Note to Self

When attempting to be a sneaky bastard…

It’s helpful not to have to use tape to keep a door open that the night watchman then finds and removes that you then have to replace AGAIN. And the watchman finds it. Again. Leading to the cops being called and you being arrested and the whole country losing its collective mind because OMG, WIRETAPPING!!!11!!1!

June 17, 1972.

It actually began in January of that year when the plan was hatched to spy on the Democratic Party. It went through a couple iterations before the first break-in at the Watergate Hotel happened on May 28. Two phones at the DNC offices were alleged to have been wiretapped, however evidence of only one phone being bugged was ever found. It belonged to Robert Spencer Oliver who was the executive director of the Association of State Democratic Chairmen.

But the first bug? Well, it was kinda buggy. So they had to go back and repair it. D’oh! That was when they were discovered. Five men were arrested inside the DNC office and charged with attempted burglary and attempted interception of telephone and other communications.

A simple burgling job. Foiled by a night watchman who discovered tape on a door and then followed up when it mysteriously reappeared. And it brought down a presidency when the fool (who actually wasn’t even involved or consulted about the burglaries) sitting in the Oval Office decided to create ANOTHER conspiracy to cover up just who was involved in the break-in.

Don’t be like Dick! It will cost you your nice cushy residence in the White House. And then make awesome cartoonists lampoon you forever. All the good things you did will be washed away because of your pride and hubris. Children will first be introduced to you and what you did via books like this. I will forever associate the asterisk with Richard Nixon and the Watergate Scandal as a result. Good job!



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8 Responses to Note to Self

  1. Dianna says:

    Asterisk, and why do you need five guys to commit a burglary? Oh, and July 17th?

    Train, phone

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  2. Jane says:

    Sadly the days of bringing down a presidency over a conspiracy or a burglary are gone. Look at what Obama has survived, and Bill Clinton before him. And the dems are about to nominate not just a felon, but someone who at best played fast and loose with national security and cost at least four Americans their lives. And the presumptive nominee on the other side… don’t get me started…

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    • The interesting thing is that this sort of spying on your political enemies had been done before. By Democrats. But, of course, we never hear about it because they didn’t get caught.

      Modern day politics are a sewer best not looked into. While I don’t expect someone with a snow-white background, the choices we currently have make me just want to flush the toilet over and over and over again. And pray that the damn thing doesn’t back up and flood the room with raw sewage. Which I’m sure it will….

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      • Jane says:

        That reminds me… you’ve likely heard about Vanity Fair‘s theory that Trump is irritated that he generates yuuuuuuuge ratings and $$ for the networks and doesn’t get paid for it, so he’s thinking of starting his own network. What you may not have seen yet is Jim Geraghty’s parody weekday line-up for TrumpTV. For example:

        …1 p.m. to 2 p.m: Two Corinthians. Live from the newly reopened Scores strip club in the Trump Taj Mahal Casino, host Philip Jennings and guest Jerry Falwell Jr. explain complicated theological questions, such as how it can sometimes be God’s will for you to sleep with married women and brag about it in your autobiography. …

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      • paralleldino says:

        Like Reagan, Trump is able to connect to his base over the objection and interference of the ruling class. The “anointed” are going completely insane over Trump’s candidacy because their usual set of tools to suppress alternative viewpoints are failing.

        The anointed (see truly believe they have an inherent right to rule everyone else because of their superior intellects. But as the outcomes of their policies are becoming too horrible to ignore, they can’t imagine why their self congratulatory virtue signalling no longer overwhelms objectors.

        If you are looking for virtue in your politicians YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG. If people were angels we wouldn’t need government! But the only beings we have available to run government are people. Best to ASSUME our politicians to be evil power hungry assholes, and set them up to fight each other at every possible opportunity.

        So we should encourage, expect and CELEBRATE this sort of mudslinging on all sides, as part of the necessary price to pay as we seek to expose all possible disqualifications for anyone wanting the power to kill hundreds of millions in an afternoon through use of the US military nuclear arsenal.


        • crawford421 says:

          Yes — I’d prefer mudslinging and stated differences to good-fellow-well-met, “comity” idiocy where both candidates are just two faces of the same movement.

          Yes, I’m looking at McCain and Romney — and others — with that statement.


      • paralleldino says:

        See also wherein Roger Simon denotes this phenomenon “moral narcissism”.


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