I Think It’s Time To Revisit This

Yes, the time has come. Questions are being asked. And they deserve to be answered.

What on EARTH did Bill Schmalfeldt do to make him so utterly reviled?

I’m not going to focus on some of the usual things that get people riled up. Instead, I’m going to go to the one place where Bill can’t blame “RWNJs” for this intense distaste for him and his proclivities.

The Daily Kos Anal Rape Article

This article has a lot in common with Bill’s Boy Scout parodies. It was something that was done to attempt to give a satirical spin on how a certain group thinks about things. In this case, it was how overblown heterosexual males were all squeamish about gay men having sex but that all they really wanted to do was to screw their girl in the butt – whether she wanted him to or not.

But what is really interesting is the comment section. This is where Bill Schmalfeldt discovered he had a problem: that Liberals can often have the exact same issues as Conservatives with descriptions like this. AND that tone is ever so important – Bill Schmalfeldt being completely tone deaf.

And just how did Bill Schmalfeldt respond to this? By attacking those who called him out on his tasteless descriptions of rape.

daily kos 10

One of the ones that really took offense to the post was called Cinnamon. But because Cinnamon couldn’t understand Bill’s point, she obviously had no reading comprehension skills, no sense of humor, and BY GOD how DARE she criticize someone who has done as much (if not more) for the progressive cause blah, blah, blah.

daily kos 11

And of course, if you notice, he of course had to make a crude sexual innuendo in his comment, all while making as if he was giggling like a schoolgirl.

daily kos 8

Oh. Bill Schmalfeldt can do without the hystrionics people. Because you can’t just disagree with him. Because HE’S ON YOUR SIDE! And he will fight on his terms! Because you know not what he has fought for YEARS! The sturm und drang!

Seriously, I just can’t even.

daily kos 6

Bill Schmalfeldt. Doubling down. How many times have we seen this happen? Seriously, Bill Schmalfeldt’s worst enemy is Bill Schmalfeldt. I really wish he would understand this.




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53 Responses to I Think It’s Time To Revisit This

  1. I was totally writing this post in my head this morning. Every now and then, you need to think “Why am I doing this?”

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    • Jane says:

      In the fat freak’s case, it’s because this is all it has, having no talent, no skill, and having revolted and otherwise alienated virtually all with the misfortune to become aware of the loathsome loser’s execrable existence.

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  2. gmhowell says:

    That first reply included something from SCA? Well that’s a de facto sign it was a Rwnj.

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  3. sharky says:

    Am I getting this right?

    Bill posts a “satire” he thinks is funny. He turns out to be the only one who does, creating another solid data point defining a trend that continues even today.

    Just about every rwnj at DailyKos (a site know far and wide for its tolerance and undrstanding of rwnjobbery) and many of the calm, thoughtful and rational Kossacks as well, lay into Bill for his unfunny writing. They not only find him unfunny, but gnerally selfish, mean, viciously unapologetic and dickish.

    In other words, they’ve quickly and accurately figured him out.

    As a result, as happens every time anyone figures Bill out, he doubles down and attacks.

    And gets banned by the rwnjs.

    Who everyone knows run DailyKos.

    Because no one who’s not a rwnj has every had a cross word to say about Bill Schmalfeldt.

    Does that cover the Bill Schmalfeldt version of this particular story?

    Because I want to make sure I have it exactly right…

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  4. onlooker says:

    SIince when is Popehat (the blog and Ken White in particular) a RWNJ? Or the xm fan forum denizens. Or the folks who run facebook?

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  5. onlooker says:

    When Bill get’s meta he’s usually describing not some imagined antagonist, but just attempting to distance himself from exactly what he thinks and feels and would do. He’s not funny, he’s just transparently awful.

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  6. I think even my middle sister, the one who lives in Seattle and who used to attend NetRoots Nation when she had the time and money would have issues with this guy.

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  8. BusPassOffice says:

    Remember, Bill KNEW it wasn’t funny, that people didn’t find his anal rape satire including his gross descriptions of his own child and his nephews sexual habits. HE KNEW this years ago, what he didn’t know is that I dug it up, and guess what, there is more I never released as well.

    ENTER THE KRACKEN>>>>>>>>>>>>

    PF PF – do those words mean anything to him?

    Will Ryan release all his DM’s?

    I don’t know, its not that he was attacked these people never harassed his dead wife and YET YET he – well, one day I will RELEASE THE KRACKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • BusPassOffice says:


      Paging Dr… oh wait what’s that?….. MEDIC……..

      Fakers gotta fake in all aspects of life, most don’t document it though

      That’s a general statement in general to a general audience and generals

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  9. JeffM says:

    I at least would not bother to react to Witless Willie’s political writings. The anal rape thing was not funny, but I have not a care in the world when progressives offend each other. Willie’s political thoughts are utterly derivative and say nothing that was not previously said much better by better known, more civil, more educated, and more rational writers, who might be worth engaging.

    What attracted my attention to Witless is his proclivity for making other peoples’ lives unpleasant because he disagrees with what they write or say. That is not necessarily a legal wrong (and when it is, the legal machinery may not deal with it because it is deemed not material), but it certainly is a moral wrong. Willie did not like comments left by A on B’s blog so he sues C who is A’s employer.

    His response is not countering speech with speech. It is instead totalitarian thuggery, and if someone is so ill advised and imprudent as to cause grievous physical harm to Willie, I shall not shed a tear. Such harm would be a legal wrong, and the perpetrator should suffer the prescribed consequences for violating the law. It would not, however, be a moral wrong because Willie has forfeited any right to be treated morally.

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    • I don’t think TDPZ is saying she does ‘this’ to have the Kossacks’ back or otherwise on their behalf. She gave that example to show how long-standing Bill Schmalfeldt’s status as a well-known general internet creep is.

      She could have gone back much further, as Bill’s swollen anal tissues can attest.

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      • onlooker says:

        I wonder how BK got hooked up with the old fool. Rauhauser managed to manipulate BK to get some money; is BK so gullible as to have considered Bill a writer?

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        • gmhowell says:

          Didn’t someone find a BS-BK nexus at Democratic Underground or some similar site?

          On Mon, Aug 8, 2016 at 4:54 PM, BILLY SEZ – The Failed Plaintiff Bill Schmalfeldt Feldtdown Observer wrote:

          > onlooker commented: “I wonder how BK got hooked up with the old fool. > Rauhauser managed to manipulate BK to get some money; is BK so gullible as > to have considered Bill a writer?” >

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          • Russ says:

            BS probably figured by jumping onto the defend-BK bandwagon he might get a cut of that sweet 501(c)(3) cash. For services rendered, and whatnot.

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          • Yep, GM, I remember that. It may not have been an instant love connection, though. My recollection is that they merely commented on the same thread, without really addressing each other, but memory can be fleeting, so maybe I got that wrong.

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        • I think it was mutual hatred of Andrew Breitbart that brought them together, but that’s mostly a guess.

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      • JeffM says:

        I was not for a moment trying to imply anything about how Ash regards those who comment at Kos. I think she was making quite intuitive points. First, that apologizing for anal rape is not something that is politically divisive. Second, Willie’s adverse reaction to rejection has nothing to do with the political attitudes of those who do the rejecting. I see nothing in what I wrote that would lead any careful reader to infer otherwise.

        So I was not disagreeing with Ash. I was making a different point: it is not Wiilie’s politics that strike me as worthy of comment, but rather his efforts to punish people in very meaningful ways for disagreeing with him politically. I would not harass a Marxist or a Nazi for grieving over a stillbirth despite my extreme distaste for their politics and good sense. Willie has done exactly that. He may be protected legally; that merely shows that law and morality are not co-extensive. He no more deserves moral consideration than pond scum.

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        • I mis-took your first line, then. I thought you were differentiating your idea as to what BS scrawlings were worth noting, vs. your impression of what Ash was writing about. I confess I don’t always read everything carefully.

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          • JeffM says:

            OK then. All is good.

            My first line was building off what I am sure was Ash’s central theme, namely that many people are disgusted by Bill without respect to his political leanings. I was agreeing with that and continuing with a purely personal observation that Bill has neither the knowledge of political theory nor the skill at writing to make anything he ever wrote or ever will write about politics worth considering, let alone commenting on. He is and always has been a buffoon.

            Sorry if I came off grumpy. It has been a long day.

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  10. Minemyown says:

    I found the perfect quote to describe bill:

    “Don’t pay any attention to him. Until he gets a chance to pee in it, he won’t like the way it tastes.”

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  11. BusPassOffice says:

    Bill, do you remember what PF is? What it means? imagine the pain of self reflection


    Also – hmmm why the silence on Liberaland?

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    • Grace says:

      How dare you toss the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt’s very own publicly-posted turds right on back into his own yard!



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      • BusPassOffice says:

        No one, has any idea the stuff I just found, wow oh wow oh wow oh wow…..


        • I do occasionally have ideas of what might have been found. But then I decide I’d rather not think about them too closely and get the brain bleach.

          You are a stronger man than I in being able to wade through that stuff.

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          • BusPassOffice says:

            my favorite new one is where he misapplied logic stating that people are violating the hatch act – while he is most likely on his restricted government work computer using government resources in the very act of VIOLATING the hatch act. Hilarious!!!


            All those DM msg’s are promised to arrive in my inbox soon – oh my at least what the people he sent them to are describing….

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          • BusPassOffice says:

            He actually wrote this POST 9/11 on a Tuesday at 10.27 am in 2007 most likely on a gov computer or on gov time in violation of the hatch act most likely:

            The 9 time serial adjudicated harasser writes:

            I apologize for nothing, Ignatz. I am defending nothing. Did you read what I wrote, or is your head someplace where the light has a hard time getting in?

            I said I am not worried about a vote taken by the Pakistan government. I said I am MORE worried about Rove and company destroying e-mails that might show how the current administration — the one in OUR country — is designing to use the operation of the government as a political weapon against opponents — a violation of the Hatch Act.

            Now, don’t let me stop you from filling your diaper with fear shit at the idea of hordes of angry, screaming Islamics storming our shores. You might want to consider not WAITING for that to happen, go ahead and get a gun and start blowing away
            Muslims TODAY, lest one of them come after you with a 747. Do whatever feels rational and good to you, Don. I give a fuck.

            What a fucking traitor to the country oh that right he’s a child pornographer who wants to urinate on small children

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  12. BusPassOffice says:

    Bill discussing his view at work look at the posting time


    THERE is no statute of limitations on the hatch act btw


  13. BusPassOffice says:

    Bill discussing his lifes failures


    When I was hired in 2001 to run the Broadway channel and they told me how much I was going to make, I almost fell out of my chair. I thought I misheard. But to a guy who had been a small to middle market hack most of his career, $60K plus stock options was a sweet deal. I knew most of the more popular channel guys were making more — in some cases, a LOT more. But it was the most damn money I had ever been offered to do something I would do for free as a hobby if I had no other options.

    Of course, there was that post-Thanksgiving bloodletting on 2002 that narrowed out the ranks. When the tech bubble burst and the whole stock market tanked after 9/11, all those salaries seemed like a lot of expense to the stockholders. And for those who remained, a lot of those options the early guys got were worthless.

    Some guys came in when XM was in the $45 range. Then the bottom fell out. It’s the guys who came in when XM was in the $4 range that will make out like bandits!


    • Grace says:

      So, when the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt was what? 47-ish years old? He thought bringing in $60K/year was some big, sweet deal? *smh*

      Well… come to think of it… that probably was/is far too much money to pay an uneducated, talentless, worthless hack.

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  14. BusPassOffice says:

    He CLAIMS to have been the PROGRAM DIRECTOR but his statements are different apparently in a non talk DJ radio station what was his job?



  15. BusPassOffice says:

    Hmm, I’m starting to understand why Xmfan who recently advertised for someone to resurrect the BRAODWAY CHANNEL – didn’t contact him. Maybe because of very public comments like this:



    • This Other Latin F*cker says:

      Some great lines from Bill
      “I do not watch court cases and criticize lawyers or judges on how they handle the case. I am neither a judge or a lawyer.”
      Self awareness fail!!


      “Grampaw just gets a little miffed when people who don’t know what they’re talking about insist on talking about it anyway and then get snotty when they’re shown to be “know nothings” on the subject.”
      Sound like everyday for Bill. Most of his Butthurt comes from being stupid and wrong and having it pointed out to him.

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    • Grace says:

      The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt wrote:

      “I do not watch court cases and criticize lawyers or judges on how they handle the case. I am neither a judge or a lawyer.”

      Nitr0 wrote:
      “Don’t hurt us mister radio man”

      The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt responded:
      “Don’t be afraid, sonny. Grampaw just gets a little miffed when people who don’t know what they’re talking about insist on talking about it anyway and then get snotty when they’re shown to be “know nothings” on the subject.”

      Now THAT’S rich! lol! Big, fat pot says what?

      The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt wrote:
      “And man_rob? This ain’t stress. This is just a natural reaction from a professional who sees some know-nothing teabagger crapping all over his chosen art form. You’d probably write something similar if someone who didn’t know the first thing about preparing fast foods crapped all over your chosen field. ”

      A natural reaction? From a professional? Um… no.

      There he is… Typical Bill… making friends and influencing people all over the intertoobz. What a ginormous asshole.

      man_rob wrote:
      “You seem quite stressed. (Hence all the personal attacks.) It’s radio. Nobody ever died because someone missed a post, or played the wrong song.”

      The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt responded:
      “I may not have cured cancer or invented a new iron lung, but I was proud of my channel and the response it got. From the time a person tuned into my channel until the time they left, I knew I was entertaining that person to the best of my ability. I think that’s important enough, with as much negative crap as there is going on in the world. Don’t you? (We can’t all be rocket scientists, man_rob.)”

      But, but, but… DBS ELEVENTY!!1!!1! *smh*

      Bill Schmalfeldt… ALWAYS so freely giving of himself and his talents… making the world a better place simply by existing.

      Annnnnd, man_rob totally nails it…

      “Go back and re-read your first post. You didn’t just post your opinion, you attacked anyone who disagrees with you with your mock example of a post. It’s not enough that you disagree with someone, you have to become defensive, and insulting to anyone with a different opinion.”

      THIS is the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt in a nutshell. He cannot handle any disagreement whatsoever nor even the smallest of slights. His reactions are always over-the-top… those of a belligerent toddler.

      The Jovial One? Riiiiight. He is nothing more than an angry, thin-skinned, nasty asshat who has spent years and years of his pathetic life lashing out at folks on the www. How in the hell he managed to get three different women to marry him is beyond all understanding. What a ridiculous and worthless tool he is.

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    • theman9876 says:

      Hey BPO, is there any way to contact some of Bill’s past victims on these boards? He is such an asshole to these guys, I bet they would appreciate the forum we can provide.


      • BusPassOffice says:

        Some reached out to me – one on the phone, they don’t want to be sued. He threatened everyone constatntly at the time remember he worked in the govt and said he had lunch with justice. they grew tired of him quickly and banned him especially on PoliticalForum


  16. BusPassOffice says:

    Bill making friends being the expert in the unlistened no marketable talent category of easy listening:



  17. BusPassOffice says:

    Bill sued me once for making the claim that he wrote millions of words online

    case in point in a meaningless thread at an employer far far had most likely let him go:



    • Grace says:

      The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt wrote:

      “My problem with you, sir, is that you denigrate a profession that I love, that has put food on my table and kept a roof over my head from 1977 until I finally left broadcasting for government work in 2005. Any idiot can play music. It takes an artist to program a good radio station or channel. Someone like you might stare for 10 seconds at a Picasso print and say, “I can draw better than THAT guy.” But Picasso’s name will live forever because the people who “GET IT” know art when they see it.”

      Good grief. Comparing himself to Picasso. *eyeroll*


  18. BusPassOffice says:

    Bill admitting he’s violating the hatch act


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  19. BusPassOffice says:

    25,194 comments and 16,000 or more PM’s 40,000 comments even at a sparse 25 word avg is over a million words more than the bible most of it profane and much of it on federal company time.

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