Spoliation of the Day

Remember when Bill Schmalfeldt said…

yet another doxx

Oh wait. He deleted it from the Internet. My bad.


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17 Responses to Spoliation of the Day

  1. Perhaps I’m thinking of the wrong incident, but I don’t recall anyone leaving Biwwy breadcrumbs or attempting to get him to dox some poor person who has nothing to do with him.

    It’s all on him. He has nothing but hate, and when he runs out of things to hate on his current subjects, he just has to go find a new one to add to the list.

    And there was NOTHING that any of us could have done that would FORCE him, Ah say, FORCE him! to dox someone. Again, that’s all his personal choice.

    He needs to stop trying to pin the blame for all his bad acts on the victims of those acts. We don’t force him to dox us. We don’t force him to harass us. We don’t force him to dox and harass others.

    I’m sure that one or more lawyers in his life have tried to explain this to him, but he’s one of those assholes who is always right, and if someone disagrees with him they are the evil ones. We are to pray for Bill and others like him, but I agree it’s more likely to do us good than him, since he seems to be a happy victim of the sin of pride, the one it is hardest to recover from, since it prevents the sinner not only from asking for forgiveness, but from even admitting (even if just to himself) that maybe, just maybe, he might be wrong.

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  2. Onlooker says:

    He didn’t have to dox anyone, least of all that young woman. No doxing would have occurred but for his own malicious streak and moral culpabilities and failures.

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    • Grace says:

      And, lest we forget… his associates, co-defendants, and “excellent friends” Matt “Bunny Boy” Osborne and Wee Wee Willy Ferguson defended the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt’s faild0xing of that young woman, and they, too, attempted to place the blame for BS’s ludicrous behavior at the feet of the Zombie Lickspittles.

      Every last one of those Team Kimberlin goons are immoral trash.

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  3. Onlooker says:

    “But you KNEW how AWFUL I am!” said the cry-bully.

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  4. JeffM says:

    Witless Willie is a terrible writer. (Do assholes suck scum?) So it is dangerous to assume that he means what he scribbles or scribbles what he means. Nevertheless, in this quotation, he explicitly admits violating the privacy of some woman because he took offense at what was written on a blog. But also, that quotation seems to admit implicitly that he would have caused her actual pain (if, that is, he had not been wrong in believing her to be the one who said whatever got him all hot and bothered).

    Is there evidence that Witless does try to cause severe pain to people because he does not like what they say? Is there, for example, evidence that he has ever tried to get people in trouble at their jobs for something that they said or he just imagined they had said?

    If any of Willie’s cases ever goes to trial (STOP laughing at me), his reputation and the reasons for that reputation will absolutely be relevant. The pile of documents he carted off to Chicago are but a dust mote compared to what has been archived from his public statements.

    Oh. And I am not praying for him. The fifth circle is where he belongs.

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    • I think he might actually belong in the 8th circle.
      From Wiki:
      Bolgia 6 – Hypocrites
      Bolgia 9 – Sowers of Discord
      Bolgia 10 – Falsifiers (which includes those committing perjury)

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      • lorddewclaw says:

        I’m sure the head demon or whatever will dream up an innovative solution… because ol Blobbosaurus qualifies for multiple planes.

        Maybe it will be “Bolivia 6 Tuesday” or “9th plane Friday.”

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        • lorddewclaw says:

          Bolivia = Bolgia


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        • Indeed. About the 3rd circle, gluttony: “Dorothy L. Sayers writes that “the surrender to sin which began with mutual indulgence leads by an imperceptible degradation to solitary self-indulgence.”[40] The gluttons grovel in the mud by themselves, sightless and heedless of their neighbors, symbolizing the cold, selfish, and empty sensuality of their lives.[40] Just as lust has revealed its true nature in the winds of the previous circle, here the slush reveals the true nature of sensuality – which includes not only overindulgence in food and drink, but also other kinds of addiction.”

          I don’t know whether his fascination with boy scouts and gay porn would go in Circle 2, Lust, or Circle 3 as a kind of gluttony.

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        • crawford421 says:

          Nah, you get the deepest layer you’re qualified for.

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  5. Minemyown says:

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@SchmalfeldtBill 6m6 minutes ago

    It is a happy idiot indeed who goes through life with unquestioning belief in things he knows nothing about. — Bill Schmalfeldt 8/25/2016

    By his own definition he has to be the happiest man to ever live.

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  6. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    Anyone remember PE Mason? Bill went looking at stopped at the first PE Mason he found. He was wrong as usual and doxxed a little old lady. He could have apologized for his threatening message and told her he was trying to find someone else and made a mistake, but no, not our cowardly cry-bully. No, instead he told her someone had stolen her identity. Now there is something especially evil in covering up your own fuckups by putting an old lady in fear like that. But does Billy care? Nope. Just move on and forget the poor scared old woman even exists and then blame everyone else because he fucked up yet again.

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    • I believe he once addressed a comment to me that mentioned how he didn’t have anyone he needed to apologize to for faildoxxing them. Interesting, huh?

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      • Since in Bill’s mind the only reason he doxes or fail-doxxes anyone is because us horrid RWNJs forced, Ah say, FORCED!!, (/Foghorn Leghorn) him to do it, so of course he has nothing to apologize for. Geez, get with the program.

        That creature is so evil, I’m not Frodo could find anything pitiable about him.

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