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DUMBFUCKS EVERYWHERE! Lordy, lordy, it has been quite a week already, hasn’t it? And me, such a busy bee off having way too much FUN doing things with silk and wool and linen, oh my! I haven’t been able to … Continue reading

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I Think This Particular Argument

Is going to end up being a throwing star that can be used against Bill Schmalfeldt from MANY different angles. This is gonna be FUN!

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‘You’re Killing Me’ Bill Has Returned!

And ZOMG, it is GLORIOUS! Since Bill Schmalfeldt FAILED in getting his FIRST motion to dismiss approved by the judge, he is going for a SECOND one. I remarked on its epic DUMBFUCKERY in the post below this one. But … Continue reading

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When a Judge Makes a Ruling

That the provisions of “X” law have been fulfilled and that you are subject to personal jurisdiction under that statute, like this:

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Gee. I Wonder.

Half-hearted and feeble motions to dismiss, a disappeared Twitter account, vapid hand-waving at political figures. Ever-so-special musical selections. It’s almost as if he’s given up on what previously made him spin. Don’t get me wrong now. That would be a … Continue reading

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Who Knew That Today in History Held Such Sadness and Loss

That it could be felt on an epic and grand scale even now? Today marks the death of a species of creature so small that most of us have never even heard of it as well as a woman of … Continue reading

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While Zombies Might Not Go In For This Thing


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