Is There Something He Isn’t Telling Us?????


Ummmm, he really can’t mean that, now can he? I mean, I know what that word means to me. But sometimes, we use a word so little, we forget it’s actual meaning. Just to be certain, I looked it up.



Ummmm. Ok. Let’s try again.



Holy Hell. The eye bleach that is necessary for that mental picture…

Maybe Urban Dictionary has something a bit more hip that I’m just not getting?



Well all rightey then! I ain’t got nuthin’ on this one. Bill Schmalfeldt is ALL on his own here.


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16 Responses to Is There Something He Isn’t Telling Us?????

  1. Jane says:

    Well, the loathsome loser does have delusions of being a professional writer, so, yeah, there’s a message there, it seems. Add in the rest of the graphic, specifically “I’ll be happy when you’re dead,” illustrated with a skull situated just above a photo of the repulsive recreant’s late wife, and, well… that math kinda does itself, doesn’t it?

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  2. Seems somewhat queer…

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  3. I might also ask, what’s that blurry, flesh-toned object partially blocking his face?

    Also, I am reminded of a saying from my youth:

    “If he smokes, he sucks.”

    I might be misremembering that a bit, though…it’s been awhile.


  4. sharky says:

    Apparently the subconscous is asserting itself, both in a psychosexul way and in the manifesttation of a dethwish with the cigars.

    Slow painful death from lung cancer? Pass teh popcorn!

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  5. Mr Minority says:

    Some of his “B” Side hits are:

    “I Pee Freely (On Children)”
    “Hey! Cub Scout, Want to See My Little Stoogie?”
    “Lawfare. Oh How I Love (And Love to Lose)”
    “My Little Red Scooter Puff! Vroom! Vroom!”
    “Twitch & Shout! I Have PD”


  6. “oldest perfomer to have a debut album” my [redacted]!

    He needs to look up Sir Christopher Lee, whose first full album was released when he was 76, and whose last, metal (!), album was released after he turned 90.

    Of course unlike BS, Sir Christopher had talent and one of those voices which can make the reading of a phone book riveting.

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    • Former Commenter says:

      Let’s compare, shall we?
      Like Sir Christoper Lee,
      BS has a commanding presence.
      NOPE. He does command, but everyone responds with PLM.
      BS has a varied career that earned him a knighthood.
      NOPE. He remains unknown despite his attempts of garner attention.
      BS is best known for playing roles as a villian.
      NOPE. He actually is a villian, not playing one.
      BS is much admired for his singing ability and received the Spirit of Metal award.
      NOPE. His efforts in both arenas is unoriginal and cringe-worthy.
      I could go on, but that gives you an idea of how lacking BS is in ability.

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  7. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    It’s time Bill

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  8. gmking222 says:

    One of your best yet, Ash! LMFAO!!

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  9. This is just Cousin, pretending to sophistication he doesn’t possess.

    The thought process:

    “My debut album…that means I’m a ‘debutante’, right? Sounds good, slap it on the cover art!”

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  10. Cube says:

    “Is there something he isn’t telling us?”

    Not likely.

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  11. rt895 says:

    Gs-13 spelling error, it was supposed to be Debu-Taint…. except that ‘taint’s been seen all over the world….


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