Oh, to Have the Memory of a Gnat

Or the memory of Bill Schmalfeldt. Same difference. Because it makes you forget all the awful things you have done that you are yet again threatening to do yet again.

This mini-Feltdown starts from his complaint that someone is leaving messages on his website that he just doesn’t approve of yet again.



You know, when I get comments that are unwanted on my website, I ignore them for the most part. I have a handful of them, just sitting there, unapproved.

I bet most of the readers here can guess who they are from and what they are trying to say/do.




By the way. Defense of what, precisely? What crime are we talking about? Alas, we shall never know. Oh well.


Ah! Now Krendler is Grady’s stooge? Interesting.

There’s also a *slight* problem with Bill’s tweet here. See the stuff in quotation marks? Yeah, it comes from a letter from Microsoft to Bill Schmalfeldt. That Bill Schmalfeldt posted on the Internet. Here it is:

Bill Microsoft


You will notice that Microsoft is the one that said that about what Bill’s email account was allegedly being used for – of course being completely vague about the actual “serious violation” was while shutting him down. BUT! Since Bill couldn’t rebut them properly in the way he wanted to, of course this is invalid. And UNJUST! And just WRONG!

Whatever. Bill posted this letter. Because he wanted attention. But now he doesn’t want the attention anymore because it’s gotten too negative for him because people ran with it and it hurts his feewings. So what does the attention-whore do? POST SOME MORE!

(It’s called a cycle for a reason!)


So, Krendler (and other folk) wuz a big ‘ole meanie to Bill. This means (in his mind) that he gets to go rambling about what he *could* do to people to accuse them of stuff that they didn’t do.

The problem?

He’s already done what he says he could possibly do in a lot of instances. This isn’t a hypothetical, in other words.


He already did so with a bunch of tweets and web posts a few months ago.


Again. So many tweets that have already been made. So little time.


Comments left on other websites saying this very thing. And, if I’m remembering correctly, actual full-on websites about these children. And let’s not talk about those times when he said that MY father most likely touched me inappropriately.

But, of course, that would be so very bad, horrible, no good, down right awful.

Except for the fact that he has ALREADY DONE SO. Multiple times! But I guess Bill Schmalfeldt can’t remember that because he yet again keeps on threatening to do the same things yet again.


Except the awful, horrible things that he has ALREADY DONE PREVIOUSLY yet again. And that he OBVIOUSLY means to do yet again. But this time, you are warned yet again. For talking about an email that HE posted yet again. That he all of a sudden doesn’t like anymore yet again. But unfortunately he can’t take it back from the Internet yet again.

Oopsie Poopsie.


Yes. Blame everything on politics and how CRAZY stupid people get over politics. Right. That makes you look sane.


Below his dignity. Right. Because that isn’t what he just meant right there. No, not at all. Not in the SLIGHTEST BIT. Especially not like the OTHER times he called this particular wife fat and threw in racist comments about her. Oh no. This is NOTHING like that yet again.


Once again. People who mention the email that Bill Schmalfeldt put on the Internet that was sent to him by Microsoft only do so because Bill Schmalfeldt chose to put it out there. He only has himself to blame for providing them the EVIDENCE for their mockery yet again.


There really is only one logical response to that tweet.



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14 Responses to Oh, to Have the Memory of a Gnat

  1. I actually cribbed this comment from BillySez. These are Bill’s words in a comment:

    “You don’t scare me either, and I will be more than happy to devote as much website time to you — on a brand new website — as you are devoting to me. So ask yourself, how much does Bill know, and how long will you deny it if I choose to make up stuff about you like you and your clowns have made up about me?”

    Since that was a long time ago, maybe he’s put that sort of “False Flag” operation into use several times by now. Sending himself stuff, making up stuff, that sort of thing. Keep up the good work, TDPZ.

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    • Like I said. So many comments, so little time. He’s done this stuff before, he’s threatened these things before. He will do it yet again. The sad thing is that I don’t have to make anything up about him. He said it. It’s there in black and white. Not much more to be done about it.

      At what point in time does he realize that none of his bluster and bombast helps him in any way? For his sake, I hope it is soon.

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  2. Gus Bailey says:

    Two beautiful animals were put down at Pimlico.

    Bill Schmalfeldt is still on the internet.

    Eventually the worm will turn.

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  3. gmhowell says:

    Microsoft must have screwed up and said something actionable. I’m sure they employ the third worst lawyer in the country.

    On Tue, May 24, 2016 at 4:15 PM, BILLY SEZ – The Bill Schmalfeldt Feldtdown Observer wrote:

    > The Dread Pirate Zombie posted: “Or the memory of Bill Schmalfeldt. Same > difference. Because it makes you forget all the awful things you have done > that you are yet again threatening to do yet again. This mini-Feltdown > starts from his complaint that someone is leaving messages on ” >

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  4. Just A Thought says:

    He misspelled provably again.

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  5. crawford421 says:

    None of us said he sent “pretend child porn”. We’ve said his “skits” are at least obscene and offensive, and possibly child pornography. And Microsoft said his email account was being used to commit “serious offenses” of their service agreement — and the examples they gave were illegal activity and child pornography. Now, we can’t know exactly WHY they chose THOSE examples, but I’m sure we all have our theories.

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  6. crawford421 says:

    And, Bill, if you “decided to roll” the biggest danger to us would be from the laughter.

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  7. Jane says:

    Microsoft had access to the fat freak’s email. They didn’t take anyone’s word for what it contained.

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  8. Grace says:

    Microsoft Services Agreement — Code of Conduct

    Note: Microsoft (via the email the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt HIMself willingly shared on the intertoobz) specifically mentioned:


    The Spreader of Malware (or) The Viewer/Distributor of Child Pornography Bill Schmalfeldt appealed Microsoft’s initial decision. Microsoft re-reviewed his content. Microsoft came to the exact same conclusion, and permanently canned his infringing account.

    Oh. But, I’m sure BS really had Microsoft quaking in their collective boots with his “This email represents the last time I will ever use or advertise a Microsoft product on my blogs or podcasts.” comment/threat.


    He’s got nowhere to go here. He clearly committed an offense and/or offenses. He, himself, posted the damn proof of doing so.

    He lies like he breathes. He can stop doing both anytime now.

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