This Is Why I Bother

This. It’s disgusting. Don’t go there. Honestly.

Just keep it available for evidence that this is the lengths Bill Schmalfeldt will go to. He’s willing to drag the most innocent among us out and beat both that innocent and her parents for the alleged sins (many of which had nothing to do with Bill, particularly as relates to L.S.) that caused him to do what he did over and over and over again. Somehow I don’t think it makes him look as good as he thinks it makes him look. Paints a vastly different picture from where I sit. Especially since Bill likes to toot his whole “disabled widower” horn ever so much as a shield.

I don’t mention Bill’s wife here often, if at all. There’s a reason. Family is off limits to me. Not so for Bill Schmalfeldt. He thinks that any criticism of him is actually about his wife it seems. And so (in his mind) he is more than justified at not only calling you names and dragging up things about you (true or not), but also your spouse, your significant other, your boy/girlfriend, your child, your grandchild, your assorted other family members. They too are all fair game for him and have been for quite some time. And don’t forget your employers as well. They need to know that you do BAD THINGS (even if you don’t) and should be punished. Because, reasons. SMH

Really and truly, it’s all about Bill and his conduct around here. I had no beef with his wife, although I thought she might have been misguided in certain things; as an adult she was free to make those choices. Such is life.

I’m only responsible for me. You are only responsible for you. Bill is responsible for Bill.

However, Bill seems to think that we are ALL responsible (and especially Krendler because Bill says so) for the vile site that he (thankfully) got shut down featuring that picture he so foolishly took and then flung to people he had never met, who never had connections with him in the slightest. And it got out. And it also got submitted to the court as an exhibit of his harassment in a case that HE filed against people for his hurt feelings. Which made the proverbial cat completely out of the bag, unfortunately, never to be put back in again.

I don’t hold with this “group guilt” that Bill’s got going. Group Guilt has never convinced me, no matter what context it is used in, nor who makes the argument. It’s a non-starter, and is used as a crutch for those who really don’t have an argument but just want to make the most people suffer something because the one making the argument is hurt.

I’m only responsible for me. You are only responsible for you. Bill is responsible for Bill.

The thing here? If Bill had never taken that picture and then sent it? If Bill had never written that parody of John Hoge where he described Connie as a drunk and a whore? If Bill had never decided to reach out and call CPS on the Stranahans for no good reason? Somehow I don’t think things would have ever risen to this level. And he continues to do things that make people talk about him and not in a good way. The current LOLSuit is but one instance of that. His response to John Hoge’s lawsuit is another.

Bill Schmalfeldt made choices. Unfortunately he is reaping things that hurt his feelings as a result. While I’m ok with that at one level, on another, it makes me sad, because things could have gone a different way. Then again I realize that if he just busied himself with his hobby, and didn’t go out blindly swinging at people, or suing them, or tried to hurt them in their real life, this would go away. For the most part.

At this point in time, Bill has done so many things to so many people, used so many bad tactics in the name of “journalism”, and continues to do these things that people have made it their life’s mission to stop him. Some even using the same tactics he has used himself. Some won’t ever quit, no matter what Bill does under the principle of “the only good rabid dog is a dead rabid dog.”

It’s not surprising he doesn’t like it one little bit.

P.S. Real victims? Don’t republish the awful things that they don’t like over and over and over again. I’m just sayin’.


About The Dread Pirate Zombie

Member of the Zombie Horde and Lickspittle Minion. Out to eat your brainnnsssss. And a few other sweetbreads because they are so nomm-y. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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32 Responses to This Is Why I Bother

  1. Slow clap! Gathering momentum. Thunderous applause!

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  2. A word to the wise. If you are inclined to get in the mud with Bill, be damned sure of your anonymity. Change nicknames often, and make sure nothing links back to you.

    Or, you could stand behind the words you type.

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    • All too true. And such a shame that one has to do such a thing.

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    • Dr_Mike says:

      Or, just don’t link to your own blog in your own avatar.

      That seems to be the level where Bill encounters occasional (rare) success.

      But yes, advice taken.


    • If you are inclined to comment, at all, on a TFS blog, even on something that has nothing to do with Bill Schmalfeldt, I’d recommend taking some measures to guard your identity.

      Not because of the risk of being swatted. That is real, but I think it’s a tactic now abandoned by whoever employed it in defense of Kimberlin. Not even really because of the risk of being sued, although that is all to real and possibly very expensive.

      Take those measures to protect your family from the sort of things that Bill Schmalfeldt thinks are journalism, persuasion, commentary, and comedy. At a minimum: It’s less trouble to create an anonymous commenter persona than it is to obtain a restraining order [for yourself, or your toddler grandchild]. It’s far less trouble than explaining to your wife, your sister, or maybe your nine-year-old daughter why there is some vicious old nut calling her a whore and photoshopping dicks onto her facebook pictures. Take those measures of anonymity also to protect random strangers, and their families, who might have the same surname as you, or who chose a similar screen name at some point. Don’t give this horrible person, Bill Schmalfeldt, any excuse to go bothering people, because he will. He will not ever be satisfied with just disagreeing with you, nor with only attacking you for disagreeing with him [or his odalisque Kimberlin]. He’ll go after your family if he can find them. He’ll try to make trouble for you at your job if he can find out what it is. If he fails to dox you, he’ll attack essentially random people.

      Don’t give him any reason to think he has a vulnerable target.

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  3. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

    Bill Schmalfeldt must not have ever heard that parable. Or “Karma is a Bitch.” Or “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    He doesn’t get that nothing more than his own action are being reflected back on him.

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  4. one handle and stick to it says:

    I can think of some property people at Canticle and Juniper Courts who might want to know the mental state of one of their tenants. How long before Billy’s neighbors find out the psycho they have living nearby?

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  5. Jane says:

    Dementia addled idiot thinks its a great idea to repeat things that have already caused many to find the fat freak to be thoroughly despicable. To my mind, this just proves the loathsome loser is so lonely, after having repulsed virtually all who’ve ever had the misfortune to become aware of the grotesque ghoul’s existence, that it will do anything to get our attention, to have human contact, even though it’s all negative. The malignant monster is that desperate for anyone to pay it attention.

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    • jamest says:

      “Dementia addled idiot thinks its a great idea to repeat things that have already caused many to find the fat freak to be thoroughly despicable…” The truth is, is that Cabin Boy is proud of what he posted. He was proud of it on the original post date, and he is just as proud of it now. He has no idea why the rest of the sane world thinks his obsessing over the death of a stranger’s child, making wild accusations and insinuations, still; makes him look not just the fool, but a sociopath.

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  7. I’m going to side with “the only good rabid dog is a dead rabid dog”. In this case I’ll accept “incarcerated”, “committed”, or “permanently banned from the internet” in place of “dead”, but I won’t cry if what gets him to stop attacking people to fulfil his own perverted need to be successful and prove he’s better and smarter than anyone else turns out to be “dead”.

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    • Jane says:

      ↑↑↑ This ↑↑↑

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    • Gus Bailey says:

      Look, y’all know I pray for Bill; not just for his immortal soul, but for him in the here and now. Some of the things he does are vile and disgusting and repugnant and amoral and immoral and make folks question his fitness for membership in society; not arguing. But he can change.

      I think I first came to his attention by pointing out that one day he would die, through no fault or action or influence of any Lickspittle or Zombie. I suggested that, based on his performance to date, he would most likely die alone, and quite possibly un-loved. I think he took that as a curse. It wasn’t, it was a forecast. But forecasts are subject to change. Bill IS responsible for his actions. If he will take charge of his life, it will still end; but it doesn’t have to end miserably. And his afterlife can be much better than where his current path ends as well.

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      • BusPassOffice says:

        I agree he can change as well, I do pray for him often. But, he has to realize that transferring his pain in attacking the memory of a lost child as about as heinous as it can get.

        The SS and the Gestapo sometimes tortured children in front of parents of resistance fighters to get them to talk. Its a tactic that all nations communist and capitalist tracked these animals down and tried them and hung them.

        Wisconsin has laws on the books, I would think that someone who just made criminal complaints and then went and did something worse, should really think again before doing it.

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        • Gus Bailey says:

          The only argument I have with what you say, BPO, is that the word is “hanged”; otherwise, render unto Caesar…


          • crawford421 says:

            Gaius Julius Caesar, when he was young, was captured by pirates. He was insulted by the low ransom they asked for him.

            He returned and hanged every one of them.


        • one handle and stick to it says:

          If the Deb Frisch case is any guide, then no, no, no, he absolutely will not change, any more than a rabid dog can change. He can only be caged and, in the end, deterred from continued sociopathic behavior by threatening prompt, certain and severe consequences for persisting in past patterns.


      • Mr Minority says:

        I don’t pity Billy, because of his actions and words, he has brought all his calamities upon himself. What I do pity is the fact that Billy could have been a decent person, but somewhere he crossed over into the evil territory and became this person full of hatred and vileness that just oozes out with every word he speaks and write.

        Gus, hopefully your prayers are answered, because the way he is going, he is going die choking on his own hateful puke.

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        • Jane says:

          Whether the loathsome loser chokes on its unjustified pride, or on a bag of dicks, one thing is certain: The grotesque ghoul will die alone, with no one feeling anything but relief at the repulsive monster’s passing.

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      • Dr_Mike says:

        I know Bill hates to read things like this, which is part of why I do it, but Gus, you are a better man than I am. I feel Bill has fully earned his fate, and I merely await it. Not actually with relish, more with ketchup and mustard. But I await it.

        If he finds some last vestige of his own soul, and finds Christ, well, good for him but I truly will not mourn if he does not. And as for the last vestige of his own soul, I believe it was small, green, he said it smelled foul to him and he flushed it.

        His latest antics only confirm this opinion.

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