Bill Schmalfeldt: Gamma Part 15

Vox Day, originator of the Gamma designation, has this to say about some of the typical behaviors of the Gamma:

Gammas use the feminised debating tactic of “tackle the man not the ball.” They will directly insult in order to create badfeelz, because they project their own fear of badfeelz and assume their opponent is similarly wounded by it.

When wondering why Bill Schmalfeldt always has to insult a person he disagrees with, it’s a good thing to remember this particular tactic of the Gamma. It was one of the first things I noticed about him that I just never understood. Why on earth would you pull out tasteless insults right out of the box against someone who just disagreed with what you said? And why would he think that a properly adjusted adult would not be able to blow them off?

The simple answer is that everything to a Gamma is deeply personal. Don’t agree with him? You are actually ATTACKING HIM. And therefore he must retaliate. We saw it over and over again in the comments Bill made to those responding to his Daily Kos articles. It’s most apparent in his communications with people on the XMFan website as well.

And Bill has latched onto something that he thinks works even better than that: attacking both the person who vexes them AND their disabled children.

So, we all know that Bill is obsessed with Patrick Grady. Grady dared to make a comment on Bill’s website many, many moons ago that was so benign (and not the expletive-filled one Bill keeps claiming it was) that it fueled Bill to doxx him and contact his employer (multiple times) and file a bogus restraining order against him (that he gathered up his skirts and fled from. AGAIN). Grady had to get a restraining order against Bill. Which Bill has flagrantly broken again and again and again. Why does this sound familiar…

Anyway, in one of his random outbursts against Grady during one of the periods of time that Bill thought that Grady was Krendler (This belief waxes and wanes with the moon. Currently the moon is full and Bill is howling at it. Again.) Bill decided it would be a good idea to examine Grady’s disabled son. This son has Spina Bifida. Oh, and I should mention the son is ALSO covered by Grady’s restraining order.

Bill somehow decided that this would be a GREAT avenue to disparage Grady and the child.


Wait, wait, wait. Bill is insinuating that Grady caused his son’s condition? The hell?

This is quite possibly one of the worst things I have EVER seen Bill decide to pin on someone. EVER.

A quick Google search finds that Bill’s contention? Yeah it’s complete BillShit.

From the National Institutes of Health (yes, this is my irony hammer I’m taking out):

The exact cause of spina bifida remains a mystery.  No one knows what disrupts complete closure of the neural tube, causing this malformation to develop.  Scientists suspect the factors that cause spina bifida are multiple: genetic, nutritional, and environmental factors all play a role.  Research studies indicate that insufficient intake of folic acid—a common B vitamin—in the mother’s diet is a key factor in causing spina bifida and other neural tube defects.

On another medical site, they posited that the condition may actually be caused because the BABY cannot properly process folic acid. Of the 12 different sites that I surveyed, all large medical sites, not a SINGLE ONE said that it was because the parents abused drugs.

So obviously, Bill is attempting, as per usual, to try to insinuate something about someone and then blow it up spectacularly into wild speculatory delusions. Delusions that some might consider, oh, defamatory.

The smart thing, obviously, would be to stop where he was at. Heck, the smart thing would not to have written his “article” at all, but this is Bill we are talking about. The Gamma must always make his attacks personal. Because that’s what hurts *him* the most.

He continues, in true Bill fashion.


This is Bill Schmalfeldt. These are his methods. These are his tactics.

He will insult you, which is easy for a well-adjusted adult to brush off. But then he will go further than that, going so far as to insinuate that you caused awful things to befall your children who are afflicted with congenital conditions that the medical establishment has no clue about what the real cause is. And then, as the cherry on his chocolate cake, proceed to demonstrate the vile, awful, horrible names that your children could be called as a result of their condition. Cruel and feckless indeed.

And HE is supposed to be the good guy in this?


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31 Responses to Bill Schmalfeldt: Gamma Part 15

  1. Loren says:

    He also gets confused. Gestation is a period after conception. Anything the male parent does to himself will have no physical effect on the gestating baby. The male parent can die a violent death, and the gestating baby is not effected by it at all. So even if it were true, Grady would not be responsible.

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  2. Accipe remedium, Tremule! says:

    He’s disgusting.

    Take the cure, Shaky!

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    • I would never suggest he commit sepuku or harakiri.
      The fat boy
      Had a sex toy
      Who once was a boy
      And was a Nippoi
      And it was a joy
      Or was it just a ploy
      To get on stage?

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      • Toastrider says:

        Oh please. Seppuku, in Japanese society, is seen as a honorable way to both restore one’s honor after a terrible failure, and to also ‘close off’ the stain of said failure — ensuring it does not affect one’s family.

        I doubt Cabin Boy could even pronounce seppuku, let alone perform it correctly.


        • gmhowell says:

          Hey, if it helps Bill restore his honor, who are we to stop him?

          On Tue, Aug 23, 2016 at 4:51 PM, BILLY SEZ – The Failed Plaintiff Bill Schmalfeldt Feldtdown Observer wrote:

          > Toastrider commented: “Oh please. Seppuku, in Japanese society, is seen as > a honorable way to both restore one’s honor after a terrible failure, and > to also ‘close off’ the stain of said failure — ensuring it does not > affect one’s family. I doubt Cabin Boy could even pronou” >


      • JeffM says:

        The question is whether he was able to perform at all, anywhere, ever. We have only his word for the performance in Japan. .


  3. Jane says:

    Don’t forget self-humiliating and self-described Happy My Wife Died woo hoo TheMerryWidower also posted photos and made accusations/insinuations with regard to Attorney David Edgren’s severely disabled son, and during the time Mr. Edgren’s wife suffered a severe, potentially fatal, illness, iirc.

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  4. He went after me the other year because I had mentioned that I had experience dealing with Asperger’s, which obviously meant that I was an Aspie, and he then made all the appropriately snide comments that he could think of to disparage someone with any degree of psychosocial disfunction.

    Sadly for him, it’s safe to say that all the Aspies of my acquaintance are much nicer and emotionally healthier people than he is. They are also all much more intelligent, with a far better grasp of reality.

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    • Sometimes I think I might be an Aspie since I can’t read social cues any better than I can read poker faces, and given a choice between the Truth and your Feelz, I go with Truth every time… And having blown the ASVAB and ACT and every other standardized test I ever took out of the water (scoring 11th and 12th grade levels on tests I took while in 5th grade), I can say my intellectual capacity is greater than 1 standard deviation (that’s statistics, not deviant psychology, you fat blob) above the norm, while the blob’s intellectual capacity is greater than 1 standard deviation below your average Down Syndrome individual and his social skills are greater than 1 standard deviation below mine, while the Down Syndrome individual’s social skills are off the charts above mine (and mine are off the charts above the fat slob’s).

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    • Jane says:

      The fat freak also included your very young daughter in its vile attacks, and made false accusations/insinuations of child abuse. (Pattern alert!)

      You care about your child, lg, and so the loathsome loser used her to try to hurt you. The grotesque ghoul abandoned its children, and repeatedly made repulsive remarks about its family. Warning: that link is the freak writing about its gay nephew and daughter. NSFW, and revolting to decent people, like the repulsive recreant its vile self.

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  5. agiledog says:

    Evil and stupid – that’s our Bill Schmalfeldt.


  6. omegapaladin says:

    I can’t stand Vox Day as he is out of his mind, but his insane categories apply well to Bill.


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