Perusing the Past

Oh, it’s ever so much FUN to go through past screwups that Bill Schmalfeldt would certainly like to have erased from the face of the earth. But it’s kind of hard when HE is the one who has made his statements permanent because of where he stuck them. See, for example, his transcriptions of his infamous “Cub Scout Porn” that he stuck in as exhibits in LOLSuit VI: The Undiscovered Krendler.

I was going back a bit farther back than just earlier this year however. Let me take you back to April 29, 2015, when good ol’ Bill was prosecuting LOLSuit V, Version 1.0 against Patrick Grady. This was before Version 2.0, wherein Bill added David Edgren and agiledog, and myself (as Ashterah) and a few other people.

But in Version 1.0, there was this little bit.

harassment request

And then this, as well.


Hmmmm. Now what were some of the things that Bill Schmalfeldt thought were SO HORRIBLE and EXTORTIONATE for myself and Eric Johnson to request of him in our settlement negotiations so that we don’t seek sanctions that he felt the need to file Bar complaints against our lawyer? Oh. Right. These.

sanctions negotiationRO negotiation

A case of “it’s okay for me to ask for this if I win this lawsuit (which I didn’t, but never mind my running away dripping fear pee behind me because, reasons!), but not for them to ask this because I LOST a TOTALLY different lawsuit (but it was only on lack of jurisdiction and we all know that it’s not because I can’t write a lawsuit to save my own life so I’m really only a little bit incompetent (incontinent? Meh!) instead of a whole lot incompetent which will be proved when I eventually write a lawsuit that will be dismissed on the merits, possibly even sua sponte like my most excellent friend Brett just did recently. Because you KNOW I’m going to get there. Some day!!!!).” Because Bill Schmalfeldt is just SO DAMN SPESHUL.

But of course, we all know that Bill Schmalfeldt is a flaming hypocrite. So in this case it’s same shit, different day.



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20 Responses to Perusing the Past

  1. Jane says:

    I think on some level the fat freak is aware of what a monster it is. It often projects its own lack of character and vile traits onto others and calls them evil, kwim?

    AFAIK, the loathsome loser not only created this image, the grotesque ghoul is still trying to sell this:

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  2. Minemyown says:

    He wants a Internet Reputation Repair Specialist to Internet Reputation Repair Specialist purge the the Internet for mentions of him, I do not think the Courts will let him.
    Read the exhibits he himself submitted, exhibit 8 is “his?” site turdsrfood not recommend reading.

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  3. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Lest you forget Bill, she does have a lawyer and yes, he did kick your ass in court. You sued. He filed a motion arguing the court didn’t have jurisdiction. You then filed a counter to that motion. The court evaluated both your arguments and then agreed with him. On the MERITS OF HIS ARGUMENTS. You failed. But hey, look on the bright side, at least this time in was a Yale trained lawyer kicking your ass and not a 3 year old.

    You should really go outside and play or something. You seem to be in a bad mood recently. I guess when your dealing with so many lawsuits going so badly for you being in a bad mood really isn’t your default fault.

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  4. sharkay says:

    1. It is plainly by the tone of this tweet that Cabin Boy was sweating this outcome hard.
    2. Apparently the ninja nuns of St. Francis weighed the possibillity of Cabin Boy finally placing the straw that breaks some camel’s tolerant back againstt the possibility of a masive 5 digit payout (including the right of the decimal) and decided to let him stay.

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  5. JeffM says:

    Let’s be fully fair here.

    Willie only asked that those things be granted if he somehow won.

    It’s just wrong to ask that they be granted when he lost.

    I mean, are you people really going to pretend that you don’t understand the difference between winning and losing. In Witless land, what Willie legitimately gets when he wins (DON’T LAUGH) is extortionate when he loses. It makes sense because anything else would be one sided given that he never wins.

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  6. I remember the time when David Edgren legally smacked down Bill so hard it knocked him several states over . Good time, good times…

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