Spoliation of the Day

Remember when Bill Schmalfeldt said…

Screenshot 2016-08-16 20.01.55

Oh wait. He deleted it from the Internet. My bad.


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12 Responses to Spoliation of the Day

  1. For a guy who wants HIS reputation to be kept intact, he sure does toss accusations around.

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  2. Jane says:

    Yeah, I remember that idea being posted sometime after self-humiliating and self-described Happy My Wife Died woo hoo TheMerryWidower FAILed when it tried to put the blame on the doctors.

    We all know where any blame belongs. Several here noticed something was wrong and encouraged the grotesque ghoul to take her to a doctor. Some almost pleaded. The horde pointed to her dramatic weight loss, among other concerns prompted by the fat freak’s frequent photos. The loathsome loser replied to the concerns by berating those who expressed them, and claimed she lost the weight “the old fashioned way” and claimed to be “very proud of her” for losing the weight.

    Months later she was gone.

    The repulsive recreant had the gall to seek another payout over her death – – on top of the blood money that it claimed would leave it “comfortable” for the rest of its miserable, wasted existence. The blood money in an amount much larger than $9k, and out of which it could hire an attorney with its pocket change, is already gone according to its latest IFP.

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    • Of course, that payout should have been reported on the IFP, even if none of it is left. I haven’t seen his filled-out form, but I understand there is no life insurance mentioned, nor the sale or gifting of either a car or a mobile home. Isn’t an applicant for IFP status supposed to report all monetary changes like that which occured within the previous 12 months?

      Though how IL could grant IFP to someone bringing in over 250% of the Federal Poverty Line when their own regulations give a limit of 125%….

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      • Jane says:

        Seriously – if this were to be publicized, the courts will be inundated with frivolous cases filed by lunatics demanding the taxpayers pay their fees, costs, and hire a lawyer for them.

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  3. BusPassOffice says:

    Didn’t he have a magic rolodex of famous doctors and Clinics that he allegedly offered John which was never entered into evidence in his criminal trial when he instead of making a blog post decided to break again a no contact order and reached out to John. Funny how that didn’t come into play with his sadly departed wife. the “magic” rolodex convinced a small court judge to find him guilty but his magic rolodex was a kind gesture so he was let off.

    And yet he went on Avvo asking if he could sue blaming the doctors and no mention of Hoge and and there was no mention of this magic rolodex either.

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  4. Bill rants that we “killed” her knowing that numerous zombies\lickspittles etc pleaded with him to get her help, and his pride stopped him from doing so.

    Earlier detection may have allowed her to enter a course of treatment extending her life, but Bill couldn’t believe that people who detest him would offer help to her and did nothing.

    So Bill can’t try and tell us again about how she was the love of his life and all the respect he had for her. Bill even turned her into a fucking clock, the asshole.

    The circumstances of her death are on Bill, and Bill alone.

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    • Jane says:

      I don’t think pride prevented the self-humiliating and self-described Happy My Wife Died woo hoo TheMerryWidower from seeking treatment for her. I think the grotesque ghoul couldn’t be bothered to think about anything other than revenge on its self-created enemies.

      Even I noticed there was something very wrong with her from the photos and commented about it, that she needed medical attention. I think A Reader 1 was probably the most vocal about being concerned and insisting she needed medical attention. If those claiming she was very ill were right, who would mail the fat freak’s FAILsuits? Who would drive it to file false claims against Grady and others?

      I think the lying loathsome loser is oblivious to anything not directly affecting it personally, and in the moment. During that time frame the repulsive recreant had multiple medical appointments, and was busy trying to convince its doctors and/or us that sticking up for its victims or calling out its lies and idiocy was putting it in a wheelchair for that dying woman to push its obese, attention-seeking, self around in, and causing it to be unable to speak, and otherwise damaging its health. And that’s all that really matters, at least to the malignant and malicious monster.

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      • popcornseller says:

        Yet somehow that very same thing is happening right now and The BLOB has no problem speaking, writing/typing, doing his laundry, vacuuming, moving furniture around, getting drunk and traveling to Chicago**.

        **Live in mommy nanny not included.


  5. LurkyLou says:

    Again I say, I don’t remember ANY instance of Bill accepting and following Good Advice from anybody. Ever.

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  6. one handle and stick to it says:

    Didn’t the zombies prove that, if anyone is to blame, it was BILL who killed his wife? I seem to recall Schmalfeldt ignoring zombie-warnings about Gail’s sudden unhealthy weight-loss at some point.


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