Left Without Comment

Well, okay. Without much comment at all. Or maybe just a little. Or not. And just a reminder – some comments WILL be edited. This is a commentary about Bill, no one else.

clock1 clock2


About The Dread Pirate Zombie

Member of the Zombie Horde and Lickspittle Minion. Out to eat your brainnnsssss. And a few other sweetbreads because they are so nomm-y. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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32 Responses to Left Without Comment

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    “Comments WILL be edited.”

    Why would you need to edit comm– oh.

    Never mind.

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  2. Looks top-heavy. Watch Meet the Parents before making a selection.

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  3. Grace says:

    “You’re not the boss of me!”

    The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t listen to clocks…

    … or, clouds.

    It’s red! VROOM! VROOM!

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  4. Paul Krendler says:

    Of course he is. Sarah makes a subtle point, unlike the one on top of the Dancing Munko’s head.

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  5. So as he carries it to reposition it closer to the acrylic participation trophies is that considered Shake-N-Bake?

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  6. popcornseller says:

    Bill Schmalfeldt said lovingly: “Fuck you, clock! You’re not the boss of me!

    ♪ Mem’ries, light the corners of my mind. Misty water-colored memories of the way we were. ♪

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  7. Minemyown says:

    Oh! about that letter, Johnny Atsign has already been on that case.



    Just call him Rerun Bill.

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  8. JeffM says:

    Witless Willie never gets it. That is one of his charms.

    No one is laughing at his wife for having her ashes stuffed into an alurn clock or any other kind of clock. People are allowed to laugh at his taste in choosing a clock as an urn for her ashes or at his apparent penchant for engaging in loud arguments with an alarm clock. That people find him ridiculous is just not a thought that ever enters into what is misleadingly called his mind.

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    • Grace says:

      Of course no one is laughing at his wife.

      If anything? Folks continue to express their gratitude her suffering has ended… both her suffering due to the physical ailments which eventually led to her passing, AND the end to the suffering she surely endured for decades being married to a worthless, misogynistic, demanding, creepy, lazy, demented, obsessed, hysterical, and off-the-charts selfish creature… THE DERANGED CYBERSTALKER BILL SCHMALFELDT.

      He didn’t stuff her cremains into a clock urn because she was always one to want to be useful. He stuffed her into an urn WITH a clock because it would be useful to HIM in the long run – much in the same vein as purchasing a smaller coffee pot before she was even dead.

      And, looky. Now the lazy bitch can tell the time in the kitchen AND in the bedroom.

      Bill Schmalfeldt was merely killing two birds with one stone via Gail’s final resting place.


      Sick fuck.

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  9. BusPassOffice says:

    Someone is foaming again…..

    But we know he won’t do that. Even though he knows the only LEGAL way to get me to shut up about him is to ADMIT to being Patrick Grady, he won’t do it.



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    • And he wants people to think he isn’t a pedophile?

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    • one handle and stick to it says:

      BILL SCHMALFELDT: never NOT acting like a dumbf5ck MUNKO

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    • Pablo says:

      Sorry, DUMBFUCK. You’ve already admitted to being Patrick Grady. That question is closed, and you closed it. The only ass you’re going to own is that deflated one the poop you play with comes from. And your kids? Well, I think that ship has already sailed.

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    • JeffM says:

      Aside from his keen interest in asses, this little diatribe is pure BILLOGIC.

      The only legal way, says Witless Willie, to get Willie to shut up about Grady is for Grady to admit that Grady is Krendler. First, such an admission, true or not, has no legal force at all. It would not force Willie to stop saying anything. Second, everyone knows that it is a lie. Willie would go on forever about Grady if Grady made such an admission. Third, Willie is trying to initiate suit against Grady, who has no reason whatsoever to do anything that Willie demands. In short, he is asserting legal nonsense that everyone, including himself, knows is nonsense to someone who has no interest at all in helping Willie out.

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    • Dude. He really needs to get a grip.

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  10. BusPassOffice says:

    I’m sure you can prove this? Which printer did I use?

    Most child pornographers IMO or professors of the urge to urinate on children, failed booksellers or overall douche bags, when they want to get some printing done why they use Kinkos


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