Bill Schmalfeldt: Gamma Part 13

The Secret King

There’s a male totem-pole for almost every activity – sports, politics, money, sex. Men naturally sort themselves into hierarchies, usually based on each member’s usefulness to the group project. If you’re good at what the group is trying to accomplish you get promoted and lavished with respect. If you’re a dead weight, you’re the goalkeeper. These hierarchies are based on performance, and they require other people to comply with you. You can’t simply declare yourself high-born and slot in at the top. The other men won’t tolerate it.

Krauser PUA, Gamma vs Sigma

Bill Schmalfeldt has decided to copy the technique used frequently by our good friends Vigilans Vindex to skewer members of Team Kimbergarten when something they do that is particularly silly needs to be highlighted for extensive PLM (Pointage, Laughage and Mockery). To this end, Bill created a comic strip in which is attempts to skewer those whom he doesn’t like – mostly those of us who he has either sued at one point or another or who is currently suing him.

But hiding in plain sight within this comic strip, Bill Schmalfeldt gave away another hint as to who he is deep down.

Screenshot 2016-07-21 22.02.30

Super-imposing himself on the head of a flexing body-builder, when we all know that he is not.

Now, I don’t have an issue with giving yourself a better fantasy body than what you really look like. As a formerly fat person, I completely get that body dysmorphic condition. I didn’t realize how bad things had gotten for me, weight-wise, because the vision that I saw when I looked in the mirror was that of the formerly smaller me. It took other things happening in my life before I said enough was enough and did what I needed to do to get back to the person who was in my head.

But this is a little bit more than the usual body dysmorphia in my opinion. Someone who uses a mobility scooter is not going to be the muscle-bound jock in real life. Plus there are the ubiquitous Youtube videos that show him in all his sartorial splendor, so there is ample evidence.

Now, this whole comic is meant to be “putting people in their place” – i.e. demeaning/degrading his “enemies” and building himself up. So it makes sense to suppose that Bill’s juxtaposition of himself as “more powerful than” is meant to show just who is in charge, nevermind what reality might actually be. Hence the correlation with the Secret King.

Quoting again from the website (Side note – I find it vastly amusing that this is from a Pick-up Artist, but then again, they would know) where he is possibly quoting Vox Day directly or just pulling remembrances from Vox’s website:

  • Gammas will actively pick fights they can’t win against higher-ranking men. This is because the Secret King can’t accept that nobody appreciates his value but being feminised they don’t really understand how men handle conflict. Their risk assessment is faulty, like a belligerent woman screaming “you can’t hit me I’m a girl” before she’s decked on WorldStarHipHop.
  • Gammas can’t back down from these fights because that means admitting defeat, which goes against the Secret King belief. Also, everything is too personal, being feminised. So rather than slink away from a beating they have to keep running their mouth and keep getting beaten up.

There’s a whole lot more of this that can be unpacked, just looking back over the tactics that Bill Schmalfeldt uses and the types of things that he thinks will make people bow down to his supposed superiority. He is the Secret King in his head. Therefore he rails and cries and kicks his feet because no one else will acknowledge him.

And you know what’s even sadder? That he acknowledges that he, too, is one of the “dimwits” that he was trying to disparage and bring down to his level. It’s right there in the last pane of the cartoon.

Screenshot 2016-07-21 22.02.41

Trying to build himself up, only to keep himself down.


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35 Responses to Bill Schmalfeldt: Gamma Part 13

  1. Very secret king. Top Secret/Classified Secret.

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    • Accipe remedium, Tremule! says:

      Double secret? Like The Dread Pedo Kimberlin’s exoneration?

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    • Tao says:

      To be honest, BS reminds me of the Errol Childress character in Season 1 of True Detective. He is as chilling as that character which once put me in mind of Wilbur Whateley’s brother in H.P. Lovecraft’s story “The Dunwich Horror”. Of course, a central theme of the True Detective series for Season One is “The Yellow King” – a tale also portraying the true horror that is BS.

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  2. Jane says:

    Made possible by dementia.

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    • Dianna says:

      I suspect that the dementia makes the shame more bearable, but otherwise has not modified his behavior or psychology.

      Phone, train.

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      • Jane says:

        I see it differently. The freak ran for election once, as far as I know. Once upon a time, the freak tried to avoid humiliating itself, meaning it did have some ability to feel shame, or at least embarrassment. Now, it seems to not understand that it’s humiliating itself, and doesn’t exhibit any hesitation to repeat humiliating behavior.

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  3. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Here is something that I’ve learned over the years being a large man. Little men want to fight you, usually for no rational reason. If they win they can claim “Look at that big guy I just whipped” and if they lose they claim, “Well gee, look at the size of that guy, I didn’t stand a chance”, or in my case when I refuse their invitation to violence for no reason they will call me a wimp or a pussy and assume that I wouldn’t fight them because I’m afraid of them. Win/win in their tiny little minds.

    Now you don’t have to be large in stature to attract these assholes. Say you are a rocket scientist with a big intellect and the person that wants to fight you is a huge blob of a man but with a teeny tiny intellect. Or you could be an extremely intelligent and witty woman and the person that wants to fight you is afraid of strong woman who mock them for the very, very stupid things they say. It all boils down to someone feeling small or inferior and deciding, unwisely, that it’s best course of action is trying to take down the very thing it can’t possibly defeat.

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  4. Paul Krendler says:

    I saw that body builder picture and my first thought was “He STILL doesn’t have a neck!”

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  5. theman9876 says:

    I wonder what has caused Schmalfeldt’s Saturday of rage. Could he have finally been given notice of the [REDACTED] ? Or has he discovered his [REDACTED] have been [REDACTED]?

    No educating the monkey. -TDPZ

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  6. Dianna says:

    At this point? Leave it all. I am quite enjoying the prospect of him sweating all his wicked acts.

    Every single one.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Just in case Cousin Bill thinks that word salad means something, there is no such thing as “fair” – it’s an dog whistle for “I don’t like how you are treating me, I can’t bully you into changing that treatment, so I’ll try to guilt you.”

      Fuck off and die, Bill. That would be “fair”, right?

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