Confirmation Bias Is Always So…. Confirming

Again, romping through the past has made me find lots of situations where Bill Schmalfeldt’s actions make you think “Who actually BELIEVES this sort of thing???!?!???”

This one can be found in the LOLSuit  that was a counterclaim against WJJ Hoge and . . . . someone by the name of Chris Heather.

Screenshot 2016-08-17 20.47.29

So. Just to get this straight. Bill Schmalfeldt looked up this guy Chris Heather for whatever reason (he doesn’t explain why in the lawsuit). He found that Heather had filed a domestic abuse case against a woman. And then contacted the Twitter entity @EmbryRiddleAlum, asking if it was true that ERA got beat up by a girl.

(As a side note – it appears that Bill Schmalfeldt thinks that it is shameful that a man would seek a legal remedy against a woman who is possibly physically abusing him. That is just *so* progressive of him, isn’t it? I mean, isn’t abuse, abuse? Guess it’s not in Bill’s world…)

Now, if it was me who was ERA, and some guy that I obviously thought was worthy of ridicule (as it seems ERA thought of Schmalfeldt) I could see making some sort of snappy comeback to that ridiculous kind of a question. And answering “So, you can talk to ghosts now?” would be a good way to subtly say “you are SUCH a whack-a-loon!”

But such subtlety is lost on Bill, who then instantaneously latched onto this being PROOF!!!11!!!ELEVENTY!!! that Chris Heather was ERA. Because the girl that was charged? Yeah, she’s dead. And since Bill was looking for information about Chris and this girl that is dead, that means that ERA = CHRIS HEATHER! ZOMG!

I mean, who DOES this sort of thing? Unfortunately I can say that I KNOW who does this sort of thing. And actually believes it is real, honest-to-God truth and is a GREAT way to prove whatever whack-a-loon theory he believes is real.

It’s a pattern, you see. Bill Schmalfeldt thinks something. Bill Schmalfeldt seeks out information that conforms with that something. Bill Schmalfeldt then inappropriately probes someone with that information. And then, NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY, you have confirmed to Bill Schmalfeldt that what he believes is true is ACTUALLY TRUE.

It’s been seen time and time again. And it always leads him back to the same place. Which is actually not where he thinks it is.


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15 Responses to Confirmation Bias Is Always So…. Confirming

  1. lorddewclaw says:

    I wish it would lead him to an industrial grade trash compactor….

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  2. Gus Bailey says:

    Bill Schmalfeldt then inappropriately probes someone…

    Please, don’t ever write that phrase again.

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  3. Hadn’t he already been accusing Chris Heather of being ERA for some time, at that point? What would have prevented the actual ERA from looking up Chris Heather and the abusive woman the same way the Milwaukee Maggot did?

    See, even when you pretend his doxxing fantasies aren’t bugfuck crazy, he’s still got acres of room to just be wrong. Remember when he was absolutely without a doubt sure that AD was some coed in Virginia or something? How about when he decided Howard was two different guys in Oregon, simultaneously? He was posting the one guy’s navy service details, and pictures of the other guy’s house! They weren’t even in the same city.

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  4. BusPassOffice says:

    He also attacked heathers mother and some unnamed young girls – yes I have the tweets

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  5. Just one of the baker’s dozen or so faild0xxes of me alone. You’re such a fucking idiot, Schmalfeldt. DON’T EVER CHANGE!!

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