supervision of call letter disputes, and two years later the Patent and Trademark Office gave broadcasters the right to protect their call letters. Since then, several radio stations have gone to court, claiming trademark infringement by competing stations on call letters, slogans, and dial positions. Whether stations prevail depends on such factors as type of mark, content of the call sign or slogan, audience recognition of competing calls or slogans, similarity of audience and format, and extent to which similar call signs or slogans may confuse the public.”

    Accordingly, if the Georgia station broadcasts over an internet platform alongside its terrestrial presence, Drunkenstein has a problem. DUMBFUCK may have just opened himself up to yet another lawsuit because he’s lazy, drunk and stupid.

    I wonder how the station would react to the news that Oliver Wendell Jones is being sued for copyright-related matters as he violates their trademark? It might be helpful to send them copies of his lulzsuits to show that he has a general awareness of how these things work.

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  5. one handle and stick to it says:

    So Billy wants to libel a lawyer? I’ll just leave this here…

    Registrar: TUCOWS DOMAINS INC.
    Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 69
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    To submit a report of illegal activity related to a domain name or abuse, please contact You can also reach us by telephone at +1.416.535.0123.
    Tucows reviews and responds to all reports received. Reports are tracked and logged through a hosted ticketing system managed by Tucows. We will subsequently take action if deemed appropriate.

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  6. Jeanette Victoria says:

    LOL Never underestimate the sheer stupidly of these narcissistic progressives who thinks their shit smell like roses

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  7. Minemyown says:

    Is your station streaming music? If so, you are responsible for paying licensing fees to ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and SoundExchange. Don’t put it off another day — get legal now! LEARN MORE.

    Is billl paying his licensing fees?

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  8. Onlooker says:

    I wouldn’t want anyone, especially a “hobbyist,” to appropriate the registered call sign of my radio station, let alone BS. I don’t give a hang about his enemies or his politics, (except to the extent I might care about his internet promoted content being confused for my station’s) but I’d expect him to stop using my call sign and chose another.


  9. MJ says:

    So wait.. Bill wrote a letter back to a corporate entity claiming they shouldn’t mind him stealing their call signs because David is part of a right wing cult and that their station isn’t a big deal anyway? This even after David, a lawyer, advised him his efforts at illegally appropriating their call sign they build a brand around was not a good idea?

    DUMBFUCK logic is bad for you, kids. This message brought to you today by the Ad Council, and the Dementia Society of America.

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  10. MJ says:

    Oh oh! ME! ME! I know the answer to this:

    BECAUSE YOU ARE SUING OR HAVE SUED THESE PEOPLE IN COURT! I guess the only step left for you is to die and make it official.

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    • Nobody died to put me in charge. I filled an unfortunately necessary void in the universe. The minute Bill Schmalfeldt stops attacking people for the “crime” of disagreeing with him, I get to go away and have a much happier life.


  11. BusPassOffice says:

    The skirts are flapping, the skirts are flapping……………………………………………

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  12. Boston Bob says:

    And a 2 second Bing search shows that “WMS” radio is a county music station out of Nashville, TN. Looks like it has a bit more power than the last one.

    Not sure if the extra “-DB” is enough to make it legal, since the law ain’t my field. I’ll leave it to the philosophers to discuss.

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  13. juicyjoe101 says:

    Bill, you should stop doing things that you really suck at, like life

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  14. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Oh dear, the man who got fired from every radio job, most within a year or 18 months, is preaching about professionals? If HE had been professional I’ll bet he’d have a job instead of merely possessing a track record of firings.

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    • Non-professionals at what? Bill’s not a professional at anything – well except at failing at lawsuits. Hell, I’m more of a professional reporter than he is and I’ve been out of the biz for 15 years!


      • JeffM says:

        There are two senses of the word “professional.” One means “paid for performance.” The other means “more than competent.” Witless fails under either definition.


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