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The Seven Deadly Sins: ENVY

Envy is insidious. It has wormed its way into every corner of our culture. Everyone is now a special snowflake, and the special snowflakes are competing to be the most special. It’s really quite pathetic, as envy will gnaw away … Continue reading

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Oh, to Have the Memory of a Gnat

Or the memory of Bill Schmalfeldt. Same difference. Because it makes you forget all the awful things you have done that you are yet again threatening to do yet again.

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While I Doubt the Veracity of the Claims

I would once again like to issue a generalized request to members of the Zombie Horde, both acknowledged and unacknowledged: Please, for the love of all things Zombie, don’t be like Bill Schmalfeldt.

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Why Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!

Defendant Sarah Palmer just doesn't get it. All I wanted was to be certain that Paul Krendler was Patrick Grady. Now, I'm certain. All done! — Purloined Parodies (@PurloinedParody) May 17, 2016 “ALWAYS WRONG BUT NEVER UNCERTAIN” It’s a cliché … Continue reading

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Embare”ass”ment Gone Wild

Jeff Foxworthy has a comedy skit where he described what he and his young buddies used to do in high school – they would drive around, flashing their naked buttocks pressed against the car window to little old ladies to … Continue reading

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The Seven Deadly Sins: SLOTH

Laziness, both physically and spiritually is the epitome of sloth. The way of the sluggard is blocked with thorns, but the path of the upright is a highway. Proverbs 15:19

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The Seven Deadly Sins: LUST

Humans are hardwired for sexual attraction. It is one of the primal impulses that we have, and as such, is very natural. But when taken the wrong direction? Well, we have all seen what can happen when Bill Schmalfeldt describes … Continue reading

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