Looks Like the #ReputationRehab Phase Has Begun

You must be shitting me.

He wants to condemn his go-to first response as “the last resort of an ideologue with nothing coherent to say?”

Ad hominem is the most useful technique he has!

After doxing.

And stalking.

And harassment.

And filing DOA LOLSuits one after another.

No, ad hominem is NOT the last resort of an ideologue with nothing coherent to say.  You know you’ve encountered one of those folks when you start seeing truly idiotic legal theories,”HEEEEENGH! HEEEEEENGH!” or “Yibble bibble bibble!” or “HOGE AM NOT LAW! LAW AM LAW!”

You know…actual incoherency.


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5 Responses to Looks Like the #ReputationRehab Phase Has Begun

  1. At this point, I believe even his soul mate has more self awareness.

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    • JeffM says:


      You are right of course about her self-awareness. Think about her situation.

      Clocks are boring after a while because of all that repetition. So there is every reason for serious introspection if you are incarcerated in a clock.Moreover, you would prefer to divert yourself with introspection rather than contemplate some terrifying possibilities. If you are clock bound in the same residence as a self-announced clock hater who screams “Fuck you” at clocks just doing their jobs, you might not wish to ponder your future abode. It would be so declasse to find yourself relegated to your former coffee pot, which is seriously underutilized since the Keurig arrived. Moreover if you were moved to the coffee pot, your fate would hang on the continued functioning of the Keurig. If it breaks, you would likely be brewed.

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  2. Minemyown says:

    Dam! he really does not have any awareness at all.


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