‘You’re Killing Me’ Bill Has Returned!


Since Bill Schmalfeldt FAILED in getting his FIRST motion to dismiss approved by the judge, he is going for a SECOND one. I remarked on its epic DUMBFUCKERY in the post below this one.

But now. He’s gone and done it again. Throwing another legal Feltdown. Not content with waiting for this new motion to be laughed out of court, he says he’s going to submit a new motion, one to transfer the case.

No, seriously. It’s just damn spectacular.

Screenshot 2016-06-25 13.44.10

Dude. There are emails, blog posts and tweets from Bill Schmalfeldt saying that he is OH SO DAMN WILLING to come back to Maryland in furtherance of legal justice.

The only problem? For him, legal justice is that which he wants exacted upon John Hoge.

But when the possibility that he might have to return for JOHN to be able to get his due from Bill?

Oh no. No, no, no, no, no. That’s just not possible. He’s too disabled. Too feeble. Too sick.

Yeah, he’s sick. Sick in the head if he thinks that this is going to fly.

So yeah people. The house is getting full of popcorn. I’ve already traipsed up and down as many stairs as I’m going to today, so I’ve got nothing better to do than sit back and munch away.

Nom, nom!

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9 Responses to ‘You’re Killing Me’ Bill Has Returned!

  1. Jeanette Victoria says:

    Crazy delusional people think crazy delusional thoughts. You can’t reason crazy out of him you have to medicate him.

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    • one handle and stick to it says:

      IMHO, incarceration would be far preferable to medication.

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      • Jane says:

        +1 but I’d be content with the loathsome loser committed to a mental facility, so long as the fat freak is not allowed to stalk, harass, and generally be a demented dependent DUMF5CK to others.


    • paralleldino says:

      Heinlein might be on to something:

      “‘Back to these young criminals — They probably were not spanked as babies; they certainly were not flogged for their crimes. The usual sentence was: for a first offence, a warning — a scolding, often without trial. After several offenses a sentence of confinement but with sentence suspended and the youngster placed on probation. A boy might be arrested may times and convicted several times before he was punished — and then it would be merely confinement, with others like him from whom he learned still more criminal habits. If he kept out of major trouble while confined, he could usually evade most of even that mild punishment, be given probation — ‘paroled’ in the jargon of the times.’

      “‘This incredible sequence could go on for years while his crimes increased in frequency and viciousness, with no punishment whatever save rare dull-but-comfortable confinements. Then suddenly, usually by law on his eighteenth birthday, this so-called ‘juvenile delinquent’ becomes an adult criminal — and sometimes wound up in only weeks or months in a death cell awaiting execution for murder.’

      “He had singled me out again. ‘Suppose you merely scolded your puppy, never punished him, let him go on making messes in the house … and occasionally locked him up in an outbuilding but soon let him back into the house with a warning not to do it again. Then one day you notice that he is now a grown dog and still not housebroken — whereupon you whip out a gun and shoot him dead. Comment, please?’

      “‘Why … that’s the craziest way to raise a dog I ever heard of!”

      “‘I agree. Or a child. Whose fault would it be?”

      “‘Uh … why, mine, I guess.’

      “‘Again I agree. But I’m not guessing.'”

      Reference: http://www.magma.ca/~yeti/troopers.html

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  2. If he’s well enough to live in a facility which does not provide him with any help with ADL, he’s more than well enough to take a damn train, bus, or plane, anywhere at all.

    And as for his neurostimulator (And when was the last time he had that checked? Isn’t he supposed to see a doctor about it more than once a year? Don’t the batteries run out eventually?), hundreds of folks with pacemakers and other implanted devices manage to go through TSA screening every single day without a problem. I’m sure he wouldn’t be the first neurostimulator they’d ever seen.

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  3. gmhowell says:

    Anybody have a link to his insanity? I tried clicking on the images from his Twitter posts, but seemed to miss great swaths of it. Not sure if tech fail or Schmalfail.

    Can post to any thread at the sooper sekrit site if you don’t want Shakey to see and DMCA the archives.


  4. Paul Krendler says:

    Long awaited, highly anticipated.

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  5. JeffM says:

    My goodness, the derp field is strong today and seems to be focused on Wisconsin.

    Let’s see. The general rule is: “If there is more than one defendant, and there is no single venue applicable to all defendants, under subsection (a), all may be sued in a county in which any one of them could be sued …” So Kimberlin does not have to be sued in Montgomery counts if ANY of the other defendants can be sued in another county. Do these bozos even know how to read?

    And then it says “Action for damages against a nonresident individual — Any county in the State.”

    There are (so far) three defendants not resident in Marlyland. Milwaukee may be convenient for one defendant, but it is not convenient for anyone else, and (last time I looked) Milwaukee is not even adjacent to Maryland.

    If the defendants do not want to be sued in Carrol County they are, to use a technical term of art, “fucked up the wazoo.”

    As for “forum non conveniens,” what was just quoted IS the “forum non conveniens” rule in Maryland.

    And there is the pitiful argument: “You meanie you. You did not send me your opposition electronically so I am putting you on notice that you can’t send me ANY filings electronically. So there.” The basic argument seems to be “It gets me so hot when you are mean to me. You don’t choose to kiss me when you fuck me so you can’t kiss me at all.” Okie-dokie.

    And then the even more feeble: “Well you can kiss me whenever you want to because I am so hot for you.” In Willie-speak, this is called “cooling down.”

    Finally, we have the notion that once the courts have ruled that personal jurisdiction lies in Maryland, the case must be tried in Wisconsin if even one defendant ran away to Wisconsin to avoid further litigation in Maryland. Ash, it seems to me that forcing you to drag a three year old across “half a continent” is cruel and unusual pubishment. Aaron missed that constitutional argument. Maybe he can file an amendment.

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