Oopsie Poopsie?


Isn’t it just so AMAZING that Bill Schmalfeldt not only claimed in his “Confessions of an Undercover Troll” to have sent himself a tub-o-poop from Slovakia, more than SEVEN YEARS previous he was making one of those lovely little suggestions that really isn’t a suggestion (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) involving the same thing?

Shock. Surprise. Not.


In “Confessions of an Undercover Troll” Bill alluded to sending himself a tub-o-poop. He actually confessed to doing so/being privy to sending it in a post on his own blog. Even better.


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15 Responses to Oopsie Poopsie?

  1. Neal N. Bob says:

    And who said that he wasn’t good at forward-thinking?

    I wonder if the Diminished Capacity Kid mused about trying to frame people for forgery a decade ago, too?

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  2. Easein says:

    Incarceration? As in Jail? I’m confused. I thought Man-Tits was an criminal virgin?

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  3. kobayashi maru says:

    Schmalfeldt is claiming on his blog that your post is a lie, but it’s not. He admitted that he is Krendler, and that he sent himself the horse crap.

    “Thus, in April 2014, “Paul Krendler” was born. As Paul, I wrote disgusting, filthy works mocking things I had written on Patriot-Ombudsman. Because I was selling hatred, there was no shortage in buyers. Hoge decided to blow a significant portion of his blog earnings on filing a copyright infringement suit, a suit fraught with so many errors that it would have no chance of success. We’d both walk away unscathed. Paul Krendler and Hoge made money hand over fist. And mailing the horse poop? Stroke of genius.”

    Since he has also admitted that he keeps a copy of everything he’s written, all he has to do is look it up.

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  4. Dianna says:

    Given his obsession with the “butt stuff” I always wondered if he hadn’t sent the horse poop to himself. I am not saying that he necessarily did, just that I would not have been astonished if he had.

    Train, phone.

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  5. wpdavidd says:

    “…one of those lovely little suggestions that really isn’t a suggestion….”

    I missed it; a little help, please–and thank you.

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    • Jane says:

      The screencap in the OP shows self-humiliating and self-described Happy My Wife Died woo hoo TheMerryWidower had the thought years before sending itself feces. That is, if one believes the lying and loathsome loser’s claim of having sent Slovenian horse manure to itself as “a stroke of genius.” That it was considering such things several years earlier tends to bolster the claim.

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