Well, Bully to You!

Time and again, Bill Schmalfeldt raises the #WAR cry of “Bully!” “They are bullying this poor, helpless, PD-stage eLEvenTY OLD, OLD feeble and frail elderly man!”


Help him, Obi-Wan! You’re the cry-bully’s only hope!

But I do not think that “bully” means what he thinks it means. Or at least he doesn’t know how to properly apply it to the situation he has found himself in. You see, this entire website is devoted to archiving Bill Schmalfeldt’s own words that he has put out into the world. Now, in those words, you can find his patterns of attack and the tactics that he uses to bully people into doing what he wants. The length and breadth and depth of HIS bullying is astounding.

And he thinks that we are bullying him when we point and laugh at the fool that he makes of himself online and the he just can’t take the same thing he dishes out to others. Mmmmkay. Right.


I think that Bill Schmalfeldt would be a happier person all around if people just didn’t call him out on his willful and wanton wielding of his cry-bully hammer and if they gave him #asspats instead.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to fly very well around here, you know? Perhaps he should actually knock it off with his cry-bully act instead. Then EVERYONE would be much happier.

Except for Bill Schmalfeldt.

And the Schmycle begins again…


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18 Responses to Well, Bully to You!

  1. Kyle Kiernan says:

    I wanna get me some chonic illness so I can retire early on a disability pension.

    Hey wait a minute, what the hell are they anyway?

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    • Jane says:

      Not just retire – – use it as both a shield and a sword, you know, like a late wife is handy as both a shield and a sword. And a clock.

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      • Grace says:

        At least *she’s* still useful… unlike you know who.

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      • Jeanette Victoria says:

        That only works if you are progressive..I’m an “elderly” and retired on disability and the and I still have my very own Vero Beach Barnacle because, you know, I’m a evil Christian intolerant hater…or whatever!

        My fist on line defamer and harasser was a man also living on disability the fake “rev” Jim Sutter. He’s burning in hell now I expect.

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  2. rt895 says:

    Not just ANY chronic illness, Kyle.

    You need to pick one that that has variable presentations and rate of progression, has symptoms that are easy to fake, and can’t be officially diagnosed until after death… That’s how a professional malingerer would do things..

    Lots of diagnostic developments being announced that make it possible to have a early and firm diagnosis for more and more chronic progressive diseases so chose carefully.

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  3. wjjhoge says:

    Elderly, huh?

    I’ll just leave this right here.

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  4. Fatboy suffers from two disabilities that I reckon:
    Elephantitis of the itlog.
    Severe dwarfism of the titi.

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  5. rt895 says:

    Add in a raging case of Dunning-Krugeritis complicated by impacted and inflamed Streisand syndrome.

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  6. Funny innit how Biwwy is always the elderliest and most disabled person ever on the face of the planet.

    I know folks who are decades older than he who are more active, physically in many cases and mentally in all, and who would snort at Biwwy’s claims. I also know plenty of more disabled folk of all ages who would be terribly offended to find that some lazy schlub like Bill feels he needs to “advocate” for them. They are perfectly capable of making their own decisions and taking any actions they feel necessary.

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    • My own parents are only just now approaching what I would call “elderly,” and they’re nearly twenty years older than Bill. For someone to pathetically cry “elderly! disabled! halp meeee!” as a response to a natural uproar against his very own actions is just beyond the pale to me. Take some damn responsibility for your own self, for fuck’s sake, you know? Eeesh.

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      • Same here. And I’m not sure they’d use the term elderly about themselves either.

        When my father was a good decade older than Bill is now, someone pulled out of a minimart doing a “left across oncoming traffic”, my father being the oncoming traffic. It was rather amusing listening to him complain about the “old” guy driving the offending car, when they were probably about the same age. (It wasn’t quite as amusing looking at the total wreck they made of dad’s truck.)

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  7. Jeanette Victoria says:

    Marvelous example of DARVO: Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender isn’t it?

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  8. Neal N. Bob says:

    It appears that Golden Showers Schmalfeldt’s memory remains as selective as ever because he clearly doesn’t remember his own history with us and his own responsibility for what’s happened to his life.

    The fact is that he decided to be a white knight for Boom Boom Kimberlin and to be particularly nasty in doing so. Oh, it was glorious watching him threaten his imagined enemies with “investigations” and JOURNALISM! As his “parody” of the Hoge’s home life demonstrated pretty clearly, no low was too low for the Diminished Capacity Kid. Well, until his tactics were turned against him by Krendler, that is.

    That’s when life got technicolor! Oh, and infinitely more entertaining for everyone who wasn’t Bill Schmalfeldt, It was then and only then that we started hearing “Elderly! Parkinson’s! Widower! BULLYING!” When he was the Dynamite Kid’s avenging angel (or anytime he thinks that he’s winning, which is all Lolcow Billy really cares about) not so much.

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    • Jane says:

      Well stated, nonpareil Neal.

      Krendler is an excellent and accurate mirror, as far as he goes, but there are some things the malicious maggot has done that Krendler simply won’t, even to the repulsive reprobate.


    • rt895 says:

      Inquiring minds want to know just why Bill decided to be Brett’s Knight in Shining Armor. Even if they lived close together in MD why does he still keep up the battle.

      Perhaps the Zombie Hoard aren’t the only ones with an archive of Bill’s exploits on the Internet, but those records pertain to Team Pedo’s shared interest..

      Yuck, yuck, yuck. I need some Mind Bleach now…


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